Constipation and Wind

Hello I wonder if anyone here can suggest a course of action to help me please.

My problem is constipation and wind. (A charming subject I’m sure you agree) I was diagnosed with PD seven years ago. Then about a year ago I found myself constipated. After a chat with my PD nurse I took a course of Movicol which sorted the immediate problem. I was then advised to continue to taking a “maintenance” dose of half a sachet a day which was fine for months.

However about six months ago things got worse. I found myself often unable to pass wind (it would “bubble up” but I simply could not pass it) and although my stools were soft when passed I had to strain and strain to get any stool to “come down” even though having an urge to “go” and this often left me with the feeling that my bowel movement was incomplete.

This all resulted in several calls to my PD nurse, several visits to my GP and a referral to an incontinence clinic to say nothing of trying, it seems to me, every laxative known to mankind. All with partial and short-term results.

Recently at the instruction of the nurse at the incontinence clinic I replaced the sachet of Movicol taken morning and night for Fybogel, to be taken along with Senna 7.5g x 2 before bed and the use of glycerine if needed. At first this seemed to help but over the next four days my stools got progressively harder and more difficult to pass unless the glycerine suppositories were used. So I went back to the Movicol which soften my stools but again give me the problem passing wind and not completely emptying my bowels!

So what to do? Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks Kindly

Hi Greg,
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Sorry i do have an answer for you, other try chilli sauce . My friend swears by it!! Joking apart but hope you find some relief soon
Esme x

Thank you Esme for taking the time to reply, time to try a hot curry i think. Thank you again. Greg


Hi there. This has been a problem of mine for over 15 years and I have had every investigation under the sun. Luckily one of my best friends is one of the worlds leading gastric surgeons and my wife is a pharmacist so I have plenty of free advice.

The consensus is that if you take a ‘maintenance’ dose of something, several adverse things can happen.

Firstly and most importantly is that it may mask a pattern of symptoms that a specialist needs to effectively treat you/diagnose you. It may not be linked to PD. Best course of action is to treat each separate occurrence and keep a diary. This should include dates, time of day, diet and exercise. Include stress too.

Personally, Fybogel with Mebeverine works really well as it’s gentle and discreet. I used to use Senna but it left me self conscious of toilet noises as they became quite explosive! Unfortunately your body can get used to any medications and treatments and they will eventually stop working.

Secondly, and this worked for me, is try the Low FodMap diet. This strips your diet back to foods less likely to cause irritation.

I know everyone is different but I discovered several foods that caused instant problems. I also learned that keeping a jug of water in the fridge with diced lemons in it and drinking the 2 litres during the day also made a massive difference too.

As I said, there is no shoe fits all with PD, IBS is a common first symptom and I can sympathise with you here. I hope you find an answer that works for you.


Have you increased or changed your PD medication?

Thank you for your reply. i’ll look into your suggestions. Greg

Hi, thinking about it… yes but only four Sinemet+ a day to five a day.

Try a teaspoon of epsom salt in a glass of water with a squirt of lemon juice to make it more palatable. I take it everyday and keeps me regular.

Hi Greg
I to have the same problem, there are several things that can help lots of fluids remember there are a lot of organs that need fluids and they will take their share first leaving stools hard and difficult to pass, fresh fruit Pears grapes and Apples are my choice. there are many different meds for constipation While my wife has been prescribed Lactulose a liquid med I have been given Laxido a powder preparation and finally when my bowel is really being stubborn I use a suppository to loosen and soften stools. as you say a charming subject , but a very necessary one best of luck george

I don’t have parkinsons, my husband has but I have Myasthenia gravis and have problems as my muscles don’t work very well. I take pure Aloe Vera juice with plj in a pint of warm water each morning before breakfast. It may be worth your trying it, you can get both from Holland an Barrett

Thank you. it’s worth a try, thanks again.

Thanks for the reply.

Thank you i’ll look into it. Thanks again.