Hi Keith,
Im not sure if Ian at Wildrover is still on line . if he is he probably won’t mention it himself but f you want to know a little more about him look at his blogs 1-4 My Parkinsons Journey.
Its a good read.
Sorry Ian LOL



Hi Keith/Mal,

Yes still here with one eye on France v Argentina.

Keith you mentioned heart attack! I had one in Feb this year, the cause, Rasagaline… apparently its an uncommon side affect, hows that for luck :joy::joy::joy::joy:


A Question is it only me that says
stupid things at inappropriate moments ie saying something funny at a sad time which incidentally I would frown upon myself or be sarcastic because I’m frustrated at being ignored by the counter staff in a queue when I’m shaking .
I have been abandoned by my own family for the first one I personally blame PD but I suppose I could have a personality disorder ironically also shortened to PD this is a serious question as I’ve now lost contact with my remaining brother and my only son because I was angry at them both for swapping stories about me I am aware I can’t blame PD for everything but I know I will be stubborn and carry it through to the end incidentally my son is a 38 year old adult I’d be interested to hear your views on this situation good or bad
Bad of course being my own fault and promise not to fall out either way. Tommy Oh and in the interest of honesty i did take extra anti anxiety pills to get me through the first item which was a bereavement.


hi your all making me feel old as i,m into 60,s and early 70,s love beatles and mccartney is my music heroalso like eagles and bowie tho, lately listening to alison krauss strange how tastes change as you get older hope everone is ok


Hi Tommy please make amends no matter who was right or wrong as you will deffo regret not being in touch with your son…

Thinking of you Babs x x x


Hi Tommy
You know I respect you
Your a great guy and a greater friend
From what I understand . Your brother and sister walked away from you
Don’t blame yourself for their guilt
I’ve been there . I’ve blamed myself for my families actions
It did me no favours
I know you well enough to KNOW
I will stand with you anytime
Your friend Keith


A phone call to your son can’t hurt
He maybe as stuburn as you.
Be the better man
A hand held out is often taken
I don’t know what was said but many things are said in anger but are not ment


I respect you and Bab’s opinions in fact it’s reason I put it on the forum
A sort of poll if you like to get the feedback wether it is me who should be looking at other mental health treatment but Babs I’m afraid my son who will be in town on the funeral day to me has made his choice I did phone yesterday and he swore and hung up on me so he’s been blocked and Kieth my sister seems to be ok with me it’s the long haired brother and my son who have joined together and get upset that i took some extra ppi’s and between them they take more dope than there is in this town
My brother even asked me to eat a bit last week which I refused and he smoked it all week and I just think what a hypocrite so he spread his vitriol to my son saying I’m a pill popping junkie and my son believed this cos he thinks I spoke with a slur Itried explaining the new teeth but he still takes his side there is no doubt I did say things at inappropriate times
but I can’t take them back so I’m afraid he’s made his choice and there’s two words waiting for him if he turns up here they have no compression what PD does people.


You can’t hold yourself to blame
At least you tried
You reached out . He was the one who turned you away
I stand by you. If he wants to believe what others say you can’t blame yourself for that
But you tried.
If he doesn’t or can’t forgive that’s his choice
Please stop punishing yourself
What good will it do you ? NOTHING
Im no expert as you know , but I do know you can’t change how people are . If he believes others and can’t listen to what you have to say I understand it isn’t easy
But as my friend I am here for you


Cheers Bruv


Hi Tommy

As Keith said you did try.

We obviously did not know the whole story when you asķed for our opinion.

It is their loss not having you in their lives.

You have Suzanne so go on and enjoy your life.

With Love Barbara x


Hi tommy

I also have notice I don’t know if I am happy or sad on some days, you see I sometimes I think it’s the people around you that make it very hard for you to feel the way you do , but I do understand it’s really hard, but you gave to keep going and try and be positive as this will make you feel happy about your self, and this will help with your health too. Good luck Raz


Thanks Babs
Even Suzanne tried texting my.brother and he knows she has never hurt anyone in her life got a lot of vile crap about what does she know about grief and bereavement and was told where to go and all she asked is that he contact me as he has no monopoly on grief and maybe should be be helping me .
Even after that I tried texting him explaining how stupid this was and we were putting our relationship in danger but was met with he wasn’t exaggerating how much grief he felt and to leave him alone.
This left me no options but to stick by and protect my wife so without any bad language I sent him a message telling him to go grab a duvet a find a corner to wallow in as he has been such a brave boy sending vitriolic texts to Suzanne who literally doesn’t even hurt spiders or wasps
I would have said a fly but that would be untrue as she hates them and kills at the first opportunity . xxTommy


Thanks Raz for your input and honesty on this subject it all helps me to reach a conclusion wether positive or negative… Tommy


Hi @malcT,

Hope all is well.

No, you wasn’t dreaming. Thanks for mentioning this comment, I have looked into it and it appears that this member deleted her post. I’ve reached out to her via pm to see if she’s okay.

Best wishes,


Hi @Reah,

Im feeling well thanks, and very pleased you picked up on the post from the distraught member.
I know the posts at the time had slightly digressed from Tommy’s original thread of Emotions and perhaps she thought we didn’t care.
Nothing could be further from that and if you could persuade her to post again I’m positive the members here will try and help her.



Hi Mal just seen your post I hope everything is ok with whoever was trying to get some help … TOMMY


Hi Tommy,
It’s good to talk to you.
I’m sure she will find some comfort from Reah and the gang.
It would be nice if they could persuade her to share her emotions with us here.

I am aware you have had a lot to contend with lately and you have my Best Wishes,



Hi Ian you OK? Still no news from pip I guess get results of monitor next wed


Hi @malcT,

Great minds think alike because I’ve emailed this particular member and have reassured her that you’re all an amazing bunch and will welcome her to the fold with (virtual) open arms. :blush:

Hopefully she’ll return to the forum soon, but thank you again for bringing that comment to my attention.

Best wishes,