Checking For Interest In A UK Parkinson's Therapy Centre

Very interested on behalf of my husband

I’ve never heard of the Italian centre before. How much does it cost?

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Suggest you visit their website for more info at
The fee for the week is €500 but you have to add hotel and travel.
My wife and I went in Sept and we paid £1000 for the week for the hotel and full board and about £500 for air travel in addition to the programme fee.

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I am sure there must be loads of people who would be interested. i certainly hope so.


This is a really interesting idea, and I think we’d be willing to make the trip from the Isle of Man, where we live, to a centre in the UK.

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Since I started this post a year ago we have now developed a UK-based weekend residential programme called Fighting Fit which is designed for working-age people with Parkinson’s. This takes place in Aylesbury and we have three weekends planned for 2019 - March, July and October. The full details are on our website Our inaugural weekend event last November was awesome. Check it out.
You can express interest by clicking
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Yes definitely, would be wonderful
I live in Norfolk and there isn’t even any PD warrior classes here :weary:

Hi Greenhaven
My husband would definitely be interested in this. We live in Suffolk

Hi @marianwalker and @Steph22,

Glad to see you’re both interested in the Fighting Fit opportunity, we have more information on the 'Living with Parkinson’s ’ section on the forum here - Get to know Fighting Fit

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Would very much be interested - my husband is 75 so no longer sits within the working age group although he didn’t retire until he was 73.

I would definately be interested. European Parkinson Therapy Centre (EuPaTh) has grown enormously through word and mouth. Great reviews, major success stories, changed lives and gives back Quality of Life. It has visitors from over 45 Countries including Australia. It has added two new programs but one word of warning, As One American visitor said (he is an M:J:FOX patient consultant). This would not work in America. It would cost twice as much and the Pretty Spa Town of Boario is a great location to work through the issues with professional caring team molded by a person with Parkinson’s based on solid research and backed by nearly every major Foundation, Institution, Association in Europe and beyond and you get the added bonus of a Holiday amongst the lakes, the Islands, the mountains and is still accessable just 50 mins from airport. Many have tried to re-create European Parkinson Therapy, Fighting Fit was born out of EuPaTh but working with EuPaTh changed direction and do a good job with young Parkinson’s , First steps (Parkinson UK newly diagnosed program is based on last two pillars).Sounds like I do not support it as how can you replicate something without the protocols and knowledge and carefully built team. Well as President of EuPaTh we decided not to Francise but instead invested 250,000 pounds of our own money in a new centre. The European Parkinson Professional training centre has got together with A major university, the world leading authority on Neuroplasticity (and sent two therapists to Arizona for 6 weeks to obtain the highest qualification possable) aswell as a foundation, support from most European asssociations and the European Parkinson Disease Association and cure Parkinson’s Trust (thanks Helen). The new centre runs courses to teach people the techniques in the Italian therapy centre. We already work throughout Italy and also with 3 European countries. You can learn how we operate, the protocols, training all levels of staff, the 4 pillars.
Starting a centre with no solid research partners, no knowledge of why European Parkinson has become so influential is very risky, we would be happy to help. In the mean time we are here to help change the lives of anybody with Parkinson’s. Our web site is being completely renewed so will be even easier to use and understand.
God bless and be strong

You are way behind the Times mate I am I was a member of Lincoln branch and I suggested this 15 years ago I’m I run a 10k and race £480 for it it but no one’s better than eyelid I was I got the idea when I saw this presentation from people from Lincoln hospital about something called the elephant project I’m meekly handed to £480 over to them and never heard anything more or that I know everyone with Parkinson’s needs a Therapy Centre in every County there should be one every counting Britain there should be one and it should include things like like stretching table tennis bingo should it should have diagnostic people working in there instead of just pacing up and down up photo of hospital ward it should have a proper protective with neurologist to actually know what they are doing believe it or not I have my therapy centre here in Mablethorpe which I have been working on for the last 7 years I’m in my 25th year of Parkinson’s so really know what I’m talking about when I look through the forum I just despair upheld desperate people are to get some sort of understanding of their condition but there’s just nothing out there for them these therapy centres for will go a long way to correct in that you just need to stop putting bricks down not talk about it just start putting bricks down to need is so desperate and these therapy centres would more than pay for themselves and it will give the two local branches site of really fundraise for and believe in their accounting was getting this all of them should be designed exactly the same all as a building should be exactly the same with same facilities in

The Therapy Centre must include a figure of eight track weather neurologist can see the difficulties in turning and and going round corners this will very much helping diagnosis of Parkinson’s it must be stylish looking and fit in with the environment there needs to be one in every single county in Britain or England and and the design of these centres must be exactly the same everywhere there must be at least two table tennis tables inside this benefit people with Parkinson’s massively there must be a minibus to collect local people and take them to the Therapy Centre they also need to be to neurologists on site for actually sympathetic to people with Parkinson’s and not considered an old and useless and some one who should be talked down to and these two therapists must both have the ability to diagnose Parkinson’s by just hand movements and certain things you can do moving why do your fingers that is all the diagnosis you will ever need if you know what you are doing the centre should also be a social centre and local people will fundraise for it because they know the Harder They fundraise still be getting something actually getting something for for their efforts this will give them a real drive and enthusiasm

I’d be interested!

Greenhaven are you still Pursuing this idea to grow on the weekend fighting fit formula ? Obviously Covid will have affected things ? The idea of a residential therapy break for a week along the lines of the Italian one would be great - hopefully it would also take wheelchair users ? Including partners too enabling them to be part of therapy sessions woukd be beneficial.

@Plus1 @Folkmusician and others, Fighting Fit is now back up and running, see my review here:

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I already have my own parkinson’s therapy centre Right here in mablethorpe I have been living here since 2014 I try to incorporate everything that will benefit parkinson’s I have had parkinson’s now for 26 years And though I get very rigid sometimes I can still do anything I want I can still do anything I want So this therapy centre must be working

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