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Morning Peter.

Hope Mam feeling okay today.

I do hope you hear soon about tickets for LIVERPOOL FC.

Have a good day Peter and Mam

Babs x x x

Morning babs hope you are well thanks so much for asking about mam means so much to know that you care tickets for Lfc are sold out till new year more released in Nov. I know my legs are getting worse hope I can get tickets ASAP how are you getting on with the watch :watch:?
Pete and mam x

Yes Peter getting along fine with it. This ropinirole is driving me nuts I just want to go to sleep. X

How does everyone seem to be taking ropinerol? Are you taking sinemet or anything else to replace dopamine your body is not making I totally understand if you don’t want to discuss this was just wondering

Hi Peter I am taking 5 sinimet plus a day and 5 entacapone a day and I rasagaline and I ropinirole.

Seems to be a lot of heavy duty meds there I, m on 3sinemet plus 1 pramipexole cr 1half sinemtmr 1 nortriptyline plus different tabs for BP and 2 inhalers for asthma no wonder we, re all knackered lol hope Tommy will be OK I just private messaged him

Yes I know plus I have all my meds for my rheumatoid arthritis which add up to 34 tablets per day.

The chemist makes up my meds in a blister pack which makes it much easier for me.

Hope all well with you and Mam.

Babs x x x

You are closest to dad I, ve heard of before he passed away he was taking 39 aday

Hi Peter and Mam
I want to share a true story with you and you can decide whether to tell m Mam or not
My good friend died 10 years ago we were great drinking buddies as well his name was London Tom . Still is really
Anyway we were having a monster session in the boozer together and he was getting constant phone calls from his Mrs on his mobile . Eventually he said in his London accent
" I have to go she’s giving me earache" I said" fine but I’m staying I’ve the taste for it now" So off he goes and I get joined at the table by three youngsters in their 20s . They start to mimic my Scottish accent and I laugh with them but they don’t stop and it just became annoying so I tell them it’s not funny anymore but they just carry on like parrots . So I say to one of them " I’m going to tell your dad when I see him" and he replies you don’t know my dad I said " I do he’s the bloke with the beard" he laughed and said my dad hasn’t got a beard
So I retorted " well then it must have been your mum doing a handstand at the window" up goes the table and I’ve already picked the one I’m going to damage just then a guy jumped in and with his east end accent plants them all back on the seat and they shut up instantly I thanked the guy and offered a drink for his help
He then tells me that Tom had already paid him to look after the jock and said it was hilarious though and he would use it when he got home
I miss Tom
Tommy :pill:

Hi it, s funny you should have sent that to me this afternoon mam went to bed for a few hours and the mate who lost touch with me but came back on the scene few days before dad died called and having read book I gave him about pd poured his heart out and told me that he will be there for me everyday especially after mam joins dad he said you will never be on your own I am listening to my fav album on my new Roberts feeling very emotional in case your wondering it, s best of eagles 1971-1975 glad you are staying as your a good friend

I’m really glad you’re good friend got in touch and made his promise but however I’m still jealous of your music thingy
Don’t know if I’m sorry you were feeling emotional because it’s normal and can also be cathartic ( intelligent eh? ) I’m a real wordsmith .
Well I had to be good at something when I was young I was on the bench at subbuteo

I wasn’t sad thinking about me and Tom today because he left me so many funny memories
he was such a character.

We were in a car crash in Newbury and I was in the back when Tom said where’s the radio.
I told him it had just brushed past my right ear and went through the back window.
When I looked at him he was rolling a fat one.
And I said Tom put that away the cops are coming
He said I know but they ain’t avvin any mate.
There was no answer to that
Happy Memories
Tommy Regards to Mam

Hi Tommy don’t worry I’m not asking any questions.
Phil and our son came back from the pub and as I started asking them questions like who was in the pub etc
They both looked at each other and said that’s what I keep doing asking question after question. Not waiting for the answer to the first before I ask the next so I said to them that’s it I will not ask questions. Hooray I hear you say she’s finally got the message. And hooray says Phil peace at last.

