European Parkinson's Therapy Centre

Hello all,

I've been looking at the website of this organisation based in Boario Tere, Italy (

It looks interesting apart from being a good excuse to visit a nice place.

But before I book I'd be very interested if anyone has had any experience of the centre.

many thanks



I had not heard of this place before but it looks quite interesting. Judging by the website it looks like a hotel with Parkinson's focussed health spa attached. The treatments look conventional but they are the kind of thing people sometimes wait ages for.

I'd be interested to hear more about it if you decide to go



Thanks for your thoughts, EF,

I've decided to take the plunge and have booked for two weeks in May, using the 4 star option. AS far as I can tell:

1. The clinic is separate, but close to the main Thermal baths in Boario and the hotel. The therapy does look interesting and sounds like all those things I probably SHOULD be doing!!  The hotel has its own small spa area and access to that is included in the price.

2. I have an Italian friend who tells me that Boario is quite a well known and well thought of spa.

3. The price includes 14 days full board for my wife and myself, 12 days therapy for me, various talks, discussions, etc about ways to manage things around my PD better.. We also get 20% discount off access to the main thermal baths.

I'd still love to hear from anyone who has any first hand knowledge of this centre, but failing that, I'll report back at the end of May.



Hi Andrew!

i live in Italy and would love to know how you get on here. My mum ( PD sufferer) is in Glasgow, and going well should be coming to see me in the spring. I will definetly look into this: I had no idea such a place existed - far less in Italy!


in bocca Al lupo!


thanks for letting us know.


Hello ANdrew

I have booked an intensive week at Boario EPC for end feb so I will report back.

Alex the english guy who works there gave me the name and no of a woman in Oxford(secretary of Oxford PD) who had been and I rang her up.  She was very keen on it and said among other things they were very positive there.  Her name is Sally Bromley and I'm sure she wouldnt mind u ringing her up, but I cant find the number ... look up the Oxford PUK group and they should be able to help.

Andy (aka Ojalahey)




I am a volunteer at Boario EPC so can just give you the facts about the centre.
It was created by American, British and Italian Experts as a pilot to pull together the 4 key elements of therapy. Medical, Physical, Psychological and how to improve quality of life, aimed at earlier stage Parkinson.
It encourages families to participate, as families are just as in need of help so they can help their loved ones.
It is aimed at getting fast physical and mental changes and stresses the need for explanation. The program is aimed at helping families long term.
It's philosophy is to make therapy a positive experience as life should be that way too. Individual therapy staying in low cost family hotels also helps give the sense of Protagonist not Patient.
The centre has met with Steve Ford and other Directors of PUK and collaborates on a new project piloted recently in Oxford and now going National.
It is currently being expanded and renewed.
Andrew, you asked for first hand knowledge. In May you will know more !

I went a couple of weeks ago and put a review on another persons query ... in short I think it's worth the trip aprticularly the Physio/Therapy but see my other post (if u cannot find it let me know and I'll track it down)


Andy (aka Ojalahey)


Just had a look ...original post is from Miss Zuka and heading is Tretament centre Italy... its on pg 1 of this forum



European Parkinsons Therapy Centre ,Boario Terme Italy

Have just finished a weeks 'boot camp' and although tired from all the physical therapy,have pushed myself to limits I never thought would be possible again.

Being on max dose of Mirapexin and Azelect the Nurologist recommended I start Sinemet.

Thanks to my wife's research we found the centre and decided that before I went down that road ,would like to see if I could improve my symptoms without levodopa and I am so glad I did.

Over the week I have been empowered to be in control of PD not PD be in control of me . With one to one Physical therapy every day,talks on physical activity,lifestyle and psychology. My balance is now 100% my gait almost normal,my step lengths equal ,im swinging my arm again and my posture is straight again.

No one did this for me I've done it myself with neuroplaticity and it really works.

We met other PWP with much worse symptoms than my own and really didn't expect to see improvement in them.

To see them empowered to walk without sticks and walk instead of being in a wheelchair was humbling they too worked well beyond what they thought they were capable of.

The easy bit is over now the hard bit begins as I return home and keep up the exercise and keep motivated.

As a couple we both learned that My wife is my wife not my carer.

She has learnt that she needs to take 2 steps back and I must take 2 forward so we remain man and wife.

Whilst I know that PD is progressive and one day I will need further medication at the moment my symptoms are not impeding my quality of life so will save the meds till it is.

For now I will live my life on the slow train, enjoying the journey keeping fit ,active stress free,living in the moment.

It's no good worrying about the past, you can't change it,and worrying about the future isn't going to change it either.

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Hi. This is my first posting on this website and I was kicked into action by flossie88s post.

my husband has had parkys for 8 years and we too took the plunge and went to boario in September and although we were a little anxious about it, we are really pleased we went. When we were considering it we struggled to find much experience of the centre and only a couple of people had been.  So I wanted to echo flossie88s comments and shout the praises of Alex and his team at the European parkinsons therapy centre.

it has changed my husbands outlook about his parkinsons and he spends much less time on the sofa and is more motivated and positive so his parkys has improved as a result. He still has bad days of course and it is important to keep up the exercises as we can see a relationship between the exercises and his symptoms.

wouLd like to encourage anyone able to make the trip to do so. The costs are very reasonable, the people are lovely and it could really change your parkinsons for the better.


The Italian centre is a first in that it brings together the four pillars of therapy in a relaxed and beautiful location and involves family. The charity behind the centre has set up a smaller version (using just two pillars) with Parkinson UK themselves, called First Steps based in Witney lakes Golf resort. 

The firststeps program is amazing and leaves you so positive it's a must.

This is where I found out about Italy and I want to go

First, it is in a beautiful place, It is not 24/7 so take the train to the lakes also try to get into the mountains. In the interim be prepared for a boot camp whose motto is writ large in the entrance. "Will it be easy" to which the reply is "NOPE".

It is hard, it is educational, It will bring out the worst and best of you. You will sleep and eat well!.You will not only see the results but you will believe it is the best money you have spent since being diagnosed.

Is it a holiday, only for Bradley Wiggins! For me it was hard, stimulating and fun. It is a celebration of life.The SAS for PWP's.

Bit of advice, bring some lycra cycling shorts with padding, I didn't and I don't want to talk about it!

Seriously good for you!

Hello to everybody who has been to the Italian therapy centre.

I would like to know if you have been able to maintain improvements in mobility and gait since returning home, or even better, managed to make further advances.

Many thanks

Having found only very positive reviews,I have decided to book a weeks so-called-holiday here at the end of September.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Hi Supa I was wondering whether you went to the Italian therapy centre last year?. As i’m thinking of going this September and would like to know your views on the treatment Also was the weather good and is the tour to the lakes included in the package?

Many thanks

I am new to this forum but have decided to write anyway as we are slightly worried.
Has anybody recently (during Spring 2018) visited the European Parkinson’s Therapy Centre in Italy? We booked about three months ago, got a very prompt and friendly reponse to our emails, paid a deposit etc. Now, about three weeks before we are due to go, everything has gone very quiet: no replies to emails, telephone calls only answered by a message.
What to do?
PS. The hotel has confirmed that our booking is on.

Wow that doesn’t sound good. I would like to think that your worrying over nothing and there’s a logical explanation but in this day and age you never know.

I was actually thinking of booking something there this week for a trip in august or september. Please keep us all posted on how you get on. Hope everything is ok but you must be concerned.

Hi @eeva

Do you have an update on this

After a few returned emails, we finally managed to contact the Therapy Centre by phone. We’ll be going in about week’s time and are really looking forward to that.