Dla to pip

Well the time as come .Ive never had a face to face interview on any of my benefits esa or dla I will keep you all informed so we will see at moment high mobility & middle care .Had pd 11 yrs dbs glaucoma h bp two crumbling disc lower lumbar pain early signs arthritis nerve pain 43 tablets a day so let’s see !.

Hope the assessment goes well for you Gus, they aren’t as bad as you think.

All the best and let us know how you get on!


All the best Gus.

Cheers will keep you all informed

Did you have to have assessment face to face also did pdsw fill forms in for you.Any tips

Where’s all the old crowd gone goldengirl.sea angler .fed

Well phoned this morning so I’ve set the ball rolling. Just got to wait for forms now.

Hi Gus

Hope all has went well for you.

Yeah not too bad pdsw fill forms in when they come .Just waiting should be here this week.they text you now it’s great

Good luck Gus…you deserve it.
I have found the new forum very hard to use…
My husband has deteriorated very rapidly and has been in hospital for nearly 6 months.
We have been told he has to go into a nursing home as he can’t be looked after with a care package at home…his PD problems are complex and untreatable.
We are all heartbroken…we have been together for 56 years.
Now struggling to get CHC funded care and cope with being apart.
I have had so much support from the old forum and wish you all many years of good health.
I send you all my love.

Hi there so sorry to hear about your husband
I was Glasgow Girl on the old forum.
Yes it was so much easier to use. I don’t know how many posts I have keyed only to see it dissapear.

Thinking of you and hoping you get things sorted. Which I know won’t be easy.

Barbara x x x

How do I reply to this thread I’m so sorry to hear this now my love goes out to you.And yes I agree with you this website is so complicated people on here have pd so why make site so much harder don’t even know where private message is on here .go on this site once a month now as can’t be dealing with the hassle your old school that love goes out to you. Pd is such a horrible disease just takes bits out of you and can’t do anything about it. Gus the fight goes on my on times are getting shorter every day

Thank you Babswood and Gus…for your kind words.
.I will try to keep using the forum and let you know how things go…finding every day a struggle at the moment…

Well just let you know my pip forms came through post this morning so they didn’t take long and was right on the button with text message. My pdsw fill forms out with me on the 23rd said it will take about 1.5 hrs so all going pretty stress free at mo will keep you all informed cheers gus2371. Is BB about just wondering how she’s doing with her dbs

Good luck Gu§


Well glad that’s over pdsw came and filled pip forms in. So there go registered post tomorrow.love the free evenlope they supply ,You couldn’t fit a kit Kat in let alone extra evidence to support you claim. So let’s wait and see what happens

Hi goldengirl, I am so sorry to hear that hubby is now confined to hospital. There is not much anyone can say to console you at this time, after being together for all that time and caring for him, you must feel so lost. All I can say is find the strength back you have had all the time he was still at home and keep visiting him in hospital, as I’m sure he still needs your support and you need him to be there for you. Be brave and keep posting in case you need to find comfort from the forum at any time, we will be here to support you and talk to you about anything. So take care, you have had so much to cope with and if we can help support you in any way we will


Nice words sheffy

Hi Sheffy and Gus
Your kind words are a great comfort.
Life is pretty awful…things have changed so much in the last 6 months.
My husband has gone from driving, shopping, cooking ,playing bowls, socialising…to being unable to walk or stand, hallucinating, constant urine infections,confused.
We have found a lovely nursing home nearer home and are hoping he can move at the weekend.
We are fighting to get funding…yet another nightmare…
At the moment he is in hospital with an infection of unknown origin having tests.
After 56 years together it is so hard to accept and we are heartbroken.
The forum is so hard to use with all the symbols etc but I will try to keep in touch.
Love and thanks for being there

Hi goldengirl, you are welcome, all we can do is wait when you are ready to feel able to need to contact anyone on here. Parkinsons is a terrible disease and all that comes with it as you know and is so debilitating when it slowly comes to an end. I wish you all the strength you have to guide you on.

sheffy xx