I was far too innocent for that! I remember being able to buy a neopolitan icecream in wafers from there though. Not at all related, but proves I have one marble left. In the jamjar I used to put my sticklebacks in.


Ha Ha Tommy
Can’t Be Arsed Syndrome.
Those are exactly the words my boss used about me that forced me into telling him that I have Parkinsons.
We all know it’s a real thing and it should be recognised as such.
I have to try to break it.
On some days I can, but not on a regular basis.


It should be a recognised medical condition ( C.B.A.S ) eh?


Without a doubt.
It’s what’s stopping us going about our normal business.


Out there in wide awake land
I’d love to join that club but wouldn’t be able to stay awake long enough to feel out the membership form
Yawn yawn yawn
This sudden sleep episodes are terrible
I’ve dropped off when friends have been here
And THEN at bedtime I Can’t fall asleep tippical not to mention a pain in the arse
So take advantage of me while my eyes are open
Because I can’t promise it will be for long lol




Sorry I fell asleep.
Got number sorted though it’s just the same .:pill::pill::pill::zzz:


You need to check for bed springs or a mislaid hedgehog in your bed if it is a pain in the arsnic, dear itsmylife. When offending item is located, keep it on your chair during daytime instead.
Despite being a mere questionmark in my local neurolgist’s closed caseload, I also fall asleep at the drop of a ha…


When my blood pressure spikes it’s stops me sleeping
When it drops suddenly I drop off
When it’s running around normal I’m good
Just need to get it under control


Is the wandering blood pressure part of PD? Mum had PD and blood pressure was up or down so often


Hi Rono
This is the first time we have chatted
First of all HELLO
Im still yet fully diagnosed.
Seeing a neurologist on 25th September
When I do see him/ her I would have been waiting 9 months
All the doctors I’ve seen are of the oppinion that it is Parkinson’s
Some believe my blood pressure is another symptom as you know there are many
I had a cardial vascular event in March 17
(Posh name for heart attack) and a Miny Stroke in November 17
My Doctor believes both these has brought on my PD
Possible ? I don’t know I’m no doctor
Hopefully I will have an answer
Till then I will carry on as normal as I can I won’t let this beat me
I hope you are well and in good spirits
This forum helps more than anyone knows
I know I’m not alone
Normally I’m the one whose upbeat and supportive and cheer everyone else up but I have my days
Take care Rono


I haven’t been myself for a few days and I APOLOGISE IF i have said anything offensive or hurtful
That was never my intention
Where I haven’t been sleeping when I should and a sleep when I should be awake and my blood pressure being anything but normal I was not always totally with it and may have passed a remark that was not intended to offend or written down wrong
I’ve sort of got my act together now
Even my son called me an arsehole yesterday and last night ( Early hours of this morning ) I went for a walk to clear the cobwebs out my head and talk to myself without being heard and put in a straight jacket and padded room
So if I have said anything


It’s strange blood pressure. I have had high blood pressure for thirty years, taking two tablets a day to control it, then when I was DX with PD I was told some of the Parkinson medication may help it by lowering it, and to my surprise it has done just that, I only take one a day now for BP



Keith don’t be daft.
You’re a good guy and that shines through.
Better to sound off on here where we understand rather than punch the postman :smile:
Sheffy I had ridiculously high blood pressure. Often 200 over 100.
Now I have Parkinsons it barely needs treating.


Hi Keith,
I have come to think the more I “know” about PD, the more I realise what a confusing mish mash it is! Such joy a padded cell sounds, I’d like mine in an apricot colour I think.
I am ready for another night of listening to dogs and cats snoring, kindle and puzzles lined up, the radio singing gently to me.
Take care,
Rose / Roro


Hi Rose
When I’ve spoken to other doctors about PD a few were honest enough to say
No one really knows what PD is. Only that it exists and it was named after someone named Parkinson
They know what it effects but don’t know why
So I still believe it’s a guessing game


My Sister in law called earlier from Glasgow and said everything went to plan and my brother’s ashes are interred with my mum and dad so I’m glad at least he got the wish and well done to his wife for carrying it out.
So it only remains for me to thank everyone who helped me through this from the bottom, middle and top of my heart and you know who you are I’ve no need to name anybody thanks for being there
Tommy X X


Morning Tommy

I’m so glad it all went well. You still have all your happy memories and I’m sure your brother will never be forgotten.

Thinking of you my friend Thomas love Barbara x


Really pleased your brother is finally at peace cherish the happy times you had together let me know how your appointment goes today we will both be thinking of you
Pete and mam


Morning Bruv
I’m happy to hear all went well and your brother is where he wants to be
Your a better man and friend than you think you are 10 out of 10 Bruv
Your memories of your brother will keep him alive and I have no doubt he is smileing down on you
Being there and helping you through that time was an honour and I do what ever I can for a friend
If you ever want to visit his final resting place . I’d be honoured to accompany you there
Hope your appointment goes ok
Did you dream about Dot Cotton
Chat later Bruv
Love to Sue
London Bruv