Explaining how you feel

I have been trying to find the words to explain how I feel and this morning when I started to sway perhaps you could explain it by “feeling like you are being pulled by a magnetic force”. When I tell people I sway they assume it’s from dizziness and it isn’t.

Anyone else got any suggestions on how to explain to other people just how you are feeling?

I usually say very colourful words!!!

Brilliant Wilde rover!!

I just find it very hard to explain to people how I feel to, but I have noticed on the forum I find it alittle more easily. But some days my wards are filled
With. Many Colours .

Regards Raz

Thanks, any more?

Like I have had to run a marathon and go 12 rounds with Anthony Joshua whilst pulling a ten ton truck.
All done with an almighty hangover and a ball and chain dragging on my right leg.

That’s five minutes after getting out of bed in the morning!!!

Morning hubby

My legs feel like they have climbed the highest mountain and run down it again, no sleep all night and now I am looking at my legs and they look like yuŷ

Try and put them up today and enjoy that time out

Regards raz

Like I’ve been hit by a bus. Explain it anyway you like, I understand, that’s what’s good about talking, i relate to exactly how you are expressing yourself. Words will become more fluid the more ones talks about it, they did with me. Once I could not speak, I was indeed soundless. Words have a way to come out eventually in some way. No worries, stay you.

Thanks Jules47. I wanted help explaining how I feel, I visited my Parkinson’s nurse for the first time today and was at a loss how to explain how I feel when I sway or I am pulled to one side. I do not get dizzy but people assume that is what I mean when I feel that I am falling.

I find it so frustrating.

Today the body was fine but my mind has been somewhere else

Where has your mind been Hubby?

Hi margs

I have very low blood pressure and I fall a lot, but on top of that I most of the time Feel like the room is Moving and that after I have eaten I need sugar or salt as I am shaking, I have had all tests do, but nothing has come to Light. So words to express your self can be very hard. But what I have started to do is keep a dairy every time I fall and eat to see if there is anything I could do. When I go To my Hosptail appointment I took this with me. This gives me a chance to tell someone with out thinking of ways to word it to them.
I hope This helps.

Kind regards

Hi hubby

Well we all go though that time where we have no real idea what to think or say, hold in there and may be tomorrow will be a great or better day for you.
Hugs your way


Hi Margs.
My mind has been floating around in its own little world.
My concentration levels have been low and it has felt like I’m not really here and it’s not really me.
I feel myself blanking,which I can actually stop myself from doing.
Staring into space. Being vacant.

Thanks Raz.
This is all new to me.
I know I can fight this disease better than I am doing but I need to understand it better first.

Got up in such a good mood this morning, I actually was thnking have I really got PD? Went to the local Tesco Express and rushed around getting a few groceries brilliant. Fortunately I just got to my car and I swayed, or the earth moved,can never really explain the feeling. Yes I have got Parkinson’s it’s making sure I don’t forget.

Can’t blame my blood pressure as yesterday it was fine.

In all honesty right now
As I’m in the early stages it’s hard to understand how I feel often in a haze like I stare into space but I’m not thinking anything lol I’m only 27 and I’m sick of telling my friends no I’m not nervous no I haven’t been drinking as my hands legs body even lips don’t want to cooperate with me I’m feeling embarrassed for constantly having the same conversation and my friends are just pretending we haven’t but I can tell by there face then I realise and apologise. I feel like I’m tired of people knowing things about the conversations we have had so things that I’ve said but I don’t remember I feel like someone has one up on me lol if I could choose I’d keep the tremors and retain my memory control is Important to me

Hi glitter

You know That is just me. I was to go out and see friends and have drinks, but I now I am like you . I have been taken to medication and yes it has help
To some ends, but I don’t sleep very much at all. So
My problem is filling asleep. I have tied to go out to have lunch with my husband or this a friend and every time I have tried I have found myself falling asleep. It is so bad and the other thing is I do. I keep apologising too. Have bad days and you will find that too. But it’s ok to Have those I Have learnt that now. I have found my self writing down everything This my help you with the memory issue. It is hard but you have to hang in there and look for ways that make your life easier and help you. Get in touch with you Parkinson nurse and she will be able to help You too.

All the best

That feeling whereby you are using your toes to grip the floor?
I hate bending down to pick anything up.

Yes, gripping the floor with your toes…
Thought it was just me, and swaying…I used to say “feeling whoozy” but swaying describes it better…