Difficulty getting up out of bed

The past few months I have found it impossible to sit or pull myself up to get out of bed. I have started taking 2 Sinemet CR tablets at night,with no effect and during the day I am on Sinemet Plus and Selegiline. I don't have enough strength in my hands to grab hold of a bedrail to pull myself up. My husband has to push me up and I don't like waking hime all the time to help and I am worried that he might be putting a strain on his arms. Does anyoneelse suffer in this way and/or have any advice?
I`m having similar Problems Jem. My arms simply wont cooperate. Apart from a bed lift (bit extreme) I can only think of a motorised bed
Or another big strong hubby. (bit extreme,)
Hi Jem

I have an electric rising bed but also find a rope bed ladder very

useful,they are available from any mobility health stores

worth a try !

HI Jem, I, too have difficulty getting in and out of bed. I now use a'bed leaver', an electric bed raiser and a nylon slide sheet. Be careful with the bed leaver and the rising bed as the leaver can damage the bed. Your supplier will tell you about this.

Despite all the above I still sleep badly and wake in the early hours. It could be better, on the other hand it could be a lot worse!!

Hi everybody.
I have had PD for 10 years and it is only recently that I have had a problem getting in and out of bed or turning over.
Three weeks ago I bought some satin sheets and they have made a fantastic difference.If you don't have them already then I would recommend you give it a try.
Keep smiling.
I often have the same problems with my arms during the night, and this seems to have worsened over the last couple of months, despite it being 9 years since diagnosis.

Luckily the problem isn't so bad with my legs, and I'm able to get myself upright by hooking a heel under the framework of the side of the bed and pulling myself partially upright. I then use the other heel to complete the job.

Sounds complicated but it isn't really.

My husband has the same problem getting out of bed , we are in the process of buying an electric be and chair .
I dont know if you can follow what I am going to say but here goes .
When laying on your if you want to get out on your left side wriggle your legs over as far as possible and then throw your right arm over your body and visa versa .
The same getting into bed or turning over .
Failing that if you have a wife/husband partner WAKE THEM UP LOL
i do get wot u sayin ,i riggle out of bed it a nite mare in the mornin,all stiff like a board.i got the o,c coming back out tome tolook at situation bed wise ,but at the end of the day the beds that are electric,sound the best comphy ones for us pds:smile:
Had a visit from an occupational therapist and she has arranged for my husband to have a rise and recline chair on long time loan .
At least it has given us a chance to try it and see if it helps be.fore we purchase one
How are you all getting on with your bed problems . Have any of you tried an electroc bed yet if so how are you coping with it
Hi Johnnie,

Since my original post, I have bought satin pyjamas which help. I also take Entacapone with my Sinemet which has given me a bit more strength at night. In the morning, I sometimes have to ask my husband to give me a helping hand.
I sort of roll out!!! My back won't bend in the morning. Satin (Well cheap slidey stuff to be honest) pyjamas do help and feel a bit glam which is often a missing aspect to my bed life!!
I'm in the same boat. I just struggle through it. I find a lot of these symptoms can be overcome but I hate te way my day starts!!!
i am in a right old mess have trouble getting out of bed every thing i buy or get are ok at first then no good must have bought about 4 beds in the last few years all i do is moan moan sorry
I've got the same problem, it takes a superhuman effort to sit up in bed, I wake up several times during the night and panic that if I don't sit up then I never will! I find wearing something slippery helps me position myself when I get into bed, but I'm not sure it does a lot to help me get up again. I start off propped up with a mountain of pillows, but of course, slide down while I'm asleep.
hello leogirl,

Sorry to hear you are having problems getting in and out of bed, as said before silk sheets are good just be careful as some people have slid straight out the other side not hurting themselves thank goodness. An electric bed certainly helps a great deal but you will need a bar that comes down from the wall as well as when you turn over it can help you grab something solid, they do come with a slow self retract to the wall position and most of the people I know find that bar most helpful because it was solid.My husband had a hospital bed which can be lowered almost to the floor and then quite high with the head raised which helps but of course they take up a lot of room and are single of course.Some of the electric beds have a massage system in the mattress and a friend of ours found that very helpful, they had two single beds pushed together and she used to be able to adjust herself without waking her husband. Of course the O/T's can may have some other aids to help.
best wishes
Thanks for your reply Vivian. I should have said that my Physio lady is trying to find something to help me. I'll see how I get on and put another post on here if I have any suggestions that may help someone else. I don't want to have to keep waking my husband up, I think I do that enough already although he never complains, bless him.
Jem - I think you make a brilliant job of getting out of bed every morning . Two seconds or over an hour - still the same thing . In fact my research has shown benefits to taking longer to rise . Less time between going back to bed and so not wearing ourselves out so much being the main one
In the morning I have the strength to get out of bed but sometimes struggle because no movement .but when I start moving I don't have to wait then for the strength also as this is not effected . On. The other hand an anvil is very strong but can't get out of bed for lack of movement (not to be tried at home) .the physics would suggest otherywise but in my experience at least - this is not the case though I realise peoples different viewpoints .I just think the language we use is vital and if we say we have not the streng when really it is movement - over a period of years this will undtermine the bodies abilities to cope
We are in the same boat . Bought a rise and recline chair but it is most uncomfortable . The mechanics are fine but the base of seat are metal without any spring . . Not got around to a bed as yet . Have bought two new ordinary beds and got it wrong . Afraid we will do the same with an adjustable bed .

I think a bed that lifts and lowers wil be the most helpful because he is having difficluty lifting himslef onto the bed in the first place .

At the same time I am trying to be careful when helping him . The retractable arm sounds like a good idea . If you use the monkey ladder how do you manage to keep reach of the handles . Would it work on a kingsize bed

All ideas gratefullt received