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Welcome to the forum Kevin. 


Hi Kevin

I read your profile and am so sorry that life has been so hard for you.

Can I assume you were on Dopamine Agonists and your problems, so familiar to many other victims, are a result of the medication side effects?

If so, now you are off them life will improve day by day.

Best wishes.GG


I offer another welcome to the forum, Kevin!  I think you will find it both informative and cheering.  There are so many of us participating that whatever your experience with PD, probably someone else on the forum has been through the same or something similar.

It's good to hear that your change in medication has been helpful.  Sometimes it takes a long period of trials in order to get the balance just right.  Best wishes!

welcome kevin cool

Hi Kevin

welcome to the forum

Hi there fellow wobbly people! I am new to this forum and new to P.D. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2010 and assumed with the drugs I was taking a bit of tremor in my left had was normal.  I did try to explain every symptom was on one side of my body, I would shake and my mother had P.D. But we accept the professionals know "what's what".

I went to my Doctors because the shakes got really bad and my hand was turning (is that pill rolling?). My Doctor was wonderful and the nurologist I saw was very kind and gave me confidence. Telling my friends had the reaction of horror. I need to take the micky out of myself and be positive. It will be good to read other peoples experiences and learn more about living with this menace.


Hi Parky

welcome to the forum

same here both myself and my mother have PD , you have the right attitude and thats the approach i take try to be positive and face all the challenges that may come your way with as much humour as possible

Hello Shelly

Thank you for the welcome, it seems you have the same attitude to me. I hope you have good friends who support  and tease you. It's sure better than being made to feel uncomfortable and very obvious. You have that cheeky look on your face that i can relate to. Have a good week.


Hi Parky

well at first no one really knew how to react around me but since i told my friends / family i prefer them to react with humour a few very cheeky comments have been made red face but it is how i want people to react , it did not go down to well at first i was talking to my cousin and i said i am going to be a martini girl    she had to ask her boyfriend who the martini girl was , she was not amused  she just did not appreciate my sense of humour

Shelly, she may not have been amused, but I think it's funny.  May I steal your line to use in the future?  How do people get through life without a sense of humour?  (Oh, my spelling checker is British!  It reminded me to put that "U" in there.)  In the case of pwp, humour helps us fight off our fears and tendency toward depression.  I've heard it also causes the brain to secrete beneficial chemicals.

Hi J of Grey

i thought it was funny to , feel feel to steal it , it is a real shame i don't drink martini i would never have to buy a shaker big grin

Anyone out there tell me what to expect from a DaT scan? Have had a MRI to check if I even had a brain. If you answer please try not to scare me too much.

You first go for injection ,this dye is radio active its not harmfull to you,but can be to pregnant woman,and other people if they come in contact with your urine or dna .but you are  isolated for an 1hr for dye to get in your system and into your brain so they can get better pictures .Then you get strapped to a board ,head,feet,hands,arms and legs.And then you are scanned ,their like giant rectangular plates that move around and are very close to you taking images, this last for about an 1hr.Then your free!, cant remember how long your not allowed to make contact  with pregnant woman,and dispose of urine safely.And thats that.just uncomfortable lying on thin board for so long!  Thats the bad bit! THINK THATS RIGHT ALONG TIME AGO HAD IT DONE.

although i have never had a dat scan , i have had something similar , i had radioactive iodine treatment  to destroy my over active thyroid , i had to stay away from pregnant women and kids , i got searched  in Superdrug  because i set off the alarms i would not have minded if the security guard was a bruce willis look alike big grin


Good heavens, Shelly!  I don't know whether your radioactive experience was more like a nightmare or a situation comedy!  I can just picture you setting off the drugstore alarm without any visible evidence why. 



The security tags on store items have blue dye in them,These are radio active used to set alarms off ! hope this helps

Thank you Gus for information and Shelly you made me laugh again! I look forward to luminous wee and being a threat to my daughters in law whose womb seems to work well!!