DBS at Queesns Square London - Could you please advise on after care experience for anyone who may have had DBS here?



not to sure but think bb had hers done there you could try private message


Hi I had DBS at queen's sq and so did 2 friends of mine I can honestly recommend them my surgeon Ludvic Zrinzo I call Mr miracle man as far as I am concerned it's the best hospital in UK and they have the lowest infection rate in the UK as well good luck xx


hi, i also had dbs at queens hospital,performed by dr
Zrinzo. Treatment and aftercare was very good and my results were outstanding. good luck



Here in Hereford we go to Bristol for DBS and some of us have had problems afterwards that despite return visits have not been resolved. Please can you tell us more about the treatment and aftercare that you have had from Queens Square, so we can see if we should be expecting more?


please can you advise me how long after your assessment at Queens Sq did you have your op.
My husband is 63 and has had Parkinsons for 10 years we have our assessment in
2 weeks very nervous any tips would be appreciated. thanks


My assessment took about 2hrs in total I was in hospital for 2 .5 week and over 1year on am doing great hope you both are too and best of luck with it all.