CBD Oil Review


Sorry to hear that.

But, nothing ventured nothing gained!

Live in hope . . .


Flossie: How long did your husband take the caps/drops before you noticed an improvement?

The oil I ordered arrived today. I had some this morning but there's nothing to report yet.big grin I'll take some more at bedtime.

There is a great deal of information about CBD in this forum within reddit:



Hi Tabbycat

I have been taking one or two blue capsules each day for nearly a week. No improvement in mobility but I am generally less stiff and less anxious. So will continue. Could all be placebo effect, of course. 


Supa, that's great - I hope it continues.

It can't be the placebo effect because you're taking an active ingredient. However, there's a similar effect (which of course I can't remember the name of!) that happens when you first take something new. But as long as you're feeling better, that's all that matters!

I thought I was having a weird reaction to the oil.

On the day I got it, I took some in the morning and then again just before bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart beating erratically - it was very odd and a bit scary. I waited a couple of days before I took any more, then had a small dose in the morning. About an hour later, on the way to work, I had the same erratic heartbeat and felt unwell for about half an hour. (I've had this before, but can't link it to anything.)

I searched the web for known side effects but couldn't find anything - CBD oil is supposed to have a calming effect, the last thing it should do is make your heart beat faster!

I haven't taken any more, but yesterday (exactly a week later) on the way to work again I got the same erratic heartbeat and unwell feeling.

I will try it again, maybe this weekend when I'm at home and don't have to go anywhere.

Hi Tabbycat,

Strange that you should mention you had an erratic heartbeat recently. I am taking a hemp oil capsule every alternate day.......don't think it's quite the same as the CBD you're taking. But on bank holiday Monday, I collapsed and passed out on my living room floor. When I came round, I dialled for an ambulance, as I was extremely dizzy and unable to function properly. The paramedics wired me to an ECG machine and said my heartbeat was very erratic and whisked me off to hospital. I was monitored and given all kinds of tests...my blood pressure was taken every couple of hours and found to be very low, so they kept me in overnight. As a result, I'm now on a beta blocker tablet and a blood thinning tablet for six weeks. I have to go back as an outpatient, to be fitted with an ECG portable machine, for a day and go about my daily tasks, recording what I'm doing, so that they can find out what's going on. Probably nothing to do with the oil capsule, but thought you might like to know that you're not alone with the erratic heartbeat experience. All very scary, as you say.


Hi Tabbycat and Twinks

sounds very scary! Hope you both discover the causes quickly. Everything I read says CBD has no side effects and is not addictive. Hope that really is true.

I am continuing to take a blue capsule each evening. Still wake several times in night, but think I sleep more deeply in between. When I missed one dose my legs definitely felt much stiffer the next morning. Have cut out most of the paracetamol I took too, up to 8 a day for back and hip aches, so that's good too. If I get really stressed during the day, usually because I have gone off unexpectedly, and can't walk but need to, I have experimented with the purple paste, this seems to calm me down within about 30 mins. Early days for all this. 



Oh Twinks, you poor thing - that must have been so frightening. I hope they can find the cause. It's probably another meds-related side effect! 

I thought beta blockers were for high blood pressure, not low.confused I was prescribed them (before being diagnosed with PD) for anxiety. They certainly helped but made me feel really tired and lethargic so I gave up on them.

Supra, thanks for the update. I hope you're keeping a record of everything!

Hi Supa I am about to start cbd oil and am wondering if you are still taking it.
Cheers Anne

Someone told my son it’s more effective if you vape has anyone tried this?

Hi. That’s is great to hear. Can you let me know what strength it is. Is it just CBD or does it have THC in it.Ive heard that it is best to have both CBD and THC in it but does the THC make him sleepy so is it only for night time and not during the day if you need to drive. Could you post a photo of the product as we are having trouble knowing which sort to take here in NZ. Its very new over here.

The Olimax oil that I reviewed was CBD only, stated as 7% on the bottle. I benefit from having some THC in the mix as well, but only use it in the evening these days. I don’t recommend driving whilst under the influence of ANY drug - even cough syrup can make you sleepy. If you want recommendations for CBD products then I recommend joining CBD Users UK facebook group and asking in there - very knowledgable bunch of people in there.

there is alot of snake oil out there maybe you have been taking the wrong stuff seen as it is not governed by anybody so alot of crap is been sold by the bulk load

old post but i thought worth telling you - if it is an oil it cannot be vaped, only water soluble can, oil can damage your lungs, recently people in america have been hospitalised and even died through vaing oil based cannabis. I have been vaping for 10 years and been taking water soluble cbd for 2 years. mainly helps me with depression and anxiety

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Hey, same thing is happening to me. I am using vaping liquids which are infused with CBD and I also use those for anxiety and depression since I usually have fairly light episodes (nothing heavy that will require the heavy medication). CBD is a good option in my opinion. I recently transfered to some new cbd vape cartridges that are smoother then the ones I used before, plus they have some really nice fruit flavores that I enjoy a lot and they seem to have a longer effect then the ones I used before.

Hello tabbycat ive been reading your views on cbd oil would this help a tremor and where do u buy your oil from

Since last message found cbd gold oil treats Parkinson’s symptoms


Sorry for my late reply to this thread. I would like to try CBD for myself. Which one do you recommend? I need the best one with premium quality.

Hi all,

Hope this reaches everyone well in these crazy times.

Forgive the long post but this is a first so I’ll try to be as informative, yet concise, as I can be:

A colleague of mine: white male, approx. 55-60 - parkinsons sufferer for approx 10-15yrs I believe, has recently been having an increased amount of “seizing” at his workplace. (He’s one of those hard-headed types where he refuses to NOT come into work and would rather be put to use and be active than be in discomfort at home). When I say “seizing”, I DO NOT mean seizures. From what he’s told me he doesn’t, nor has he had, seizures before but he’ll tell me how his “body is seizing up” so he’ll be sitting at a table, head in hands saying how his body is rigid.

He’s said to his doctor how his current meds aren’t working to the degree that they were previously and appears to be getting nowhere. He’s entertaining trying to look into CBD/natural/essential/homeopathic oils to see if they can provide any respite from the disease. He regularly sufffers with sleep (amongst other symptoms he probably hasn’t informed me of).

I’m hoping that by reaching out to you all I can get some real-life experiences/reviews/recommendations on CBD/essential oils that may be something to help him - even if it’s just helping him get some better quality sleep - anything I’ll take. Ideally, anybody who can relate or share please try to include as much info as possible specifically around the names/grades/measures/Mg doses or classifications of the oils you tried so I can have a starting point if I’m gonna try to buy him one.

Please don’t misread into the intent of this post as anything more than a manager looking out for the wellbeing of someone on his team (who also is a very good friend too).

Sorry for the long post.

Wish you all well



Hi @tomcal, :wave:

Welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s great that you’re trying to support your colleague and friend I’m sure you’ll hear from members on forum soon. In the meantime, here are a few threads that have explored the benefits of CBD oil that you may find helful:

We also have information about cannabis and the potential therapeutic benefits it may have for Parkinson’s. You can visit our blog here: https://medium.com/parkinsons-uk/the-case-for-and-against-cannabis-6c6dbd232ac5

Best wishes,
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