Constipation - any cure?


Strange you should mention that because I was told virtually the same thing…keep the brain guessing and it will perform better than using a regular routine.


Hi Guys
there is some good advice here. Some that I really like: drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water (with a pinch of mineral salt!), exercise including high intensity, and a diet high in roughage. That should do it.


I, ve been on Laxido since I was diagnosed with PD last January, I can’t take other things because I also have a kidney condition called IGA Nephropothy, and chronic kidney disease too, and also I cannot take a high dose of PD medication, for me Laxido works a treat, it has to or nothing else will, bye.


Hello everybody, I too get constipated a lot, so I went to my doctors and he put me on Laxido orange, it works for me and don’t make you run to the loo like a lot of things, and it tastes OK too, so please see your doctor and ask for Laxido, in my eyes you will be pleased you went, in more than one way if you catch my drift, bye and Merry Christmas.


fibragel twice a day , fruit and veg , also a sennacot occas
ionally. good luck,hughb1


Hello Pete, very funny story, a bit like putting a bottle of bubble bath in the jacuzzi, bye.


Hiya All For the first time in 10 yrs of PD constipation has struck!! Nothing I could think of seemed to work-and even thought of phoning Dynarod! lol I phoned my Consultant and the next day tried LAXIDO on perscription - and IT WORKS!!


i am fortunate in that constipation is but a distant bad memory. I drink a pint of homemade smoothie everyday. It not only keeps me regular and healthy, it’s delicious as well. The ingredients I use are spinach, parsley, ginger, apple, banana, mango or kiwi fruit, lemon juice and lime juice. If I run out of smoothie, I eat a bowl of bran flakes for supper, and that gets me out of bed in the morning.


Morning all

Well I hoped this would help me, I think it is not helping me by the amount of medication I am taking, I do try to eat all good and right foods but not much help really



Our consultant recommends a few soft dried apricots each evening. Also use Laxido. You can buy it over the counter.


Hi Paulsmith

I will try that as well, as I all ready have lactulose , and Docusate too. But I am willing to try anything. You all have a lovely weekend


I recently started using a squatting toilet stool, and found it helps. You can buy them cheaply on Amazon.


Hi Jane

I never knew that they did sell anything like that, but thank you I will looking into that.



My consultant recommended I try prune juice. So a glass of this disgusting tasting stuff (just my opinion as I still havn’t got used to it after several months) before bedtime usually works wonders first thing the next morning.


Laxido does the trick - powder form contained in sachets.
Daily dose - dissolve one or two in water.
Codeine based pain relievers will add to the joys of Parky induced constipation, so if you re taking any then extra Laxido may be required.,


I have chronic constipation, and have had for 15 or more years. Due to Opioid analgesia (I also have Degenerative Spinal Stenosis, daignosed 20 years ago) and PD. I find the only thing that works for me is Laxido powedrs (1 or 2 daily), loads of fruit (fresh and dried), plenty of fibre and pulses in diet and a 98% vegetarian diet ~ I don’t eat any meat at all, but do drink some milk (very tiny amount, such as found in chocolate and other things), although I actually prefer the taste of Oatly Oat-beverage. To my delight this has not only helped ease the constipation, but my energy levels are now much higher than they were and my insides feel MUCH more comfortabe and relaxed. Going vegetarian has not only eased my conscience, but also my body ~ in so any more ways than expected.


Hi Steve, that has been one of the bugbears for my husband too, and he has relied on dulcolax, which can interfere with everyday life, particularly if you are on holiday, as you always need a loo in sight! I took him for colonic hydrotherapy a year or so ago, and that has worked wonders. It immediately relieves the bloatedness and the herbal remedy given alongside has kept him ‘regular’ with no need for the ducolax. He only has the treatment every few months, but initially had 3 treatments about a week or so apart, Its not everyones cup of tea, but my husband was very receptive to it and has found it a godsend.
i hope this might be of help to you.


Try to keep your fluid intake up too ,especially if your going to use Linseed or other fibre additive x


Slender tone for stomach, would not be without it. Slot it around stomach, usually works in around 15 to 30 mins dependent on various factors … :flushed::flushed:j


My husband has been on laxido for some time he also eats linseads,ground up, and dried fruit like apricots and prunes for breakfast and is mostly ok but about a month ago in India nothing was working and after 5 days we went to the hospital where they gave him an enema. His breakfast hadn’t changed as we bring it with us and he drinks plenty of fluids and even taking extra laxido didn’t help. Yes a lot of the things suggested do work but not always.