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hi ,i have been asked to have a dat scan taken,but iam so scared of the machine,i no this sounds silly,i think iam going to say no.HAS ANYBODY REFUSED A SCAN,AND FOR WHAT REASON.CAN THE NEURO MAKE YOU.
The nuro can not make you do anything you don't want to do .You have the right to say no.My husband had to have one (nothing to do with PD) and got right into the room then backed out.Nothing would get him near that machine.
Hi ali j

No body can make you have the scan, they can only advice you. I've had a dat scan ali and you don't go right into the machine like you do when having a mri. The snanner is like a washing machine drum with a gap at the top with an open back and front. The machine rotates back and forth, only your head and shoulders are rotated round. During the procedure you're asked to stay very still. You can still see all around you. Hope this makes you feel more at ease.

Hi Alij
I'm claustrophobic and have to have an MRI,that's going to take 1 1/2 hrs. I cannot go into these machines as I know from 17 years ago, when I took 30mg Diazapam.This time however my GP isn't happy for me to take it with PD meds.Luckily; although it means a lot further to travel ,I can have MRI done in an open machine.
As Cutie says the DAT scan is very different, you just have to keep your head very still and the machine passes over you


When I had my DatScan, my husband held my hand the entire time as I suffer from claustrophobia and was panicking. But it is different from the normal scan and you dont go into a tube - the machine moves round your head and not your body.

It is nothing to worry about.

Dear Ali J - I know that you are feeling nervous and frightened about having the dat scan - i had one last September and felt a similar anxiety -how wrong I was to waste so much energy in the weeks running up to the scan as the staff were lovely and put my nerves to rest immediately. The procedure is so simple and all I had to do was have a lie down. The scanner plate moved close to my head but didnt touch me and it just moved slowly around my head. My OH sat in the room with me and said it was the longest he had seen me keep quiet :astonished: Yes it is scary thinking that you will have something radioactive injected into your arm but I found it was much less painful than having a blood test! I was given a protective pill before the injection and another to take home and have the next day. Hope this little explanation helps you to go ahead with the scan - I believe to have my diagnosis well and truly confirmed has helped me to come to terms with things. Take care and best wishes. Sue xx
Hi Ali J
You have said you are scared of the machine. I think you are confusing a DAT scan with an MRI scan. My husband has now had both and the DAT scan is 10 times easier than MRI. My husband was terrified of MRI and I insisted on sitting on the floor in the room with him as it is claustrophobic and noisy. Chris was really stressed about it and that is one of the reasons why when he was initially offered a DAT scan he refused.
The neuro said it was his choice. A couple of months later he changed his mind after someone from the nuclear medicine department phoned me and highlighted the benefits. I went with Chris for his scan in Oct/Nov? and it was a very straightforward procedure. Firstly you have an injection in your arm (I thought it went in the head!..so I got that wrong and that was a relief). The nurse was lovely. After the injection you have to wait three hours before the scan. Chris and I went into town for a cooked breakfast! You then go back and lie on a couch. You do have to try and keep still because (like a normal camera) obviously the less movement there is, the clearer the pictures will be. The machine doesnt touch you and you dont go into a tunnel like the MRI. Chris said it was fine, this time I waited outside as he was happy to go in on his own. When Chris got his pictures back, it clearly showed that he had a lack of dopamine on both sides. Although this was upsetting, it also helped him (and me) to accept the diagnosis of PD. There is no longer any 'oh perhaps they've got it wrong' if he's having a good day.
I hope this helps a bit. You can always say no and then change your mind later as Chris did.
Try not to get too stressed about it.
Carrot :smile:
:smile:thankyou everybody for your replies,iam trying very hard to make my self calm down,ive spoken to a couple of people that have had simaliar reactions ,to what iam going through.i will get there in the end,but time will tell.thanks again.
HI I've had both and neither bothered me but that's the way I am perhaps for some it is not so easy. All I can say is try to just relax as much as possible, close your eyes, you can listen to your own music as well, (MP3 palyer or Ipod)and it will soon be over. take care Carol
Hi Ali
No one can force you.Im sure its not a experience. If you have a fear of enclosed spaces perhaps you could ask neuro for a. my friend who had 3 kidney transplants and who has been through hell was terrified and she had hypnosis which was amazing. try and relax and think of relaxing on a beach with a boozy drink and some good music. try and think of it. just think on the results and how they could help you.you might ask them to do your chest too,and see if they can tell where your pain is coming from.
take care
I had meant to write I'm sure it's not a painful experience:rolling_eyes::flushed:
gosh whats happening words are disappearing. you could ask neuro for a seditive.:confused:
I'm a baby but didn't mind head scan at all. My consultant wanted to check my brain when first diagnosed with PD. Luckily for me it was OK, but not scary.
thanks again for your repiles,but ive had my lung results back to day and its not good ,so it kinda puts this worry of mine back a space,got more important things to concentrate on,but thanks so much for your posts
Hi Ali,
Know you have a tough time ahead,we are all here to help you as much as we can.You will get through this,you are a fighter.
Take care Dot xxx
Hi !
One issue which my wife still reminds me of is the radioactive isotope iodine 123 that you are given. Being iodine it accumulates in the thyroid and so after the scan you need to take some potassium iodide to block the thyroid and prevent radioactive iodine 123 accumulation.

I was told by the local neuro that the Datscan is the closest you get to a definitive test for PD. This view has been echoed by the Queen Square neuros.

This still does not stop my wife worrying that I may have long term effects even though 123 has a 13 hour half life

Take Care!

thanks for that. westby.
hi ali j

you really have been through a lot lately. i just wanted you to know we are all thinking of you.
lots of hugs,kisses and very best wishes
XXXX :smile:XXXX