Hi, this post is to find some information for my husband who has been diagonised of PD and had to take a driving test. When he informed DVLA of his condition, he was asked to take a driving test. This was conducted by DSA and was done at a driving test centre. His licence was eventually revoked. He is on Ropinerole 24mg currently, works full time and does drive well. He took a lesson with an ADI on the morning of the test and he confirmed his driving is fine. My husband found the examiner not very professional, and was annoyed at the way she carried out the test. He did not commit any major faults but there were many minors. I am trying to find out if anybody else has taken a similar test on informing dvla about your medical condition? I am surpriced most people have taken a medical assessment at a mobility centre. We are trying to find out the best way to get back his licence any advice will be appreciated. lanna

Hello and welcome Ianna. Have you downloaded the free booklet, Parkinson's and Driving? This gives advice on how to appeal against a decision.

Good luck!

Hi Ianna,

You can find the booklet that Christo mentioned here: http://bit.ly/168XTAw

Thanks, Ezinda

Welcome to the forum. Judging only by the number of people who post their experiences here it would appear that driving tests are relatively rare (I'm sure I'll be corrected if that is wrong). Most of us seem to get licence renewals based on neurologist or GP advice to DVLA.
I think a lot of experienced drivers would get a rude surprise if they were subjected to a driving test - nothing to do with Parkinson's
I hope you appeal and I wish you success
Let us know how you get on

Elegant Fowl
My husband had to take a driving test at a mobility centre last year and the instructor couldn't understand why he had been sent. Anyway to cut a long story short after three months he was awarded a 12mth licence and we are now going through the process of applying for another. His licence ran out today but the DVLA have sent a letter to confirm that he has applied and is waiting for a decision from them so he can still drive. We are hoping that he will be awarded a three year one this time as the stress doesn't help much. They do take a long time we have been waiting 15 weeks now and have been told it could be another 4-6 weeks so don't hope to get it all finalised quick :) but on the other hand we have found them to be very helpful when we ring them. Hope you do get a satisfactory conclusion in the end.

Good Morning lanna

I gave up my licence 6yrs ago ,I wish I hadnt its a real pain when you try to retreive it , after months of paperwork toing and froing  I was finally assessed , it is in two parts one to test mental agility memory etc then the driving bit, I was full of confidence having driven HGVs  45 ton excavators  40  to 50 ton dumptrucks I thought  I would walk it, fat chance, I failed miserably the two people who carried out the assessment were not  very encouraging in fact I sensed a touch of  impatience wh ich made me nervous this inturn activated the dreaded Dysky ,so I failed miserably,I wont go for it again as I discovered things such as a vast deteriation in my driving abilities I would be a hazard on the road. So prepare your self as best you can as the assessment is  not easy, and good luck.

                                               Kindest Regards   fedex


Just a quick observation. Passing a test can give you a false sense of security. Because PD is a progressive disease and varies day to day even if the DVLA say its fine you have to make the decision whether you are ok today to drive. I gave up driving because I couldn't honestly say yes to the following question: would I be comfortable driving with my young niece and nephew in the car? Therefore its not fair to risk other people's young children

dr jonny


HI Ianna


I informed DVLA when I was told I had the early stages of PD, I had to send my driving licence to them, they returned it to me and they had only given me a three year one. This I can understand as PD can progress so quickly in some people and not in others, and I think I will automatically know myself when that time comes for me.



When my neurologist told me i had PD he told me i had to inform DVLA  he also said he would recommend no restrictions on my driving at the moment but would expect a review every three years , i am still awaiting for the final decision from DVLA  as they have wrote to the neurologist for his medical opinion  but i was told by DVLA there are no restrictions on my driving whilst a decision is being made,but i do agree with dr johnny   we are the best judge of how we are feeling and we know ourselves if we are able to drive safely or not as pd changes from day to day even hour to hour .

I gave up driving voluntarily because I didn't want to kill my wife or any other member of the public.

I live near a doctors surgery and accidents are frequent. This made me realise, you think your OK, but are you really?

