My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's 18 years ago - although Oral medicine has managed her condition during this period it has now begun to be less effective - this week 15/09/16 she went into hospital for a couple of days to be assessed as to wether she would be suitable to go on DuoDopa - after tests the neurology team decided that she would be and she is scheduled to have the procedure carried out this coming December - we would be interested to hear from others that may have gone onto the DuoDopa pump - she is unable to have DBS as her short term memory is not that good

.hi Taco 

i have just been turned down for DBS and the doctor has recommended DuaDopa but I can't

find much about this topic and how the procedure is done..


I shall be very grateful if you and your wife will keep us updated with how she gets on.

With very best wishes to you both


Hi Cassie thanks for your response my wife is at the very early stages of getting DuoDopa I will let you know how she gets on  


Hi I've just been outfitted with the duodopa system, I'm into my second month.  I'd be happy to reply to any questions you may have.  


Hello Taco Casie and GPCanuk

                           After much pushing and shoving  by  my PD team  (excellent) i had the op  and  boy  what  a difference, I could  walk  upright and  talk  at the same time  write no  stumbling and  falling no  shutdowns we  could  plan  trips i  was  great, and  though  as  you  will know Dd  is  not  a cure  , merely  a stop gap  until  something  better  comes  along  ,I was  told about 5  to  7  yrs and   I am at  5  yrs  and  have  bad  shutdowns if  im  not  careful and  look  out for  the  signs  of  slowing  down,  a  quick  boost  and  that  usually  fixes it  but it  can  be  managed ,also  the  assembling flushing of  the  system at  first  a  bit  of  a  pain  is  easy  after  you  get  use  to it

,  how  are  you  coping  with  yours   Gerry


Update - I went in hospital for my feed tube to be fitted last Wednesday This needed to be fitted using RIG-J ( by the use of X-Ray not Camera)  as I have a small Hiatus Hernia and the positioning of my feed tube needed to bypass this so it was decided to carry out the procedure this way - 48 hrs later I have some discomfort but this is gradually lessening - the next available date for a Duo Dopa nurse to be available is the end of February so that is when I am returning to hospital to have the pump fitted and set up.


  Rest assured the pain and discomfort will soon fade as  the  body adjusts to what is after all a  foreign body so initially  its a bit sore  and  it  may  take  a  while to attain the  correct  dose for  you  stick with it friends its worth   it


Hello,   I've been offered duo-dopa and I am very impressed with the surgeon I met at The National, Queen Square.   

I was impressed that he wanted to try to make me feel better by swapping my medication around and then if that didn't work, then he would operate. 

I'm now waiting to hear when a bed is available and I can go in.

I'll keep in touch and let you know if there is anything interest  to tell you about..

all the best.




big grin

                   Hello Casie Im delighted you are having Ddopa it  made a  very big  difference to my  life  and still  works   away keeping  me  in the  land  of the lucid  it  may  take a while to hit  the optimm doseage  but  you  will  quickly  adapt  I asked about DBS  and was told  2well  FED  theres  just  a teeny  weeny problem there, in order to do D B S there has to be a brain,  cheeky person, he was joking of course  ehh  was not hee.. ,  GOOD LUCK  

                                     FED                        Senior member od the Ddc  (Duodopa) club

Have a look at parliament discussions  during jan this year.  Along the lines of 28,000 per patient per year. duo dopa is it cost effective ?.....oh my god what price over quality of life!!!!  all receiving treatment now will continue to be prescribed the medication but a review is underway to see if new patients can have the same treatment,  NICE guidelines have changed recently on prescribing levodopa to newly diagnosed, not anything to with dopamine agonists being much more expensive than Levodopa !!!!!  as a early onset pd girlie I am angry as hell for my future and the futures of all the friends I have made on this site, even the ones I have p***** off . I am mad as hell, its about time this parky illness was taken more seriously lets have some pd folks on tv during an off period, advanced stages sick of just seeing pd folks on awareness weeks riding bikes across the country and running marathons this wont grab the attention of the nation!!  let the world see the reality , people still think pd is just about shaking and losing your marbles.  PHEW!! sorry needed a rant x

I agree wholeheartedly with your comments...Duodopa makes life bearable for many patients and should be offered whenever necessary.

However, I believe the Nice guidelines about moving towards Levadopa and away from dopamine agonists is good.

So many lives have been ruined by the OCDs that are a side effect for 1 in 4 patients on a therapeutic dose of these drugs.

If I was in charge they would be banned altogether.

The drug companies hid their knowledge of this devastation for years because of greed.

Research is held up by financial restraints so that these companies can make billions of pounds profit.

Money plays a huge role in what treatment is available yet we found £850 billion to bail out the bankers at the drop of a hat!



For me I take ropinerole and have done for 8 years and hope to continue to do so for a few more years.  Yes, I agree that the drug has devastating effects on some peoples lives and that is terrible but spare a thought for those of us who want to continue using this drug.  I live on my own and have to fight to stay on these meds I am taking my bank statements to my next appt to prove I am not shopping like a celebrity on my meagre ill health work pension, probably need a character reference from my neighbours to prove I have not opened a brothel due to sexual urges, yes I have put on weight its all that  coconut oil, hemp seed oil rather than compulsive eating I keep a food diary now again so I can have this drug. It is so important we all get the best possible care and have a say in the medicines we take.  We deserve to have the side effects explained to us and friends partners also  informed so they can raise a red flag , but lets protect our rights to make an informed choice as an individual. I was dx at 46 I really need to avoid levopoda for a while longer. I really hate the L drug as everytime I say it I think of Barry Mannilow singing at the copa cabanna , co carelopa or whatever its called.  

Love a debate don't get me started on branded v generic drugs.

You have a great outlook, and whilst I disagree with banning Ropinerole you and I are on the same side. xx

I do understand what you are saying, TeeHee, and for 10 years we felt like you...we were brainwashed into thinking Levadopa was a poor substitute and my husband took ever-increasing doses of Ropinirole/Requip  for 10 years.

When we finally realised that he had a secret life, when our savings were gone, when our marriage was in ruins, when the secrets and lies were out in the open....when the month of withdrawal was over...he gradually became used to his levadopa regime.

Now we wonder what all the fear was about. The OCDs are over, his mobility is good, life now, 16 years along the Parkinsons journey, is better than DAs offered.

Sinemet is cheap, Ropinirole is expensive. Neuros get lovely " incentives" to prescribe DAs.

You may be one I if the lucky 3 in 4. I hope so.

Take care.




Thank you g.g  you have reduced my fear of the drug L.  I am so sorry for what happened to you both.  Just wish we lived in a world where we could trust medical staff but then we have this forum  to discuss important issues as a back up. I am very grateful to the people who take the time and trouble to air their viewpoints.

Take Care xx

If you feel well on the DAs and you are aware of the possible side effects then all is well.

If the time comes when you need Levadopa you know now that there is nothing to fear.

Let us all hope that research brings something new and better...my money is on gene therapy!

Knowledge is the key...but sometimes we have to fight to get it.




     Wow  Tee Hee remind me im on your wing when WW3 kicks off (not  long  now)



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