My  PD nurse suggests I try Entacapone alongside sinemet. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has been prescribed this drug, the side effects and how long it takes for Entacapone to kick in.






I take it alongside madopar to extend life and benefits of madopar, like most things PD it slowly may take a couple of weeks to kick in, i was only advised 1 in 10 cant tolerate it that may cause severe Diarrhea, but i wasn't one of those 1 in 10, the other side effect which if one was marrooned at the north pole or alaska one would be able too pee S.O.S in bright orange.


I am on my 2nd week of taking 4 entacapne a day with my sinemet. Not working fully for me as yet. NO side effects.

hope you get on okay. xx

Hi Sea Angler

Many thanks for your vivid description on the side effects of Entacapone.!!  I must be one of the unlucky ones as I am experiencing side effects i.e.  diarrhoea, nausea, sweats,very dry mouth and of course bright orange pee!  I have only been taking Entacapone for 4 days so I am hoping these horrible side effects will stop soon and I will start to feel some benefits.   Do you feel that Entacapone is working for you?




Hi Glasgow girl

Thanks for your reply.  I am experiencing side effects i.e. diarrhoea, nausea, very dry mouth, sweats and bright orange pee,  so I am one of the unlucky ones, but I have only been taking it for 4 days.  The dose I have been prescribed is 1 x tablet 200 mg.  I see you are taking  Entacapone  4 times per day - what strength of Entacapone do you take?  I'm not sure how long I can  put up  with all the side effects and not feel any benefits !  

I hope it starts working fully for you very soon.






Works for me no side affects just the bright tango pee , can give you a bit of dyskinesa until you sort your meds out

I also have bright orange pee.This is not a side effect in my book, as does not upset me.i am on 4 200mg taken with my sinimet plus.

In another 2 weeks going up to 5 entacapone. Hopefully by then working fully.







Hi Gus

Thanks for your reply. Glad it works for you. 



Hi Glasgow Girl

Thanks for your reply.  Hope Entacapone continues being beneficial to you.



Hi Powrie

if you are having those side effects especially diarrhea  I would check back with who ever prescribed the entacapone for further advice, im sure i remember another pill being announced that works similar too entacapone but is one daily dose i think Gus had a go with it Safinamide ??


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yes i did give safinamide ago ,i don't think i personally gave it a chance but its available ,,if you type it in it comes under a different name the chemist seem to know this name of brand better !

Hi Sea Angler

Many thanks for your helpful advice.




Ive added entacapone 5 months now.I was taking 7 25/100 c/l and 1 50/200 sr c/lAfter adding 1 200 mg split early two doses I cut the sinemet down to 3.5 25/100 a day with better results then before.Since the beginning I added 1 exrra 100 mg comtan with 3 rd c/l

Sideeffects seem just gas sometimes .But less constipation.Overhaul Im happier I found it  .

I think people who try it start at no  more than a half pill  with their c/l I think even now taking 1 pill would be to much.

My myoclonus has pretty much gone away with changing from Actavis to Mylan Pharm c/l 25/100,

I am getting many reports now from others who get different results with our generic c/l.

Why I dont know but should be investigated by the FDA.

Hi all I have been taking entacapone now for 18 months with my madopar. I found on a really good day I would get 6hrs out of mine. 200mg x 4 but as saud that was on a really good day very calm comfy and warm and relaxed. Bear with the side effects they can generally do settle. If not try stalevo. Good luck. BB xx

Hi All

Didn't have much luck with Entacapone 200mg - side effects too much ! Have now stopped taking it.  There's one more question I would like help with and I'm sure you guys will try your best.  I am prescribed Sinemet 12.5mg/50 mg -  2 x 5  times a day  and 1 x 1 mg Rasagiline daily. Does anyone know if this is a high dose of Sinemet   or not?  I have been told by 2 professionals that this is a low dose of Sinemet but another professional has told me that it's a high dose of Sinemet.  I am confused!  I am not getting long enough between doses ,especially after first dose  in the morning.


Thanks All


The dosage is dependant on your body weight as we need fat reserves to distribute the drugs evenly around our system. For instance at dx I was 12.5 stone last month at my lightest myI weight was 8 stone due to the drugs I needed to take to control my symptoms my dose of madopar was 10 x 62.5 mg taken with an entacapone over 4 stints during course of the day and I was also on 3 other pd meds I was up to the max with what I can take. Madopar and Siminet same drug different name. To confirm you need to asked your Dr about this as a lot of people are not aware their weight is a factor when prescribing meds. Let me know how you get on I am now reducing my intake thanks to DBS surgery giving me my life back if you find you are at the hilt of your meds I implore you look at DBS With your eyes wide open for me it has been fantastic. BB xx

thats great news bb.

                                    i was told there are no max dose for sinemet when  your symptoms get really bad interesting !


Thanks for your information.  I had no idea that weight played a part in your medication!  At no time was this factor mentioned either by the Doctors or the PD nurse.  I see PD nurse in a few days and will be asking about this. As for DBS it frightens me even to think about it! I am really pleased it has worked out so well for you.  Will let you know how I get on with PD nurse.


Hi Gus


Thanks for reply.  Can I ask who told you there was no max dose of sinemet.  I am getting mixed messages from the professionals and don't know what to think


my parkinsons movement nurse for dbs as i brought the conversation up with her when my gp said i was at the max dose , & my dbs nurse said they have patients on 2000 mg of sinemet ,guide lines must be in place for gps .