Hi All,

A couple of months ago I saw my GP as I had had a slight shaking of my right hand for some 9 months or so and had just noticed that there was a slight tremor in my left hand. He didn't think it was Parkinsons but 'Something physiological' so arranged for me to see a neurologist. She said she thought I did have PD but is going to arrange for me to have a Spect scan ( I think that's what she called it ). She said this would say for certain whether I do have it or not.

My concern is as to whether I have to inform DVLA now or when I get the result of the test which will not be until around June to July due to the very long waiting list.

I don't want to inform DVLA without good reason as when I reached 70 I applied online for a renewal of my driving licence and the form I filled in gave totally incorrect and misleading information which resulted in me having 8 anxious weeks waiting to see if I would get my licence or not.  We really would be in difficulties without it as my wife is partially disabled and relies heavily on me to get here about.

 Oh and I did get my licence after all.


Hi Buteman, very sorry to hear of your difficulties.

You have to inform DVLA if you have Parkinson's. I'm no lawyer, but I expect there's a grey area between having PD and not having PD, and I guess that's where you are now. If you don't tell DVLA, chances are everything will be OK till you get your scan and are/aren't formally diagnosed. But say you had an accident in that period? And say the courts decided you had been, as near as dammit (that’s not in legalese btw), diagnosed with PD?

If you do tell DVLA, chances are you’ll be OK. There’s just a chance they’ll haul you in for a driving assessment. And say you failed it? Would that perhaps have saved an accident? and say you passed it? Wouldn’t that make you feel better?

More practically, why don’t you ask your neuro? Mine was very clear that a) she was giving me a diagnosis not a hypothesis and that b) I therefore had to tell the DVLA. Maybe yours will be as clear cut one way or the other.

I can see absolutely why you wouldn't want to lose your licence, and let’s hope you’re nowhere near that. But safety is important too.

Let us know how you get on.

With best wishes


Thanks Semele,

I have been agonising over it just as you describe. 

As to seeing my neuro well I have an appointment for 16th July. I live on Bute, an island off the west coast of Scotland so the chances of seeing her before July are slim to say the least as we only have a cottage hospital on the island so I cannot see her here. Getting to the hospital where she is takes  a 35 minute boat ride followed by 2 train journeys - total travelling time about 2 hours each way. I could go by car but the hospital is in the middle of Glasgow and I am not familiar with it. Even by car it would be near enough 1 1/2 hours.

I'm away on holiday next week so I guess that when I get back I will as they say 'Bite the bullet' and call DVLA


I was diagnosed with pd in August 2013 at my first appointment with the neuro , he told me at my appointment i had to tell DVLA  of my condition  , i would say it is probably better to be safe than sorry and inform DVLA that it is suspected you have pd  you have then fulfilled any legal obligation that you have to inform dvla  the ball is then in dvla court as to what they do next , usually they write out to your neuro who fills in a questionaire and returns it to dvla whose medical officer decides the outcome which for most people myself included results in a restricted 3 yr licence to be reviewed every 3 yrs by means of a report from your neurologist

All the best


Thanks Michelle,

I have decided I will inform them that it does seem likely that I have it. I can now see why the neuro has arranged for the SPECT scan having read this:


This seems to suggest that she is not sure I have it, not that anything else it might well be would mean I would be healthy. It might seem strange but I am not too worried if I do have it. I have had a number of problems over the years so to have got to seventy without any major disaster doesn't seem all that bad and from what I have read here and on other sites it could be a long time before I get really bad. As I mentioned I already have to go through the application for renewal of my driving licence every 3 years anyway so in a way this will make no difference. After all by the time I am 73 my eyesight may have deteriorated  so I might not be able to drive because of that.

