Cramps - usually calves or feet

I regularly get woken by cramping calves or feet which is unpleasant in the extreme, but has several knock on effects in that it means I'm tired and It prevents me cycling (exercising) the next morning.

Does anyone have any succss stories treating or btter still preventing crmps?



Hi Drewster. I am undiagnosed and had been having very painful night cramps in my calves and right foot. After being prescribed quinine tablets it is much improved and I sleep better. flo

Hi drewster tonic water contains quinine . Some people have a glass before they go to bed and it helps . I read  somewhere mustard can help ? Personally I can't bear it . Think I'd rather try a G and T ! 

ask your gp about amitripyline ,helps with pain,cramps nerve ends & also helps with sleep top med ! yes

I get painful cramp in my legs and I can feel the tendons at the back of my knees tighten up.

A hot bath just before going to bed seems to help.


Hi Drewster

I often suffer painfull cramps when my meds are due to be increased, amongst other signs, but this is my most sure sign that helps me to realize I have to contact my parky nurse. It's unreal the amount of pain you get and the most unusual places  you get it in.




I get cramps in the evening, i spose this could be at the end of life span of my pills ??, i get them across the botttom of my feet, calf muscles, around my my knees, and uptoo my hips, i roll about the bed in agony until they pass, occasionally from the shoulder too my neck.

I take amitriptyline like gus during the evening for over overnight for sleep, i sleep quite soundly pain wise, but have some vivid dreams that jolt me a couple of times a night where i dream i have a compulsion too fall down the stairs.

the G&T quinine angle is quite interesting, a symptom of malaria is muscle cramps, in some parts of the uk malaria was endemic especially in east angia up until the 1920's, 

Quinine must be the starting place ... not a great gin fan, but needs must, so if I have to "take one for the team", I'll do my best.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Any homeopaths with ideas, I'd love to hear from you too.

Yes I know they treat malaria with quinine tablets . The amount in tonic water is not that high but many people find it really helps and gives them a good nights sleep . Worth a try . 

Tonic water works for me, quinine is a well known cramp remedy, and the gin is an absolutely essential mixer! 


Probably need to work on the appropriate dosages, but success night 1, and Bombay Sapphire was on offer to boot.

Great stuff ! 

I have dreadful cramps and muscle spasms in my feet.  My husband massages my feet every night now and I find it really helps.  If you have someone who could help you it might be worth a try.

One part gin to min one, max three, parts either tonic or bitter lemon (also contains quinine) seems to work with a good slug of gin (about 3 to 4 pub measures judging purely by sight)

Brandy in hot chocolate helped with sleep, alas not with cramp.

I had gut-wrenching cramps in my right leg and foot in the weeks before taking meds.  Then I  was put on mirapex and amantadine and, Ta-dah!  No more cramps, almost over night.  4 years later I remain on those drugs and cramps have all but disappeared.  Occasionally I might get a very mild cramp but no more of the kind that would turn my foot in and up and give my leg the consistency of an iron bar.  Good luck.

There is an important  warning about using Quinine for night time leg cramps on the Medline website.

What about eating more bananas or other food with high potassium levels for muscle cramps?

I get painful cramps in the three middle toes of my left foot.  The toes curl under and the pain is unbelievable.  It lasts for 10 to 15 minutes and often reduces me to tears.  I find I don't suffer so much when I have had an increase in meds but after a while on the increased dose it becomes more frequent again.  I am on Sinemet and Mirapexin.  The Parkinson's nurse suggested quinine but I am not sure if I want to take that. 


That's my problem also Lexi Lucas, my cramps always return when I am ready to increase my meds, it's one of many signs that I need to up my medication. It's awful the pain you get from the cramp, I get it in so many places. I am on 12mg of Ropinirole XL slow release, how to you get on with your meds? Was DX with parky in 2011 and have been on Ropinirole since 2012 (didn't want to take any meds the first year) and i get on fine with them fine, don't take any other meds. 

P.S. I'm not sure about taking quinine either

Regards Sheffy


Hi also is a sign for meds review for me when cramps become unbareable for  me ! feet .calves, behind knees hands affected the most . vivid dreams increase (poor hubby gets the worst of them }

i prefer vodka and tonic !


Thanks for your response Shefinn and jdj.  I see the doctor at the hospital again next week so I will see if he wants to increase my meds.  I have been fine with the dosage until the past few weeks.  I'll have to try the tonic water.  Not sure about the gin or vodka though as I am not used to alcohol! 

All the best,