PD Warrior 10 week challenge


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You can sign up online to the PD Warrior 10 week challenge and it’s free!



Hi Jayne,
Thats a great idea. I’ll be at my exerise c lass today. It does make a difference.
I hope it gets rolled out across the country. My physio is very interested in getting it on the NHS.


Lucky people with PD and able to exercise.


Hi Babswood,
Its very true that anyone who can exercise and has PD is very lucky. I don’t mean to make anyone feel bad when i post about exercising. As we’re all at different stages, not all posts will resonate with everyone.
I’ve read some of your posts and I’ve got to say you’re an inspiration. Your resilience shines through and that’s good for the forum. So keep it up, i know ill keep reading your posts.


I went to a trial of PD warrior last Saturday 17th at Nuneaton Hospital. I found it very invigorating on the day, but I was very tired and felt lethargic on the following Sunday (ending up having a duvet day). Think I had put my all into it on the Saturday and wore myself out. But it was good.



Thats great Sheila! I think to get the most out of the exercises you have to really push yourself. It sounds like that’s what you’ve done. Im not sure if they get any easier but you do feel better the more you do. Hopefully it will be trialled out around the country and not be too expensive.


Hi shefinn

Just had my 83rd birthday,and saw my neurologist on Monday. He was delighted with my progress on Sinamet plus (since I was diagnosed in January this year). The tremor has virtually disappeared and my walking is better. He has now prescribed Rasagiline as well - I will be interested to see what difference it makes.

I still go the gym twice a week, and work with a personal trainer for 30 mins. then have 30 mins massage. I exercise on a recumbent bike and do a few of the PD Warrior exercises. I also see a physio every week - alternate weeks it is a physio with neuro training and she gives me special exercises. I try to do all these exercises every day, but don’t always manage it. Even at my age I am sure that it is worth making the effort to do the exercises, although it can be hard at times.

I have mentioned before that I lost my driving licence after a stroke. I got it back just before my birthday and am now happy driving again.

All in all, life is great, I feel wonderful, and am happy with the way things are going. I am living with PD, but rt hasn’t taken over - very little has changed and life is GOOD.

Keep moving and try to be positive - I am sure it helps. Currently I can’t stop smiling. Long may it last.

Best wishes to everybody.



Thank you Divine 1

For your kind words x


Hi Knine - you set an example for us all !! You do so well for your age and have the right frame of mind, I wish I had the same tireless inspiration in me. I do it but not with all my heart, i’ll find it in me one day, just need a push and shove every so often!!

Sheila xx


Hi Sheila
I’m pretty good at pushing.
Consider yourself pushed!
Best wsihes