Disabled badge

Hi I havnt been on the Forum for a long time but Ive been diagnosed 6 years and I wondered if anyone could let me know their experience of applying for a disabled badge.

I have submitted a form and I now have an appointment fir an assessment.

I do walk, sometimes quite a distance but sometimes its a struggle. Also, I need to open the car door wide to get out.

Im not sure I will be eligible for the badge.

Can anyone share their experiences please.

From what you have said there are two points to consider.

  1. It is important to stress that most of the time it is a struggle to walk any distance and so at the supermarket it is important to park as close to the shop as possible.

  2. The disabled parking bays have extra width and you always need that width to open the car door fully to enable you to get out safely.

Hope this helps and good luck with your assessment.

I got a Blue Badge very easily by filling in the form on my council’s website and uploading my diagnosis letter, which described how I couldn’t walk without assistance.

The badge is very useful, especially for hospital visits, and I can see why they are careful to check eligibility.

Written evidence from a doctor would be a good thing to take to the assessment.

Thank you.

Good morning Margs … I have just started the process of requesting a blue badge.
I have been told that it takes 3 months plus as there is a backlog.

I too can walk a bit. But how far I never know till I try & of course there are “bad days”
& “worse days”.

I have been advised that it important to keep walking. I find walking quite uncomfortable but not impossible. I find a walk exhausts me & have decided
I will walk last thing & that will help me sleep, which some times is difficult.

I always have my groceries delivered but the other day I did go to the supermarket
& I found the whole process difficult & will not do it again.

Online is says that a sign of Parkinson’s is “depression & anxiety” … I’m going to give that a big LOL … of course anyone with Parkinson’s is going to be blankety blank depressed. [I was tempted to use an F word there, but didn’t].

Good luck Margs.

Thanks for replying.

I have my assessment at the end of September so fingers crossed.

Depression and anxiety is made worse by the NHS sysfem. I was due for my 6 monthly check up with my Consultant next week but it has been cancelled as he is unwell. They have given me another appointment for July next year. Which will then be 17 months after my last appointment in February. Luckily Ive managed to get an appointment with my Parkinson’s nurse who I havnt seen since before covid.

Good luck to you with your application for a disabled badge. One of my reasons is so that I can open the car door wider to get out of the car as disabled spaces are not only closer but have wider spaces.