DVLA Lisence Issues


Got diagnosed with PD in Nov 2010, at the age of 40. Informed DVLA straight away of this information and received a license for 3 years, which I fully understand why a short license is required.

Had the 3 year renewal come through and this took weeks before finally received a 1 year license, even though nothing much has really changed.

As the expire date approached for this 1 year license, due to expire in July this year, I received a renewal form in May and sent back straight away on 7th May.This has now been back and forth between the DVLA and my consultant for 3 times, and now this weekend received a letter from DVLA requiring me to be assessed.

Please has anyone else had this sort of issue. Any advise would be appreciated, as feeling very concerned.


Hi Jen521394

Easier said than done to not worry or feel concerned, I am in the same situation as you. I was DX in 2011, duly informed DVLA and had my licence replaced with a 3yr one, this expires in Dec this year. Just completed the renewal application two weeks ago, now waiting for the outcome. Try not to worry because anxiety is not good for parkinsons, but as I say that's easier said than done. I'm hoping that I won't be put through the same worrying time. I think some others on this forum have been through this at some time or other.

Take care, hope everthing goes well for you - Sheffy

Hi all,

Reading your posts with interest as I'm contacting the DVLA in the morning about my Parky.

Is the 3 year licence the standard response?




Hi Keefley, it seems to be that way. I have just applied for the renewal of my 3year licence, and just received a letter to say it may take at least six weeks by the time they have received my medical notes etc, before they make a decision whether to allow me carry on driving. My mother who is now 85 had to renew her licence last month and believe it or not she had no problems getting her renewal back and might I add without any assessment, I will say no more on that subject.........

Good luck with licence.........Sheffy

Hi All,

Just thought I would share my experience with DVLA just to prepare you for the worst-case scenario!

Last year (2014), my 3-year licence was due for renewal in August.  In the February (bit early I know) I asked my neurologist if  she thought it might be a good idea to take an "experienced driver assessment" to preempt any request by DVLA to have one.  She agreed that it would be a good idea and put me in touch with one of the local county-approved examiners/assessors.   I passed the assessment albeit with a bit of a ticking off because I was driving a bit too fast but then agreed to take a further "refresher" lesson (all at my own expense!) in which I dramatically decreased my excessive speed - so much so that my assessor wrote a fairly glowing report 

I might as well not have bothered - when I applied for my 3 year licence in August, I received the dreaded forms from DVLA containing the question of "do you suffer from freezing?" Yes/no?  I answered the question truthfully as "Yes" but qualified it by adding "only when walking".  I had never been affected by freezing whilst driving - if I had, I would have packed up there & then!  I received a letter back from them to say that my licence had been revoked on advice from their medical team and I must not drive any vehicle while my appeal went through.

Anyway, after much to-ing & fro-ing (they are a bit anti-email so the whole process takes ages), they told me that I would need to take an assessment at one of their recognised motoring schools.  The date was set for the end of May (bearing in mind that I hadn't driven since September) but then I was given a date for my DBS (for which I had been undergoing assessments) of June 8.

As you are not allowed to drive for 6 weeks after DBS and, apparently, most people are better drivers post op, I contacted the DVLA to see what they recommended.  They said it would be best to cancel the driving assessment and then reapply 6 weeks after the DBS procedure - which I did assuming they would set up an immediate driving assessment.  No such luck - I had to start right from the beginning again only this time they are telling everyone that they are 9 weeks behind on any applications!!! 

So, in a nutshell, I have not driven for well over a year now and it is soooo frustrating!  Luckily, my DBS has been an outstanding success - but we live in a small village with no public transport and I am having to rely on my wife to ferry me everywhere (which is a real pain for both of us).   I have been a self-employed builder all my working life and I was hoping to get back working after my op but it is impossible with no driving licence.  







Just an update, had my Driving Appraisal today, to which the DVSA person made me feel very relaxed and assured me that this was not a test, it was just to observe my driving capabilities. To which I passed with A's across the sheet and the only thing he could fault me on was my 3 point turn, which was ok in 5 moves lol... Now he will send the completed form off to DVLA for them to hopefully and finally send me a driving lisence back....Lets hope. 



