Constipation - any cure?

See a nutritionist and get your diet looked at. Mine was way too low in fibre. I now start the day with a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of metamucil then a bowl of oats or all bran with chia seeds and shredded coconut, then a high fibre lunch e.g. rice crackers and avocado and water water, lots of water during the day.

Look on the posting entitled “Bacillus subtilis”
This substance has helped me considerably.
A small caveat though- don’t go to any posh cocktail parties, as unmeant wind is a bit of a problem. I suppose with all those helpful bacteria thrashing around in one’s stomach, and bowels it is natural.
Seriously it has eased my constipation caused by PD considerably.
Good luck.

Same here. I use Bio Kult Advanced - not available from pharmacies in Australia but you can buy it on Amazon. I started to take it because of the research on Bacillus Subtilis possibly slowing PD, but the unexpected result was it completely cured my constipation! I don’t have the wind problem - fortunately as I haven’t lost my sense of smell!!

I use Milled Linseed. This was recommended by my PD nurse. Sprinkle two table spoons on to morning porridge. I try to keep medication to a minimum and this is a more natural way of helping the system cope.

We are all different so this may not work for you. I tried a few laxative drugs but they were either not effective or 'the bottom falls out of your world. The one option that did work for me was a natural one. With EVERY meal a had a drink, large glass, of 50% Aloe Vera juice 50% water stirred in was a heaped tablespoon of Physilium (ispaghula) husk. I sipped this with every mouthful of food chewing the food well. I found this MUCH more effective than taking a dose of fibre en masse. I presume because the fibre was mixed in with the digested food more evenly. It worked for me and made me regular each morning. Like I say might not work for everybody but it’s worth a try.

I have found taking vitamin D to cause me issues with my heart. Stopped taking it problems vanished.

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Hi I take prune juice it is disgusting but works, over the counter stuff blows Me up

Pumpkin works for some one I know , good luck

Hi, I take Fibregel sachets twice a day but have not been able to “perform” for a week. I do not even feel that I need to, is this normal?

Hi @LittleMixWorry It is reckoned that if you’ve not “been” by the third day you need to contact your GP. With you not having “been” for a week you’ve got a serious problem and need to get it looked into.


Thanks @cruisecontroller but managed to perform later that day! Phew!!

Hi @LittleMixWorry. So glad you’ve achieved “doing the business” !! Just remember the three day ruling and for what it is worth, I started out on Senokot but became immune to it so it didn’t work. I was put on Ispaghula Husk which works for me, may be you’re the same boat and need a change from Fibogel. Give the husk a try, it may tickle your throat sometimes and makes you cough but it works !! My wife has reminded me that you need to drink plenty of water and to have fibre in your diet. My going is pretty normal, sometimes twice a day but still normal in end product !! Have a good weekend, take care, stay safe.


@cruisecontroller Thank you so much for your advice. Hope you are ok and have a good weekend too.

Latulose 10ml each night before med and glass of prune juice thst shift you each morning

@cruisecontroller Do you mind if I PM you?

Not at all, if you feel happier doing this then no problems from this end !! I already contact a couple of members either through pm or otherwise.


Hi Steve.
If a change in diet is not enough I’d try Movicol/Laxido powders first. They keep your stools soft and therefore easier to pass by retaining water in your gut.
But the reason i suggest trying these first is they apparently are ok to use long term unlike other laxatives, or so i was told.

A McDonalds Big Mac does wonders

Even just looking at one…

I posted about drinking cocktail of aloe Vera juice and psyllium powder with meals, that works for me. As an alternative try fresh pineapple as a desert after meals, old Asian remedy. If bunged up I use a mini enema once a week/ month as needed.