I have had the mobility component of DLA for about 8 years because of my dodgy heart

I feel I should be entitled to the care component now. But I am scared to apply

I was a welfare rights officer before I retired 11 years ago ,I was lucky to get early retirement 

this government has me in a rage and things have changed so much.

8 years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about applying but I now have lost confidence 

Hi gcy. I take it you have Parkinson's as well?  Yes, applying for DLA is a rather laborious process but don't let it put you off if you think you're entitled to it. Might be worth discussing it with your local information and support worker.  And, of course, there is always the Parkinson's UK helpline. Good luck!

Laborious is one way of putting it , i have been waiting for a form to be sent to me for 6 weeks apparently DWP  have to confirm my identity  by me taking identification to a local job centre  trouble is i cant take the id till i get the letter that i have been waiting 6 weeks for  no one seems to know why it has not been sent i now have to wait a further 5 days for someone to call me back to try resolve it no doubt i will not get the call back

Hi gcy.

You can't apply for the DLA Care Component now, because PIP is being phased in from 10th June, so any new claim from that date has to be a claim for PIP, even though you are already receiving DLA Mobility.


Hope this helps!

Kathy  smile

I am over 65 Kathy I thought it wasn't changing for us oldies

Hi gcy.

Sorry -  I didn't realise you were over 65. Your post says that you took early retirement but it doesn't say how old you are!  And yes, you're right about DLA not changing for people aged 65 and over, as long as they had entitlement to it as at 10th June 2013. I'm not sure how it works re claiming a new component now though.....the website that I gave you before should have some information about that, or if not, the DLA helpline will be able to help you.  Tel. 0845 712 3456. 

I work for DWP but I don't actually work for DLA / PIP  -  I actually work for the Pension Service but I have a  small amount of knowledge of other benefits, that I've picked up over the years!  smile

I am still  receiving Incapacity All.  Disability Mobility and Care All. at higher level. My health has deteriorated since these were awarded as indefinite,however things change !!!   in early August I received THE DREADED ESA booklet to fill in,as I ( and many others ) asked for help filing in the booklet --- It  was to be returned before Sept 8th ,It was returned by the PD Welfare  helper  22nd of August ,it is now 21 Oct and I havent had any response is this how it goes, as the booklet was enough but the waiting is really worrying me I cannot do with all this.Iam sure loads of you have been or are in my situation .



Hi Soop....I hope that I might be able to open up a ray of sunshine...but only a decision will bring the sun out.

I too was worried about the dreaded ESA...I was on Incapacity Benefit for a good few years...then the change over...like you I had to wait and wait...the ray of sunshine is ...if it has taken so long and you have not been called before an assessor....they may have enough information to make a decision...they just need a decision maker to get round to look at your case....depending on where you live you may be unlucky enough to find yourself in a backlog of claims.

Hope you get your answer soon.



Thanks lighthousepoet (nice name) I was pleased to hear something hopeful, I will keep waiting but but will not worry about it as I am in limbo I will let you know when I get a decision question mark

Well I may have scuppered my chances of getting PIP.....In an impulsive fit of rage at my treatment from the NHS I reported myself to the DWP on the suspicion of fraudulently claiming for ESA and making a fraudlulent claim for PIP....on the basis of the geriatrician's belief that I did not have Parkinson's....or Parkinsonism. Therefore he must have concluded that I was making it or faking it......which was a strange conclusion for him to make...since in my hospital records he should have read the psychiatrists report.

It will be interesting to see what actions  the DWP  take if any......either way it might bring into question whatever evidence he submits when they ask him to do so......and if they make a decision based his flawed opinion....it gives me enough evidence to support an appeal.
What man in his right mind would submit himself as a fraudulent claimant of benefit....especially when there is ample documented evidence  to the contrary.


That's the kind of stuff my tormented mind has had to put with over the past 16 weeks or so.....and sadly my wife has had to bear the brunt of it.


Great news that Atos. Managed to find a cure for parky. 

imagine the millions nay billions that could have been saved if only they had checked with accountants instead of those silly doctors



Is tongue in cheek a parky symptom ??

ATOS have also cured me!!!! after being medically retired from the NHS (two reports from fully qualified Occupational Health Consultants)  I am in the WRAG group and will be fine to return to work in 18 months. The daft thing is I only qualify for NI credits. I know I am being cynical but it is just a paper exercise to reduce the figures of people going into the non work group.  i am still awaiting my appeal.

Well good news????? received a phone call from DWP I am going on ESA AT A HIGHER !! rate than my incapacity hey that sound ok BUT  next OH went to the bank and his ESA had not gone in(yes we both have problems) he phoned DWP and they said as my payment was increasing they were reviewing his claim.Ok I accept they need to keep a check on things ,but hey could they not inform us first we have had nothing in writing yet no wonder I shake rattle and role confused


   In August this year,I decided after Two years on DLA(lower rate,care component)to re-apply due to an added diagnosis and worsening of PD.

   When I phoned them in August I was told that any decision would be made under the old DLA criteria.The change to PIP only happening in a year or so's time in my case.I have had correspondence since to say my claim is still being dealt with.

    I live in hope,as I know of somebody who applied under similar circumstances a few weeks after myself who has been turned down.At least mine is still being considered.

      My understanding is that apart from a small number of designated test areas for early introduction of PIP,those on long term DLA before a certain date,will not be reassessed for PIP for another year or so.It is also common knowledge that a right"pigs ear"has been made of the early test area stage introduction.Leaving the DWP with a mess to sort out,with a resulting huge backlog.

       Will I be back on here bemoaning my lot soon,probably.I have little faith in it all.

                                          Take care



I think the plan is to make the disabled members of the community worry or starve themselves to death in panic, or freeze themselves to oblivion this winter thereby saving millions which can then be gifted to the wealthiest in the form of tax cuts,allegedly though I may be mistaken, at least they cant close the pits, there all gone soon to be followed by the remains of our ship building capability,community ,what community.or am I being too cruel.                        Fed

To all Tv producers. Looking for inspiration

Here is an idea for fantastic daytime tv

lets get the top execs of Atos in to explain their miracle cures to the now redundant top execs of various charities and PhDs  involved in research. O 

has to be better than that orange coloured idiot prancing. about 


    Just a personal update really.Finally received back pay and increased DLA yesterday.I was on low rate care component of £21 a wk.I have now had low rate Mobility component added now of £21 a week.

     It took ages to come through.It seems to me that if you are going to be refused when applying for a higher rate,or increased rate.Then it will be decided quickly,within a few weeks.For anybody waiting ages like myself,then you have hope.

                                    All the best


i have had pd for 8 yrs and also lower lumber back problems,also nerve pain,im on 34 tablets aday finish work last  xmas. but have been on high rate mobilty,middle care for 4 yrs i got my pd support worker to fill forms in.and i have just been put in support group esa.atos said i did not need asscesment.not all bad !have dbs aswell tho

Mmmm there is hope for me yet then , i started a PIP claim on 4th  September ,i was offered a appointment in Coventry which is nearly a two hour journey on public transport , my more than a little sarcastic reply to that offer was ' if i can travel to Coventry then i should not be claiming PIP '  Capita then ever so  kindly informed me that they will come to visit me at home , now lets not get to excited they have no available appointments and they will write to me when they have some available which wont be till 2014 !!!!!

Yes thats right  they do visit at home,when they give you a date,try and get your pd support worker to attend,and when they question you tell them your  worse day all the time.and you will be alright.have a look at the esa50 form on the net.this will give you an ideal.good luck. remember your worse day.ie need help to get up stairs,help to cut up food.list of all meds/ side affects of tablets etc