Those who cause the accidents very rarely report them, porbably because they are not fit to drive, but refuse to give it up. If they report them, the insurance might question their ability. Hence we get asked frequently if we saw who did it. We never do. Our own cars have been damaged several times over the years.

When I asked my consultant he also advised giving up is the right thing to do. Even on the bottle of Madopar it says caution driving may be impaired.

Yes it is awkward at times, but so is running someones child or elderly relative over, because reactions are slower. I would not like to live with that on my conscience. 

I see the D/L regs have changed yet again in Jan 3013. I am on a 3yr restricted licence ( my 3rd one) the restrictions are the same as those applied to a 70yr old. they appear to totaly ignore the medical condition.(does the medical profession have any input?)

example of my licence: I have  class A  Motorcycle ? yes I have parkinsons and a tremor am I really suitable to ride a machine that will do 0 to 100mph in about 10 sec and continue on to over 150mph? it would appear I am licenced to.?

I drive a campervan (van conversion) weight 3300K my licence is B+E so i am ok to 3500kilo, however if I buy the same van with an uprated chasey of over 3500 kilo, to alow me to carry more weight, same engine and performance i cannot drive it. howeveer If i uprate the engine to increase acceleration and speed, no problem i can still drive it.   As I have B+E on my licence it means I can tow (within some minor restrictions) a large twin wheeled caravan behind my campervan total weight way over 3500K  which is safer my van with an upgraded suspension or a speed machine with a large caravan in tow?  cart before horse comes to mind. I hope we all have the sense to apply our own restrictions and hand in our licenses (as my wife did) if we feel we are becoming a danger.  As an ex police officer I doubt it   

Check your licence and ensure it covers you, it varies as to when you passed your test .

Vince Colwyn Bay


I am still waiting for DVLA decision on my licence , they are apparantly waiting for a response from my consultant , it's only been  13 weeks confused

Hello ianna

               I failed miserably and was shocked at how incompetent I had become the very simple test was beyond my capabilities, and this morning I received a letter from DVLA informing me that they would not consider me for a re application unless I could show  a significant improvement in my heath.

               I   will not be re applying.          Regards  Fed

I lost mine Fed. There are days I miss it. I just wish the trains round here weren't so crowded so I could bl**dy well sit down.

I get very nervous when I hear these stories of people having their license taken away and poor assessments. I have just sent my health questionnaire back to DVLA so the wait has started for me!! At least on the letter my neurologist sent to my doctor it said I was ok to drive but not started my meds yet and like others have said, if I do not feel safe driving my son, I will stop myself.

Cheers Dave 

Hello Shelly, the department for sorting applications of all classes of disability is located on one of Jupiters moons and the sorting is carried out by mice, then theres the transporting to and from the moon of Jupiter a trip of 3yrs each way, and thats travelling at  67.2 miles per second, then the sorted forms have to survive re- entry,, need I SAY MORE  paper+ 5000 degrees temperatures !

                                                              Have a great christmas Shel


ha ha fed that made me laugh, finally got the obligatory 3 year licence back a few days ago ,

Merry Christmas Fed

Good for you Shel

I am pleased for you Shelly  enjoy your motoring I envy you I unfortunately will not retrieve my Licence as my driving skills have gone AWOL they  are dead ,no longer availble they have shuffled off this mortal coil they are a dead PARROT, sorry memory banks wiring is frayed and shorting.

                              Best Wishes           Fed

The only thing I drive now is my wife barmy. Some days I miss the car, but they are getting fewer as parking gets crazier.

I used to be the most enthusiastic of petrol heads, and loved driving ,washing and polishing was my favourite pass time, now only my wife drives and our little Yaris has developed a multitude of scrapes and dents, the street lamp that has stood steadfast against all nature and man or beast outside our home since 1937 is now resembling a smaller version of the  Learning tar of pleeesir, after beloved gave it a resounding sideways  thump resulting in £520 s worth of damage , since then I have no interest in the vehicle or any car, my interest has gone along with many other aspects of my life robbed by parky, never mind as long as she comes home after every trip thats all that really matters.

                 Best wishes Orpheus for the coming year.

                                                            Fedeye roll