Drawing and painting

This might sound a silly thing to ask but are there any people here who draw or paint that found a way to keep doing it despite the tremor? I used to do it a lot but I like doing realistic, detailed stuff and I dont know how I can adjust with my hands shaking! I would like to get back into it but im a perfectionist and dont know if ill be able to be happy with whatever I do if ive been shaking! Any tips?

Hello Suzyn

Not a silly thing at all. i remember a similar thread on golf. I'm no artist, but I think arts work of all types has the advantage over sport here. The point of sport is to win,  and Pd is probably not going to help you there. But the point of art is to express yourself. And you is you with your PD. So whatever you produce, shaking and all, that's your art. It's unlikely to be a photographic reproduction, it might display less executant skill than a Tracey Emin. But it is your practice and you can own it.

I look forward to your first exhibition.

Best wishes


Thank you, I would like to be able to paint in a different, more 'hap-hazard' style but its just not how I do things, I only like to do neat, detailed work! And Im not an artist per se, I only like copying, Ive never been good at just coming up with something in my head and transferring that to paper. I ordered some new paints tonight (my old ones are all dried up!) so Ill just see what happens when I give it a go and see what happens I guess, its gonna be hard for me though!


Don't give up on your painting. Use this opportunity to express yourself through your art. It may not be as perfect as you would wish but it will be something you have created.

I have recently started painting, which is something I had never done, I have noticed my creativty has escalated since diagnosis and I love creating new things.

Good luck.


I don't paint much, but I love doing all kinds of work with textiles and thread. I work slowly, but with a good amateur standard of stitching. I'll be sitting at the table with my hand jiggling away, then when I pick the work up,my hands relax and and I can get the effects I want. At the moment I am doing some drawn thread work, which requires controlled neat stitching. I'm slow, I need frequent breaks, but I can do it and enjoy it.

Best of luck.

hello Suzynola,

a suggestion - try to work in a completeky different way, for instance get a palette knife and work with that.

Allow yourself to randomly just make 'marks' on the paper.

Have a go at this without trying to copy something.  

Maybe look out into a garden and allow yourself to messily make marks.

Even 'believing' that you could make art in a very different way may help.

I have just bought a set of 12 coloured felt tip pens - they are called Shapie - not sure yet what I will do, but they are by my bed with an old drawing pad and when the time is right I will make marks.

Maybe between us all we will come up with new ways of tapping into our creativity

wishing you happy times with your painting





Ok thank you very much everyone :-) good luck to all of you with your creativity too! X


            Hello and good morning Suzy, the avatar is my pathetic attempt to create a image of the A400M ATLAS  using photo shop and another photocreativity AAP,  CAN DO BETTER??? me thinks, I love to draw paint or sculpt things, the sculptures are only made from organic materials, rocks pepples sea washed branches from trees,I wonder how long they have been in the sea before I get my hands on them, I said  I love  to do the above it should read loved, as I cant walk on the sand now it cripples me especially the return trip which involves climbing steep dunes, I love that word,,"DUUUUNNES", sorry ,it sounds nice so its some years sin my  beloved and I walked along the sands, " and the boy took her hand, she was 31 and I was 17, I knew nothing about love, she knew everything, and as I sat beside her on that front porch swing I wondered what the coming night would bring,, those words mean so much to me apart from the age, I was 31 and my Lady  36 the beach was at Alnmouth in Northumbeland at 9 30 on a lovely warm early August night , we had only been together 2 or 3 months and you dont need me to elaborate or describe the beauty of those moments fondly remembered,oh I do ramble on , as I was saying,my drawings are now created using a unusual method, as I can no longer draw or paint,to  high standards  parky always activates dyskinesia when I am trying to do something I enjoy, so I thought   ,ok,, I will use the dyski to create first I ceate a image in my head  then using a pencil or pencils of different grades , or  pens or pastels or felt tips or charcoal or chalk, anything that will produce a image, I simply rapidly scribble as fast as I can across the page, only rotating the page when I think I need to,, I continue constantly turning the page as and when I  see the image forming, the results are to me anyway amazing, the last  one I did was of  tractor ploughing, try it its a bit eeerie how the image forms up, I  will do a few and post them as avatars you will probably think they are rubbish, as my  beloved did and binned 12 of my best ones.

                  LUNCH NOW,  ps  credit will be given to anyone who can name that tune above, clue

                       wink       2ND CLUE     RED CHEVROLET           Kindest Regards    FED






That tune?   ".............the first time" by Bobby Goldsborough 

yes  well you dont hang around  Het  I award 10 points to you for that rapid reply I will test you again

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                        Try these Het,and anyone else of course




        Hello Suzy, read my post on this thread , I have found a new way to sketch.




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                                NOW I AM AWAITING YOUR RESPONSE    FED


Er, how about:

1 Blackbird, Beatles?

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      Good morning Semele, you have 2 correct and one wrong my friend. an as you have responded I will give you a clue as to which ones are right,  number7 is wrong will also give you a additional clue adsbout 7, this was the first big hit by  one of my favourite bands of the mid sixties, , if I say they were small and had faces would that jog your memory, you dont see that very often,  "memories jogging" , I am going to move this post to the social and creative  section as it has gone of subject, sorry Suzy, so look  there if you wish to pursuethe subject Semele.

                                      Thanks again for responding,  Fedexcool


             I HAVED moved this to the creative section and there are slight changes


Oh dear...sorry Fedexlike my answer was a fluke, dont know the others.


           Well you replied Het, and I thank you for that, but no other interest, have I offended.

                                              Regards  FED

Hi fedexlike

Please get yourself a folder and date your art work and file them safely - 

May I suggest they are not for the bin!  

I so like what you are doing and wish there was a way we could share and see some of them.  

So - please get that folder and find a way of sharing

All the best



please read my response to your description of your art work - just written it on another thread

ssorry fairly new at this


Sorry Fed, ive not been on here for a few days, I was doing quite well so Ive been out and about! Got paralysed legs now though grr, well it couldnt keep going well forever! Im rubbish at working out songs from lyrics, I wouldnt have a clue! That sounds like an interesting drawing method you have, thats upsetting to hear some of your creations were thrown away! Its a shame we cant post pictures on here, it would be nice to share photos with each other