Constipation - any cure?


Hi just going up the dancer’s (bed) seen this thread try chia seeds can sprinkle them more or less on anything, cereal, porridge, yogurt, can put in water to go soft and sprout hope this helps get them most supermarkets or health shops, Laney.


Like several others here I use Lactulose [on a 'script in the UK] I take max advised dose of 20ml after dinner and then evening meal - immediately after eating. Sweet toothed people will love it - yum.
Works reasonably well in so much if I don’t use it, it’s back to passing lumps of concrete with Hernia inducing exertion otherwise! Script gives me two 500ml bottles a month. Mixing it with any other type of Laxative is a bad idea though - I have the T-Shirt.


Hi Phil

have a real bad sweet tooth, I am the same I am
Having the meds too, and with out them I have a very bad tummy, I just get worried the amount of sugar there is in this medicine, and have that much may course more problems down the line, but thanks for responding and I hope you keep well.

Regards Raz


i find these tubes of vitamin c tablets you dissolve in a glass of water helps me, i only need to take it for two days a week;


I high fibre bran with fruit and milk that keeps me going