mea culpa, have just reread the 'terms and conditions' and realised that I was under some illusion of freedom of expression.
Whilst I fully understand the need for this, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
Feel free to use my email.

Good bye all,


Whilst we're on the subject. One of us has been suspended for three weeks. Someone who made the mistake of posting in an emotional state and is not, in her own words, 'good at putting things correctly'. Her crime. To ask if anyone had used an illegal substance to help their symptoms, however badly put. I don't recall her saying she intended to use the substance or procure it, merely asked if anybody thought it could help her.
That someone is a very vulnerable person, whom most of us love dearly and uses this forum as a lifeline, being for the most part housebound and alone.
I, and one other, unwisely answered that post using the forbidden word and were censored. Fair enough!
My great concern is this. Did someone report that post and if so why would any one of us be so narrow minded as to do so and in so doing cause great anguish to the person concerned?! Why could not that persons post simply also have been censored?
Perhaps I'm being naive here, but I don't consider the so called offensive post in 2011 to be cause for such a punitive measure as to cause unnecessary suffering to someone in such great need.

I saw neither the original post nor the edited replies.So please forgive me if I am talking out of turn. It does seem to be a rather harsh disciplinary method. I do not recall noting that any of us are of school age. I am truely sorry that somebody feels that they have had a life-line cut off. My thinking is that maybe this forum is not intended to be a lifeline but rather a pointer in the right direction?

By the way, I put the Q of using non-legal substances for the relief of pain quite openly to a heatlh care provider.(with no intention of procuring, using or supplying). He smiled

guilty,im the other forum member who replied to this members situation and had my post removed.i for one think that the suspension of this indivual is harsh and why could you have just removed the post like all the others and left it like that.
the need for this forum member to us this site was a a life-line in daily life and their way of social company and friendship who we all hold deep respect for and love.
please would you reconsider your decision ,this site i thought was to help members who are in need to talk,moderaters you have took away the only life-line in this persons life,does that seem fair NO!.
you are not just punishing this member but are denying all of us with access to this person loving,witty,caring posts.
that it all im going to say on the subject

I had no idea that someone had been suspended for mentioning the unmentionable. In which case I see no good reason why I have not been punished. A word I used because it seems a shame to me that a support system such as this is should withdraw a lifeline in 2011 from somebody who needed it.
If it means that on a website dedicated to those of us who experience pain on a regular but varying basis, the word cannabis cannot be mentioned I would hazard that the moderators know very little about it.



Rule 2.1.15 forbids the posting of "messages which contain discussion of any illegal activity .... e.g. illicit drug use including medicinal marijuana ...."

I guess as soon as the law comes into things the mod has no choice.

We have been warned!


does that make it ok?

I was careful not to give an opinion.......

Hi,All that were involved in this episode,

I think i could unfortunately give you the answer.It appears it could be me.
Please visit 6th July 1.50 and 2.04 DA thread.I voice a complaint to the moderators about my previous deleted post.As a footnote i mention the use of a drug on another thread and yet that stays.
Today i received an apology of the moderators,my post should not have been deleted in parts.
I can only assume that this has drawn attention to the thread concerned and the subsequent ban of a member.
I myself did not realise this was against forum rules either.If my mentioning has caused this,then i apologise to the people involved.It was beyond my comprehension that this could happen.

I know this is a lot to ask of the moderators,but it would make me feel better and would be a fitting gesture of confidence if it would be possible if the banned member was reinstated.I am sure they have made a genuine mistake.This person,if correct,was one of the fist to welcome me to this forum a year and a half ago.I believe in freedom of speech and am aware pwp and the added stress it causes,can make unintentional mistakes.
This is all i ask
All the best
and thanks

Thank you Titan for your honesty and request of the moderators.

I hope the moderators see sense and re-instate this forum member. Such a harsh decision on one so vulnerable. A warning would of been more appropriate rather than a 3 week ban.

Hi. Said person has been suspended before, so I suppose each time is for longer. :cry:

But why in this day and age should such punitive action be taken, no trial, no judge and no jury. This forum is a lifeline to many of us and to cut that link seems harsh in the extreme. Please can this action not be reconsidered?

doubt it.

But who is this forum for then?

The other 7 billion

now we have replied in many posts surely now that the moderators know how we feel,why are they unwilling to respond?

In case this thread is suddenly made to disappear I have to say that I now feel extremely nervous of what I say when posting.
Forum rules are all very well but I'm sure I speak for many of us when I say that I might well read the damn things but have forgotten them as soon as I've read them.

I don't even have PD, but know my o/h's cognitive limitations as well as my own. He would love to post, but is nervous, obviously with good reason. He would easily fall into the trap that our suspended friend has walked into. Rules are there to protect the majority but mostly the forum and authoritative bodies I suspect.

Do we need a certain level of education to use this forum. I sincerely hope not.

Sorry folks, but that`s always been the English way. Put a complete idiot in charge and do exactly as he says.