Clenching fits at night

hi, my partner has had parkinsons for 5 years now and she does this thing were she clenches her fits she doesnt know she is doing it and mainly happens at night could this be a simptom of pk
Before dx i often used to curl up my fingers in a loose clench and they used to feel stiff and i wondered why i did it!!! last few days i've been holding my hands up sideways angle fingers stretched upwards and watched as my right hand fingers start involuntarily moving inwards starting with ring finger! All a bit weird this parkie malarky!:fearful:

My husband hands just the same particularly his right one it also affects his wrist .
thanks, i tend to un clench her hands while she is sleeping,
i do it
My OH holds my bad hand when we walk and I nearly cut off his circulation clutching it!
I also do this mostly at night whilst lying in bed and like Johnnie posted it also affects your wrists sometimes I wake up with so much pain in my hands and wrists during the night.:confused:
she doesnt know she doing it at night its only that iv noticed
I do not clench my hands at night but noticed recently that I clench my teeth/jaw at night causes me jaw pain, it happens in my sleep though so can't do anything :frowning:

Goto your dentist and get a gum shield made to wear at night,i have had one for years now as i brux. My dentist diagnosed this when i went to him in agony and couldn't find anything wrong other than signs of grinding/wearing down on teeth/fillings. My whole jaw felt locked and in pain for weeks and gum shield has stopped this :smile:It's a bit of a passion killer though!:flushed:

Hi I wakeup with my arms crossed with no felling or my left arm dead
I dont grind my teeth but they do chatter just before my meds are due
my left thumb sort of curls up and locks for no reason at odd times