Hi Jenny

Well done! - hope you get it back soon.




Hi Jenny

That's brilliant, well done! Still waiting from the DVLA about my licence, sent it of in October and it expires December 25th, keeping my fingers crossed and everything else. Can I ask where you had to go to have your assessment done?


Hi Gaz

Still no further forward to getting your licence back yet? Glad the DBS went well, it will make your day to have your driving licence back now. Hope it's soooon. All the best




Your will received a covering letter regarding being able to still whilst investigations are taking place. The assessment was at Hardwick, Cambridge. Hoping your sorted out quickly, just cannot believe how long winded the DVLA are over all of this.

I too having just been diagnosed sent my completed form off. Hope  it gets sorted OK as it sounds like it can be a bit of a nightmare in some cases!!!! Watch this space!!!!

Hi Sheffy,

No - no such luck.  It is so frustrating  - my car is sitting outside (except when my wife's using it), I KNOW I'm able to drive but have got to wait for these one-paced (slow) bureaucrats to okay it!!


Hi Everyone just to let you know I have had my driving licence renewed for a further 3 years! In record time as well - it took just approx 6 weeks from when I posted my renewal!

Best of luck for those who are still waiting


Great news sheffy. Not sure what mine will come back as x


Can't see any reason for them not to give you at least the usual three years LEXI, being as this is your first time of informing them of your parkinsons. Hope it will be good news, will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  Hello  Jen

                     Yes  I have had similar probs with DVLA  OR  (devilish automatons)  I wont go into details but it involved a lot of money, and I needed the D,,A to  send info about me to my  union as there was a legal situation and it would all  go away and a large lump of dosh would be mine,  but no  no  no  guess who were  preventing payment, yes you have it  D,,,LA,  the situation only resolved by  solicitors letters.

Also  as I was feeling  most unwell whn the  1yr  licence dropped through the letter box I was simply  too ill  to renew it, but 9 months later I  was lucky  to have the Ddopa fitted, the improvement was astonishing  and I felt I could  drive again,  but I first had to be assesed  by the  D,,,,,,a  at Heaton Newcatle, and boy did I get a massive shock, my driving skills had  vapourised, I was  less capable than a skipload of less capables and  made the decision not to persue my return to the road, I would have been  lethal an would have seriously killed myself  or worse someone else.

           I  know this probably is not the sort of answer expectd, but  in reality you must look inward  as the assessment will find fault and will not pass anyone not up to standard.

                                                Kind  Regards                                 BROADSWORD


Hi Broadsword,

I am aware of the the situations that could arise, and if at any time I feel that I am becoming a danger on the roads then I will have the sense enough to surrender my licence. Your comments have been voiced on this post previously, so I can appreciate you wanting to voice your opinion

Regards Sheffy

Hi the driving assessment is exactly that noty a test it is to make sure you are safe on the road, the assessor I had was very nice and talkative and made me feel very much at ease and passed no problem. The assessor does come from DVLA as they have their own assessors.

Still waiting for the return of my driving licence.........sent it off in October!!

Well, that's it......my weekend and life totally ruined and my frustration and annoyance, at danger level.

DVLA finally decided I can't have my driving license back, due to side effects of meds.

a) I'm assuming they mean the Ropinirole....they don't say.

b) I never had any side effects.

c) I've come off it now, anyway.

d) I've been driving for 49yrs. and never had an accident.

e) My PD symptoms are very mild and early stage.

f) How can they deliver such a blow, in such a frank, cold manner, with no proper explanation?

I can honestly say, I am gobsmacked, tearful, angry, disappointed, frustrated, disbelieving, scared and numbed by this life changing decision. Arggggggggg.

Advice welcome, pleeeeeeeease.

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Hi Twinks,

So sorry to hear this. I'm sure other members will offer you advice but you can also get some guidance here: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/informing-dvla-or-dva-about-parkinsons about how to reapply or challenge the decision.

If you need any more support please also feel free to call the Helpline on 0808 800 0303from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm. Hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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