DBS at Queesns Square London - Could you please advise on after care experience for anyone who may have had DBS here?

not to sure but think bb had hers done there you could try private message

Hi I had DBS at queen's sq and so did 2 friends of mine I can honestly recommend them my surgeon Ludvic Zrinzo I call Mr miracle man as far as I am concerned it's the best hospital in UK and they have the lowest infection rate in the UK as well good luck xx

hi, i also had dbs at queens hospital,performed by dr
Zrinzo. Treatment and aftercare was very good and my results were outstanding. good luck


Here in Hereford we go to Bristol for DBS and some of us have had problems afterwards that despite return visits have not been resolved. Please can you tell us more about the treatment and aftercare that you have had from Queens Square, so we can see if we should be expecting more?

please can you advise me how long after your assessment at Queens Sq did you have your op.
My husband is 63 and has had Parkinsons for 10 years we have our assessment in
2 weeks very nervous any tips would be appreciated. thanks

My assessment took about 2hrs in total I was in hospital for 2 .5 week and over 1year on am doing great hope you both are too and best of luck with it all.

BettyBlue and anyone else who has had DBS. I seem to recall a post in which you (BB that is) said you didn’t live in London, poss Lincs from memory but it begs the question. Is there an assumption or a policy that any PWP who is hoping to have DBS must go to their local area hospital. Can you apply to other regions, its just you hear a lot of good things about Queens and poss Bristol … others may be very good too but I don’t know. My area is Bham where the QE hospital is the centre of all things DBS. After a period of inactivity (so I have been told due to people leaving, illness and competing commitments) their DBS team is once again up and running and I have no information on their outcomes so cannot comment. But if I wanted to go to Queen’s would there be a way of doing that?
Thx Ojalahey



Hi im going dbs assessment in a couple of weeks . I was asses3 before in tbe local hospital came of my meds the nighr before as planned and the next day my tremors were on holiday but they did rear their ugly head later . Im just worried that thus will happen again and the neuro panel will not see the real tremor in real time and om worried

Hi Bettyblue,

I know it is a few years ago now that you posted about DBS. I hope you are still doing well. I am keen to understand if you can request any hospital/consultant, as I would like to see prof Zringo at Queens, but I don’t live in London. Please would you tell me how the system works.
Many thanks

Hi Steph 22,
I had DBS surgery at Queens six weeks ago!
My consultant was Professor Foltynie and my surgeon was Mr Hyam.
I have nothing but praise for them and their teams!
You can request to go to any centre that does DBS, I chose London as they were highly recommended.
It is a long and arduous journey of testing and not everyone is accepted, only 15-20%.
I would suggest looking at the different centres. Compare and research.
If you are prepared to travel, it takes me 3 hours, then go to London.
Good look👍


Thank you for your reply. I hope you are doing well. Would you mind my asking you if dyskinesia was your main reason for having DBS?
I would be happy to travel to London, they have such a good reputation.
All the best

Hi Steph,
I do not suffer from dyskinesia, my reason was tremor. I had a complete right sided tremor, arm, leg and jaw.
I still have some tremors but no where near as bad. It could take up to a year of fine tuning.
If you are prepared to travel go for it.
I cannot recommend the team strongly enough but keep in mind the tests are arduous. That said if it’s what you want you will do it.
The meeting at the end is probably the the worst, it’s the yes or no to whether you are suitable or not.
Luckily I was. I then went into OMG this is real and it’s going to happen.
Please feel free to as me any questions whilst you go through the process and above all Good Luck!


Thank you! I’m at the very early stages of discussing it.
I appreciate your offer of asking questions, I’m sure I will have plenty.
Best wishes


I had a meeting with my PD nurse and a telephone conversation with my neurologist. I’m keeping a diary of symptoms, before he wants to refer me to the team that do DBS. That would be Addenbrooke’s Cambridge which has a reputable name in Neurology, although I can’t find specifics on DBS. I’m still keen and would prefer to go to Queens in London. Did you ask your GP to refer you?.
It’s just the politics and upsetting the local team! But it’s obviously a huge thing for me…

Thank you Steph


I’ve just re read my and your previous posts. I am pleased to say I have an initial appointment with prof Foltynie in 2weeks at Queens. I’m not sure what to expect from the first meeting? I’m imagining an initial assessment of my symptoms & meds then more appointments for further assessment?
Very pleased I persisted in being referred to Queens.
Best wishes