Think positive , when i was first diagnosed i went through all the usual emotions why me , fears for the future at the time i really did think it was the end of the world for me but it wasn't   iremember saying to the neuro it cant be Parkinsons im only 47 im to young , i read up as much as i could about pd its a long term progressive condition yes but not everyone will progress the same some people will go through the illness with only mild symptoms  keeping active and being positive helps , i have not had a SPECT scan i only had a MRI  scan which i believe is to rule out other possible causes i was given a parkinsonism diagnosis first till other causes were ruled out but in between having the MRI and seeing the neurologist again my mother was also diagnosed with Parkinsons  so  the neuro then issued the diagnosis of familial Parkinsons , stay positive  i hope everything goes ok with DVLA good luck

I was diagnosed in January 2014, came like a bolt out of the blue, I am a 57 year old female, dont smoke or drink, eat a healthy diet, walk a lot. A Datscan confirmed the PD after a year of constant shaking in my right hand, even then the neurologist was unconvinced which gave me false hope.

My PD nurse told me I must inform the DVLA, so I sent off the forms. I feel fit to drive, the only thing is my right hand does a jig on the wheel. Apparently its against the law for insurance companies to bump up your premium because of PD, if you are declared fit to drive, I suppose thats what the DVLA will determine on the information you give. I have never liked driving anyway, but if you rely on the car for work or you dont have a good bus service, its a blow.

Welcome to the forum gt50s!

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago, no matter how healthy we are the powers that be do not know exactly why we get PD.

I contacted DVLA and had to send my driving licence to them, they sent it back and gave me a one for three years. But as you say when you need to drive to work it is a bit awkward. My left hand is shaky and is a bit slow changing gears also my left leg is weak on the accelerator, I retire in September so I'll hopefully keep going till then fingers crossed! I also informed my insurance company and they didn't increase our premium so thats ok.

Hope you cope well with this horrible thing that has been bestowed on us, keep your chin up and keep smiling if you can. The forum is a place for finding out a lot of things and can also be fun!


Regards Sheila


after informing DVLA I was given a 3 year licence which is due for renewal in June .I think I am still ok to drive and hubby and daughter agree (phew) Driving gives me independence and the thought of not getting licence renewed causes me great anxiety ---down to medical assessment in June .




Hi jdj

I shall feel exactly the same when my licence becomes due for renewal, but I may give up before because as time goes on I don't feel so confident as I used to when driving.I know it means giving up my independence but i'd rather be safe than sorry.


Regards Sheila

Hi shefinn


absolutely agree would rather be safe than sorry hence reassured by hubby and daughter .




new to the forum, I've just been diagnosed and have informed the DVLA, they have written to my consultant and I am awaiting the outcome.

I have informed my insurance companies and the premium has stayed the same.

My question is, I enjoy riding motorcycles, have any other readers had their motorcycle entitlement removed from their licence?


yeh harley they removed my motorbike & towing ,is it 7.5 ton aswell i would give them a ring !

Thanks for the update Gus, I've got a few weeks left then to enjoy my bikes by the sound of it :-(

im not 100% on that tho ,you might be ok if you have only just been dx.and your symptons are not to bad i would phone dvla. gus

Thanks Gus, I sent the forms to dvla and they have written to me to say that they've contacted my specialist for information, I have a right arm tremor that's now spreading to my leg occasionally.

will wait and see what they decide before looking at the trike route lol

Just got my 3 year licence renewed. However, it is important that you are absolutely honest with yourself and with the DVLA. Better to lose your licence than your life! Not to mention endangering other road users. I sometimes feel a bit too tired to drive and let my wife take over.  

Thanks Christo, is this your car licence or do you also have a bike licence? I know it may sound daft but bikes are a Massive part of my life and with all the other changes that are going on I was hoping this would remain the same however I am prepared for whatever the dvla say.

Also, what's involved in renewing your licence? Is it simply a form?

yeh harley,dvla just send a form to you about 6months before it runs out,then you fill in what meds,illnesses,consultants gp address then its a waiting game.

Hi  Harley,When I notified the DVLA 2 years ago they took off me my HGV and PSV licence which at 68 years of age I wasn't to bothered about but I kept my car and motor cycle licence,so I can now ride a 150 mph motor bike but not drive a 56 mph truck.I also have a hand tremor which is responding to medication.