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Hi Peter and Mam.

Got fitted with parkinson’s watch today to wear for week. It’s just new out. My neurologist will be able to advise me on next course of action for my PD amazing eh.


I Can imagine how loud your music will be lol.

Take care to you both x x x


Hi Babs is it same one I had? do you have to swipe it when you take your meds? Mam went to town with her sister today so I blew cobwebs of some 70,s rock my chair was shaking I only took it up to half way seriously good piece of kit


Yes it appears to be the same were you told the results Peter.


Yes it showed that my tremors were worse just after taking siemet so he wouldn’t increase the dose and increased pramipexole instead did photo come through to you?


Yes I got the photo hope you don’t have any. Neighbours. Lol


Good call Pete :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:


I want a Roberts blue 200 and a techie watch .
It’s just not fair.
I’ll scweam scweam scweam!


Hi everyone I may be offline for sometime today as bt are coming to upgrade my broadband and install a new hub will catch up with you soon as I can


Okay dokey Peter speak soon x x x


OK catch up with you later today


Can I have your Roberts thingummijig as after all you told me the sofa was empty months ago and of course I’m a little jealous LOL TOMMY :pill: regards to Mam.
No harm in asking what’s the worst that can happen------------


Nice try it’s almost as loud as my best gear in my music room might need mams hearing aids shortly regards to you from us both


Okay I’ll take that as a NO!


Hi Peter and Mam
Off to argue I mean consult with my “neurologist” tomorrow who’s last diagnosis was quote " I don’t know" yet he withdrew all my PD meds and increased my clonazepam 12 fold from 0.5 mg to 6 mg a day .
Clonazepam is addictive and mainly used for epilepsy as a result I’m sleeping all day and so lazy and I’m supposed to be a carer for my wife.
I had a word with a GP but he didn’t want to lower the dose as the consultants word is gospel.
It also doesn’t help as this is the first time I’ve seen him since I scored him all zeros in a text poll but if you don’t want to know don’t ask that’s what I think so it should be interesting to say the least …
My wife is going through a lazy spell at the moment too I would explain but unlike me she likes to keep that stuff private.
But her being so lazy as well is a real problem for me at the moment because I got up during the night for a wee and the sink was full of dishes LOL. TOMMY :pill::pill: y


Hi just to let you know that I am back online now


Glad to hear that you are all sorted Peter.


Hi Peter
How are you and mam doing,not heard from you for a while ,but not been on forum much ,now and again, hope you are well and mam ,I’m ok still sorting my meds so getting there slowly , keep well and take care Laney :slight_smile:


Hi Lane sorry I have not been in touch glad you seem to be OK mam not been good kidney not functioning properly neither is her heart had tests waiting to go back to the hospital also waiting for gostrology appointment as for me I have fallen twice in the last few days and have wrecked my ankle old rugby injuries not helped but I, m still here promise I, ll keep in touch more often take care


Hi Peter thanks for quick response,ah no give mam regards and hopefully she is soon well again, bad news you been falling take it easy and wish you both a speedy recovery Laney :slight_smile:


Thanks only thing keeping me going is I applied to join Liverpool fc disabled supporter group hoping for tickets for game its top of my bucket list need to go before I get worse fingers crossed look after yourself