Babs the now wee quiet lassie fae Glesga.x x x

I can imagine you not stopping to breathe in between questions.
Anyway I’m glad you’re still awake at this time as hopefully fingers crossed your beginning to tolerate your new meds and also I wish you a normal sleep tonight.
I’ve not got a light for my pipe yet I’m gaspin hen I think I’ll ask Soo for a two’s up.
Second thoughts I’ve no idea what she’ll think that is I might get kicked oot.
Tommy X :pill:

The specialist says: in the beginning cbd works, but after maybe 7 months, its effect is gone

These pip assessments are not worth getting stressed over, because they are going to fail you whatever unless your terminal and have months left (even then I wonder if they might make allowances ?) so do the form get everything you need medical evidence the works tell them how you can’t wipe your ass go into detail tell them you want to be more independent and feel like your a burden on friends etc , oh about the poo thing they really do want details it’s not enough that u ticked a box admitting u soil your underpants sometimes Dystonia Attacks cAn cause this no, they want ( for some weird reason and something those lying tory mp IDS said they were not doing that to people with incurable illnesses it’s degrading and we’re doing away with it ) he said that 2 yrs Ago and I have an assessment pending . So make them come to you gp can arrange this and tell them everything that you suffer from And know that it’s all pointless because they will fail you and lie about what you have said or manipulate it to their Advsntage , so get a legal person if you can to witness the interview or set up as it is really just a way of putting people off the high rate of pay or get a cam corder and video the whole thing if u can’t afford this just wait till you receive your letter telling u that u have not been eligible this time because blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah black sheep and you are now being put into the work Capability Assessment group and have to go to the local joke I mean job centre for interview for work you can do ignore this crap an deceitful act of saving a few bob. And thus adding to the private companies hopes of end of year contract review that the government compare the profits to last years savings and also their rivals I can’t remember the names as the snaky devils keep changing disguise atos was one such snake capita another god knows what they are calling themselves now Harmony or rose flower possibly anyway you ignore the letter make sure you have adequate evidence of your illness in detail from your consultant and send. Copy not original for a mandatory reconsideration if that fails then you will go to tribunal your money will be cut and will take few months but if your genuinely ill with major issues in dailyife and have consultants eviDence to prove and gp and any other professional it all helps but consultants is the big one and you will get what you should need but ignore the fail from those parasites as they have already decided from your file what there going to do And that is put you off getting higher rate it’s all about saving money they don’t care if you poop your pants on the bus or if you are having Dystonia attacks that leave you rolling around your kitchen floor in agony pure agony they don’t care but others do and so try not to get upset and do what I recommend get your papers in order from consultant and go to mandatory reconsideration failing that tribunal and hopefully they have still got a sense of British fair play that took hundreds of years for it to arrive and hopefully many hundreds to remain in our hearts as a nation good luck

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Spot on stevo.
Have a quick look at my poem.
I wrote it after finding out that we are now
(Customers) instead of patients.
And also after a search on my latest consultant.
Finding out that the poor
consultant has to take an extra job as an advisor to the DWP because he can’t make ends meet with his NHS and private sector work
It’s called … conspiracy theorist not me.
Tommy :pill::pill:

Flaming Nora what the consultants has 3 jobs and is still struggling what the heck is he she living in a mansion or has an shopping addiction and a bunch of credit cards u just never know but something not right there maybe consultant is being worked to death surely they must have sufficient wages ? Shocking just hope my. Money is ok u never know what these rich mps will think up next

I have been introduced to Nature’s Oil 600mg CBD, it is in spray form and was wondering if there is anyone else taking it this way and to know how many sprays they are taking on a daily basis. It says on the bottle spray one to four times directly into the mouth, hold and swallow after two minutes. When I took it for the very first time on Sunday I found it helped me get off to sleep easier I have now bought my own supply and am giving it a try to see if it will help with my tremor. Any help would be beneficial, thanks in advance.


Hi @Island_Mike,

Came across your post about CBD oil from CBDBrothers and just want to find out more if possible.

My mum has PD and has had it for 9 years now, her shakes are fairly bad at times and also hard for my mum to sleep at times as she starts to shake a lot when in bed, (My dad use to hold my mums legs down).

Her shakes at bedtime are not that bad at the moment, but there times in the evenings where my mums hands are uncontrollable and tremor a lot.

We have tried different types of oil previously - 1 oil we used was actually made from cannabis I believe it was cooked and mixed with virgin oil - I did spend £400 on a bottle. My mum started taking this and said it was ok but still had tremors.

2nd oil we used was from California that my cousin purchased for my mum, it cost £150.00 for a very small bottle but was more effective and she did have better sleep with this.

I have also been told by cousin from Amsterdam to try CBD Pure Powder (cost ALOT).

I have seen quite a few people have tried CBDBrothers on this forum and I am hoping this will help my mum sleep better and hopefully have less shakes? I did read the reviews in regards to CBDBrothers but a lot of people was disappointed and said it seems like the samples are very good but when purchasing the actual product it seems to be diluted.

How did you know what % to take? and is there anything else you could recommend?

thanks, sasha

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