Funny how when you are not on here.
No one notices or I may be wrong.
I Was on forum nearly every day.
I am in hospital after emergency operation on my back.
I do not want to be like many people on here I know this statement will anger some of you.


I most probably was too but hopefully no more sometimes you just want a chat.

As my late Dad says ITS GOOD TO TALK or asWe would say in SCOTLAND HAVE À GOOD BLETHER.




Hope everything went well Babs x Keith did mention your op on the music thread.


Hi Babswood - we had noticed you had disappeared and that your back gave up on you, we all missed you, but obviously we were not in contact with you because we didn’t know how bad you were after your op, and indeed whether you were able to log into the forum. But hey presto! here you are , coping quite well I hope, lovely to hear from you even if it was to give us all a telling off! Which we will accept under the circumstances Lol. I bet you’ve been giving the nurses some grief as well! :hugs::hugs:

Take care - thinking about you - Sheila


Thanks Sheila I do think we are all guilty of not thinking of others.
Eg last month Keith had a horrific attack and did anyone notice he was not about. Sorry Keith if you are angry for mentioning this
I was not in any way doing this for myself…
I wantèď to raise our awareness of being selfish and always thinking Poor me.


Hi babeswood, I don’t think that as I said no one knows how bad things are so don’t want to interfere, I actually sent a private message to Keith and his wife, but didn’t get a reply, so thought I’d keep quiet until Keith felt well enough to be back on the forum, but I know what you mean as well because some people are like that.

How long are you in hospital for? - Sheila


On the Favourite Song Topic in the Social Club it was mentioned about you going and having an operation on your back so you’re not forgotten Babs. Not all of us are self obsessed prima donnas blowing our own trumpet about our condition. Yes, you were missed but none of us knew what to write or where but you have shown us and now we can gather round and wish you a full recovery. Take it easy Babs and take good care of yourself, we’re here when you want us.



Hi Sheila I don’t mean you but surely you must agree some do only think of nos 1 I think it’s best closed now as it’s gone all wrong what I was trying to do.

Anyway don’t know how long will be in for.I mustsbe getting better eh. Being on here causing trouble.



Thanks my friend.


No offence taken babs, I don’t get offended, just you concentrate on getting well and having a good holiday my friend, you have been so long waiting for :heart_eyes:

Sheila xx


Cheers pal x


Hi Babs
Please dont be upset or angry with babs
She is my friend first and foremost,
We have all had days where we say things in the heat of the moment
God i know i have
We have been messaging each other to keep her up to date
And being in hospital isnt great as we all know

Babs You have NOTHING to apologise for


Babs, being a relative newby on here I am still learning but I am genuine and if someone asks for advice or help I will do my best to give it. What ever has gone on in the past should remain there, life is too short to hold grudges. Live for to-day and be of positive attitude. All the best to you Babs.



Thank you Les
giving her surport now will make her feel better
our meds can make us feel isolated sometimes
ive said things without fully thinking
and regreted them


My wife tells me that I should try to be a bit more selfish now and that I’ll damage myself if I keep trying to help others at the rate I have done in the past.
It’s not really in my nature to sit back and be taken care of.
I’m pretty new to all this but I think that I have made some friends already.
I think a forum meeting in Spain in the sun might be a possibility one day.
How nice if we could get it funded.
I worry about all of you and the way Parkinson’s is going to affect your lives and relationships.
I’m not ultra religious but I have faith in the power of togetherness and I do have words with my main man/woman to keep a watch over all of you.
Love and friendship.


In the end , Only we really know how we feel and understand the difficulties in us and in others that this condition can cause
Its what ties us / bonds us together
The meds help with the syptoms of the body
But by letting us say on here our thoughts and fears helps keep my head straight
I have spoken to others on here about things i havent and cant tell my wife because its easier to share with others like me / like us, , no one is held to blame , we all have our faults
i have been selfish , moody , and sometimes damn near impossible to to live with since diagnosed
its been hard enough for my wife and kids as it is now , as it is with everyone on here with those who care , people do and will continue to say things that may upset others but if its how we think at the time dont you think this is the best place to do it, ,
Sometimes when things are said its like a kick in the ass and makes us think about others
Im just as quilty as everyone else
believe me im no angel there are times when i only think about myself , who else will admit to that ?
but when i see sense i realise what a waste thats been , BUT it will happen again when days dont work out as id hoped
Talking to others of how i feel is extremeley difficult for me , but here its diffrent , everyone understands
SORRY if ive drumbed on a bit
I think to be a friend , YOU take the GOOD and the BAD and with ALL the FAULTS too

Hope this makes some kind of sense and reason
your friend


That made more sense to me than you can imagine.


Thanks H
I was thinking alot last night about what babs said
i have been in her shoes ( not liturally ) apologise for awful spelling
she messaged me (sorry babs if your reading) that she was afraid had upset the apple cart
and asked me not to be mad at her
how could i be , she has been the one who has helped me the MOST told me off too
made me realise the truth hurts
but seeing the replies she recieved makes me even more sure that understanding fixes all misunderstandings


been in touch with TOMMY T1
he says hi to all but ( his words ) being a stubburn jock he had to leave
i do keep him up to date with everyone
any messages you want passed on
let me know , i will copy and paste them in an email to him


Hi Tommy hows it gaun you oot the night fur a swally.Hope you keeping well.
You are missed on here



Hi Babswood,
Yes it is a bit discouraging when zero replies are forthcoming.
I posted that shown below on Creative Corner (March) zero response. Another brief posting in April, again zero response. Hey Ho.
Hope you are recovering after your back op.

Endorse what Babs and Sheila say.
Real problems using keyboard. Practicing SIRI but not good.
Hope it’s temporary.
Love u all