Do we need a dark humour thread?

Perhaps someone should set up a Dark Humour thread somewhere with an R50 rating and a mental health warning? Would that be ok Ezinda?
:flushed: Sorry :flushed:

I second that, Turnip,or would we create a monster? Some of us have
an "unusual" grasp of what constitutes "humour".

But then , sometimes ya gotta just laugh or you'd cry.
Hi turnip and Tootsie,
I moved these messages over here because it seemed they were starting a new conversation. I hope this is okay.

I know that we have some stars of dark humour here in this community and some find it quite a release. As long as it follows the rules and guidelines, I don't see any reason why forum members should not be able to start such a dark humour thread. It might also allow us to discuss serious topics seriously and corral the jokes to one corner.

You could possibly start a thread in the Social Club section.

Can anyone see a reason why this would be a good or bad idea?

Dark or gallows humour arises from a difficult situation and is a way of coping with it. If you separate the humour from the situation then it risks turning nasty and leaves all the difficulties of coping with any situation with nothing to leaven it.
Start a jokes thread, fine, but there must still be a place for gallows humour anywhere in the forum.
i love humour and alaugh,and i would say yes to the humour dark side thread,as long as it does not get out of control,it a difficult one really ,dunna wont to affend some members in any way ,but i guess we can say that about any thread really:smile:
I find the whole idea of compartmentalising humour of any kind completely counterintuitive: here is a box to be funny in, no matter how black, simply doesn't work for me. None of us is perfect, but to me that seems one regimentation too far.

I agree that humour pops up where it is needed. It is generally needed when we are coping with hell.
Can you feel the force Ezinda-wan-Kenobi? :fearful:

Come over to the dark side!! :imp: :laughing: :wink:

Darth Poker :fearful:
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You would make a great Jabba the Mutt or maybe Chewtobacco! :fearful:
Dark humor can be funny when its general and non specific. However dark humor ceases to be humorous when it becomes personal.
can't possibly coment until i know what an R50 rating is!:stuck_out_tongue:lol
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lol @ R50

I suppose at least R50 is more practical than 'parental advisory (85)'

R50 is like a normal '50' rating but only able to be sold in saga shops

R50 is the rating where the actors REALLY take their teeth out

Darth Fowl
(dark lord of the pith)
saga s*x shops -

inflatable felicity kendals

surgical support stockings and suspender sets

vibrating zimmer frames

so much to look forward to
Some would say that PD is not a suitable subject for humour. Others think it helps
to take the sting out of a disability by being able to laugh at it. You can't please everybody.
I think there are two key principles that apply to dark humour and in fact to pretty much anything posted here

1. it needs to be in the right place and signposted.
2. if it has no positive intent it should not be posted

so I think a dark humour thread is ok as long as its not abusive.

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Love it!
I hope i finish like that.....!!!

R50 rating - it's a bulb/