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Welcome to our very first exercise wiki page which you can find in our Wellbeing category! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Exercise is important for people with Parkinson’s but we know that there isn’t a one-size -fits all approach and the best exercise to do will depend on the way Parkinson’s affects you. So we’ve created this wiki page for you to share information about how exercise has benefited your life and highlight any sources that you’ve come across that you feel may be helpful to anyone visiting this topic.

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PD Warrior 10 week challenge
helo every one


Hi All,
Im going to kick off this exercise and Parkinsons page with my exercise routine. This is not the right thing for everyone, its just feels right for me. . My main symptoms after 18 months diagnosis are weakness and stiffness down my right side. Fatigue is another.
My go to exercise is yoga, I take a class once a week but i then do 20 mins stretching 4/5 mornings a week. Sun salutation s. Ive started PD warrior exercises once a week for the last 3 months. I try to incorporate some of the warrior moves into my stretches at home. I really find big movements improve my walking.
It may sound to some that i do alot, to others not enough. I don’t find exercising easy but i find ifeel good after.
I d love to hear from anyone else who has exercise ideas for those who feel they can’t do too much and also those who have ideas for more vigorous exercise. We all have different needs physically and psychologically, maybe one post might resonate with you!


Hi divine
I try to vary my exercise each day so don’t get bored with it, ,100 steps on step machine , ten mins treadmill,ten minutes on bike, hopefully do this around 9am .
Day 2, dvd class, I buy them from charity shops for 50p to £1, and just do 15 mins on the different options, also have a salsa dvd but not very good at it , my mini gym is all bought from charity shops and car boots bargains , I just do what I can, go at your own pace and just add on an extra min I also have some weights but only tend to use 1kg and 2kg for toning arms I find the dvds really good and you can pick as choose what suits you.i can’t do floor exercises because of my knees, I might get down but can’t get up again :persevere: , just started doing a bit of pd warrior on YouTube love to attend a class but none near me :disappointed_relieved: Laney.


Hi Laney_star,
Wow, loving your routine. It’s great you’re mixing it up too. You Tube is a great source of information and ideas.


Hi Divine and Laney_star

I’m impressed by your list of activities. Mine will be much shorter!. I go to a gym twice a week and cycle on a recumbent bike for 20-30 mins when I can manage that. Then I do a Few PD warrior exercises, and finally have a 30 minute massage.
At home I try to do the PD warrior exercises every day, but don’t always manage it. I have recently purchased some Nordic Walking poles, recommended for Parkinsons people, and hoping that they will enable me to walk further. Unfortunately one hip is very weak (I broke it last year and hadn’t realised how weak it had become. Here’s hoping I will be able to get round the garden before long - we have an acre and used to open it to the public but have had to stop - too much hard work.
And now I have my driving licence back I am planning to be out and about much more. I will have to take it steady at first I know, but soon there will be no holding me.

Good luck to everybody, and keep it moving!


Hi Knine,
You sound like you’re doing alot of exercise too. My dad has just had a partial hip replacement after a fall. He’s 88 and is now in rehabilitation. I hope he keeps moving to keep the hip mobile.
Keep up as much as your body can take but be kind to yourself too.


Hi Reah,

I’ve added a link to PD warrior challenge but not sure I’ve put it in the right place? Not sure if it’s just me but I found the wiki page info a bit confusing. I’ve got some more info to add but want to know I’m doing it right first!




Hello everyone

I’m not sure that I can help in the way that they want for a ‘wiki’ page, can’t do links etc. Having been a specs wearing child from the age of five, I’ve also developed something of an attitude towards sports and organised activities (always last to be chosen, always ran away from the ball) but notice I was still running! I’ve always believed an active daily lifestyle is more important than gym activities once or twice a week. Do your own housework, gardening, fetch your shopping (walking not car). If there is someone in your life always saying ‘Let me do that for you’ have a polite word with them that some things you can, should, must still do for yourself. We all know those things will decrease over time (for the non-parkies as well) but let me do them while I can. And if I end up at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck, well I always was an awkward so and so, and there are worse ways to go.
Sorry but it is nearly 1 am and I can’t sleep


Hi Mosie,
I agree with you. If you’re not into structured exercise the next best thing is keep active in your life. People try to be kind by helping you do things but by doing them ourselves we keep body and mind ticking over.


Hi girls
Don’t know what happened but exercise gone out the window last couple of weeks on second prescription of new meds , don’t know if it’s the change but been feeling very wierd especially in morning so lucky to walk the dog at the moment, they called stalevo anybody else had any problems with them have to go back to doctors , hopefully get back to getting moving again feel the pounds creeping on😥 Laney


Hi laneystar,
Im on a dopamine agonist so although I’ve heard of stalevo, i don’t know the effects. I do know that when i up the dosage, i have a few days of feeling woosey and even think the PD has progressed. Then things settle down. It’s not a great feeling though when you’re used to exercising.
Life is getting in the way of my exerise. My husband is working away during the week and with 3 teens and a part time job, my exerise is on the back burner some days. Im off for a few days now so will try to get moving.
Hopefully, your doctor will tweak your meds and they will start working better.