Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

Just published my video review of Charlotte's Web Everyday 200 CBD Oil.

May be of some use to those of us that cannot tolerate prescription meds for Parkinson's Disease!

Hi Ian

I have watched most of your videos and seen how much taking CBD tea helps reduce your tremors.

I don't have a tremor but I'm wondering if it would also help with walking difficulties. These are always worse when stressed so maybe the relaxation it can give would help.

Any thoughts?

Your vids of Willow are great. She is so like my dog Eddy in her body language!


Hi Ian and Supa,

I am also interested in the CBD tea and oil. Like you Supa, I have no tremor and wonder if it would just improve my general wellbeing. I do not have walking issues yet.

Have you received your order of Mucuna Pruriens? I'm finding it really extends the Madopar, taken in between doses, but only when necessary. I don't use it every just depends on what I'm doing. I hope you get the same benefit.


Hi Twinks

Yes it came yesterday. From Mountain Fresh, no  scoop provided. On their website they said to take between one and 2 teaspoons per day. I have not long had my first dose about one third of a teaspoon. Hard to get it to mix in. This was instead of taking a dispersible Madopar, as I was beginning to feel quite "off" after a busy afternoon. I will know soon if it has worked.




Hi Supa

cbd tea had a minor relaxation effect, the everyday 200 oil had a stronger effect on my tremor.  I'm unsure whether it would help with walking difficulties - it doesn't seem to have an effect on my walking, however we are all individuals and what works for one won't necessarily work for another. If you feel that being relaxed helps you, then CBD certainly seems to offer relaxation, so if I were you, I'd give it a try.  You have nothing to lose (aside from the cost of the stuff). 

Glad you enjoyed my videos of Willow!




Hi Twinks

I think it does improve general wellbeing, and think that it's worth trying. It's not cheap, but if it improves quality of life...




I am considering purchasing some CBD oil for my Dad who has Parkinson’s. He has started to get the tremor so hopefully it will calm this down. Is it safe for him to use the CBD oil whilst still taking his prescribed parkinson’s medication?


Hi Simon1985,

A warm welcome to the forum.

We have a lot of information on how people with Parkinson’s can manage their tremor on the Parkinson’s UK website which you may find useful for you dad. You can find this information here. Whilst we do not condone the use of cannabis, we have a lot of information on the potential therapeutic effects for Parkinson’s on our blog.

For further advice on your dad’s symptoms, you may want to consider contacting our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and one of our members will be able to help you.

I hope you find the above information useful.

Many thanks,

I can’t advise on this, because I do not take any prescribed PD meds. Try joining the CBD Users UK group on Facebook - plenty of experienced people in there who may be able to advise you.



Hi Michael I am wondering the same thing about interactions with my father’s meds. Did you find any information?

I am also searching for the same thing but till now I did not find a suitable solution to resolve my query. Visit HP Support for any query related to hp problems. And yes if you find the answer then notify all of us.

Do you notice any side effects from the CBD oil? I tried it myself but noticed it made me sweat like crazy. I was using the CBD Brothers Blue 2-3 drops evening only. It did help with my shoulder pain and stiffness.