Constipation - any cure?

Hi just going up the dancer’s (bed) seen this thread try chia seeds can sprinkle them more or less on anything, cereal, porridge, yogurt, can put in water to go soft and sprout hope this helps get them most supermarkets or health shops, Laney.

Like several others here I use Lactulose [on a 'script in the UK] I take max advised dose of 20ml after dinner and then evening meal - immediately after eating. Sweet toothed people will love it - yum.
Works reasonably well in so much if I don’t use it, it’s back to passing lumps of concrete with Hernia inducing exertion otherwise! Script gives me two 500ml bottles a month. Mixing it with any other type of Laxative is a bad idea though - I have the T-Shirt.

Hi Phil

have a real bad sweet tooth, I am the same I am
Having the meds too, and with out them I have a very bad tummy, I just get worried the amount of sugar there is in this medicine, and have that much may course more problems down the line, but thanks for responding and I hope you keep well.

Regards Raz

i find these tubes of vitamin c tablets you dissolve in a glass of water helps me, i only need to take it for two days a week;

I high fibre bran with fruit and milk that keeps me going

Hello,get some Lactolose from your GP,it got me going again,bye.

Movicol works very well. Not the sweetness of Laxido.

Hi SteCummings, Adding extra fibre to your diet with extra vegetables -the equivalent of three large cup fills - helped me - aiming for 30G daily. Adding Normacol Sachets one twice daily as extra fibre I found helpful and of course fluid intake needs to be at least 2 L a day. Bowel action is helped by exercise And vigorous conscious walking is helpful - see John Pepper’s video on YouTube.
I attend a research project run by Sylvia and John Dobbs, at the Kings/Maudsley Hospital looking at the connection between the microbiome and Parkinson’s. My own history of Parkinson’s relates to an abnormal microbiome with the presence of Helicobacter Pylori, gut inflammation and constipation… Treatment has stabilised me –details can be seen at my blog site Good luck.

I do some of the above but there are times when they dont work and my gruesome but very very effective solution is rectal irrigation using a bhe idet shower head. So once you have to.ld your partner and done the plumbing sit on the pan and with t

As I said in my previous post rectal irrigation really effective and I do it in the morning everyday using a small bidet head pushed against my rectal sphincter. Do a small squirt first first and vary the amount of water to find suitable amount. Do not overdo it. Small Bidet head is best find them on eBay.

I’m interested to know that you had surgery, presumably with general anesthetics. My consultant for colorectal health seems reluctant to operate. I think I have a hernia but I also have prolapsed. We are still trying to find a balance of medication and diet to alleviate things.

Hi, I have always had and, continue to have an ongoing battle with constipation since I was diagnosed with PD in 2011. I developed a hernia for which I underwent surgery in 2017. My age at that time was 83 and there was some reluctance to carry out surgery under a general anaesthetic but a decision was made to do so because of the severity of my tremors. As things turned out, the surgery was successful and I did not encounter any problems. For a while afterwards, I was able to control the constipation with Laxido Powders by taking two every night. However, the constipation returned and I suffered what I thought was a return of the Hernia. When I visited my Doctor he confirmed that what I had was not another Hernia but a “Divaricated Recti” which a google search will explain. He advised against further surgery as this presents unacceptable risk. I continue to live with the “DR” which poses no problems for me. Regretably, however, my constipation continues. Recently, I commenced using a small suppository in addition to the Laxido Powders but even they have proved ineffective over the last few days. I see that some postings on this forum refer to a system of “Rectal Irrigation” and I am now at a stage of considering that in the hope of gaining some relief. Any advice would be most welcome. Gerrard

The laxative I put in my reply was wrong,sorry it should have been LAXIDO,not Lactolose,bye.

Ex-Lax, but you now have to get it off t’interweb. as it doesn’t appear to be stocked by local chemists any longer, unless someone can prove me wrong. Don’t overdo or over use it. A couple of squares if you havn’t done a no.2 for 2 or 3 days is all I need.
Keeping up the fibre intake helps as I only use this if I have to.
Works for me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Most important is exercise. Brisk walks for as long as you can and as often as you can (force yourself if need be: can’t be arsed is no excuse) helps no end as does prune juice. Get a dog so you HAVE to take it for walks

You could try acupunture. It can be very effective in regulating the digestive system and bowels.

How lovely, I’ve gone from searching the latest party outfit to searching the feedback for constipation! Welcome Parkinsons in a normal way, as for constipation it’s a tough one, I keep trying not to forget I need to remember it needs help to keep at bay! On a serious note, then again not, it’s all a bit of a bummer! Grrr

@Jules47,“It’s all a bit of a bummer !” Well Jules it has to come out somewhere so the bum is the ideal orifice !! LOL What are you trying to say ? Are you looking for something to help you go ? Most of us do have this problem so you’re not alone, take good care of yourself.


I have this morning tried Lactulose for the first time, 30 ml, by this afternoon it started working. No griping stomach pains. Yippee. Good luck. Minky

I have used ex-lax on occasion and very effective it is too. I don’t think it is available in your local chemist any longer but is readily available on the interweb at Amazon.