My husband has been constipated for last 4 days. He's been having
3 Movecol sachets and 2 Senokot at night. Any other ideas? He's already eating some
fruit/veg and drinking water maybe not enough. Anything else? grateful for any help.
Parkinson leaflet says 'Dont get constipated' but not how to cope when it happens.

Hi Kay and hubby,

A tip i got some time ago is while sitting comfortably, and this does make a difference to success according to a well known GP who frequented Countdown on TV, with the back straight and both arms hanging either side, lean to the left until the fingers touch the floor, return to vertical and lean to the right until fingers touch the floor. Straighten up and lean forward to touch your feet or as near as you can and return to vertical.

Repeat another two times but try and take your time and dont give up if it doesn't work right away, so keep the thought of explosives for a while yet. Hope things improve but you can try writing poetry while waiting and get poetry in motion. LOL


thanks very much Grumpy for reply.I will get hubby to try when he wakes up.
Meanwhile I have phoned GP who is writing a script.for dulcolax.You'll
prob.hear the explosion!!!

Has he tried simply adding some dried fruit to his cereal? Thats all I need to do when the problem strikes, which with PD is fairly frequent. I just buy a mix of currants, sultanas etc and add about 2 tablespoons to my morning museli.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away along with four glasses of water.....

...oh and I forgot the all important one-a-day cod liver oil capsule

thanks for allyour replies,crisis now over,we hope!Good to have a chat to those who understand after such a streefull day. nite-nite Kay

Hello kay, Sorry to hear of your hubbys' problem I have found that Grumpy Grans idea works. But recently went to my GP because it was so bad and he prescribed a Rectal Ointment to relax the muscles. Which helps a lot. I would ask your GP if it would help you its Rectogesic A warning tho it can give him a headache and if it
headaches are really bad don't use it. You need to speak to GP first as I think this is a short term thing to use.

I have to say when I used it it was such a relief even with a headache!
best wishes

Hi - have you tried Sterculia Granules? They taste and look like the bottom of a parrot's cage but they are effective, The instructions are to take a spoonfull (s) after each meal but I found that restricting. I take a heap of them in a small tupperware container in the evening about 21.00 - or later if we eat later - washed down with a pint of water with some Tesco's apple and blackcurrent added for taste

I did like the suggestion on "sitting comfortably" but it doesn't work for me


Hi there
When all alse fails try Lactulose. It was prescribed for Bill who has great difficulty in that department. You can buy it over the counter in the chemist. Read the instructions as you need to get the dose right and drink lots.
It diverts liquid to the bowel and works a treat for Bill.
It is lactose so can't be used if you are on a lactose free diet.

Hope other half is a happy chappie soon. I know just how awful it can get.


Hi. to those concerned ..I must admit for me since living with P.D.having problems in the lower digestive transit area is the most dammed awkward symptom..
doing all the regular things but it creeps up on you when you least expect it..I have tried most of the aforementioned items but one thing i found works for me is about every second day have a generous handful of peanuts seems to stimulate the digestive tract ( I know there are those for allergies/and dietary problems care is needed ) but I have found it helps me .and might help some others

All the best to all living with P.D. Ian (M)

My dad has Parkinsons and suffered badly with constipation it even lead him to having colon cancer 6 years ago. He's tried everything. Something which works really well for him now is Triphala Tablets this is a Ayurvedic (indian medicine) remedy. Which cleanses the system. Triphala can be bought in health food shops or on the internet. The best make is Planetary Herbals which you can get from they suggest 2 tablets twice a day but he really only takes one.

consitapation is one of me nite mares,ihave 2 senncokot at nite ,20ml of laxolite,and fibre gel which tastes yuk and im consipated usally 3 ,4 days then imanage to go but hurts alot i dont no wot else there i could use,movical never evver worked woith me either:rolling_eyes:

Hi Ali,
The only other thing i can suggest is to really up the fluid intake. May help, and try having some grapes, just a handful a day.
As a last resort , put prunes on the menu in the cafe :cry: :disappointed::frowning:

What is wrong with prunes? I make a lovely apricot/prune pie...just what you need ALij....I'll bake one tonite, and send it to you at the cafe'...only need a small piece, I'll bet! Fix you right up....all you others too!

Raisins in your cereal in the am....might help too....:astonished::wink:

You could try Dulcolax, sold in Boots etc. Have two little tablets before going to bed. The other option is Syrup of figs, but er, make sure you have some protection on your sheets overnight and prepare for an explosion...

thankyou for all of ur ideas i will gives a go:smile:

Here's another one. Sit fairly upright, but comfortably. Take a deep breath then purse your lips and blow out gently. Either pretend you're blowing bubbles or actually do it: get one of those bubble blowers and blow as many bubbles as you can for as long as you can with one breath. Blow and blow until you have absolutely no breath left (but gently).
If you don't feel any movement, repeat...
Works for me!

What's wrong with prunes? I eat prunes every day and try to drink lots of water. It works for me.

I'm egg bound most of the time.

The best method I have found is to get yourself comfy, relax and inmagine a great big dumper truck shedding a load of earth.

The best breathing method I find is akin to giving birth. That sort of rapid blowing out thing.

I'm trying to persuade my gp to give me gas and air on prescription.

I'm sure my last delivery was a double breach.

As for grapes, thats the last thing I need.