Explanation needed ---------moderators please

hi ,please could one of the moderators explain to forum members why the decision has been made to ban ray for good,could you please tell us all the reason,wot has he done rong ,he has only just been able to return from a suspension,and nothin shows on the forum from his posts that he has broken a rule.so unless we have missed a post some were ,could you please fill us in.alot of regular members are deeply upset this has happined to ray ,and i feel we all ,including ray deserve a explanation please.thankyou x:smile: p.s i have emailed you ,but no reply has been givern.
The member concerned was only banned after repeated warnings/ suspensions and promises from him that he would abide by the user guidelines and refrain from abusive and aggressive postings.

The moderation team interact with and support people affected by Parkinson’s every day. We recognise that there are particular challenges to living with the condition. However, this does not mean that we must accept behaviour which is aggressive, abusive and which contributes to making this community an unpleasant place for many people

We are moving into a new phase with the forum and would like to attract more members who can use this resource to support them in dealing with their condition. This type of repeated aggressive behaviour, which has been perceived by many as bullying, is preventing new users from getting the support they need and we can no longer give space for it within this forum

The forum moderation team

I agree wholeheartedly with Ali's plea. Ray has provided information and constant support from sufferers of OCDs resulting from DAs.
Without his help ,which remains ongoing ,and has included loving and reassuring private messages, my husband and I would have committed suicide.
Only those who have undergone the devastation of this trauma can truly understand and help others.
He has helped so many people and yet because a few posters have been offended by his robust determination to insist that drug companies, consultants etc take responsibility for the damage they have done, Ray is banned for life.
I am offended regularly by those who pour scorn on our experiences and refuse to believe that our suffering is not of our own making, yet I don't "report" them as I believe all should be able to express their views.
I just post offering informatin that may help them understand the problem.
As far as I can see, that is what Ray has done. Like Ali, I can find no recent post that has upset anyoneor broken any guidelines.
Surely moderators can understand that this forum for people suffering Parkinson's and,for some, further damage from its treatment, can accomodate a range of views and ways of expressing them?
Ray has only ever had one aim:to help those in pain from OCDs and persuade others to believe their stories.
There is enough harm being done to PWP without our own organisation rejecting us.
It has taken me a long time to have the courage to post this but here goes, I agree with both GG and Ali's posts but feel very strongly that also being a loved one of someone with PD and huge devastation caused by DA's and stillgoing through this that the member banned is very selective who he offers support to not sure why ? and have stopped using the forum myself because of this .
I would hope the team had only decided on this conclusion after many complaints !! (Must add that I was not on of them) as I could see that he did support several members.

bubble x
Well done Golden Girl, I whole heartedly agree with you. I too have looked over the recent posts since Ray returned and cannot find anything that can be classed as offensive or of a bullying nature so why has this happened.

Are we to be given an explanation - I doubt it
i am sincerely sorry that ray has had to be banned, but to be fair our moderators are a very moderate bunch. i've lost count of how many times ray has been banned and let back in again. this time he was only back for a few weeks.

moderators, please remain firm on your decision. Time and again havoc has laid waste to this forum, and at the centre of the storm has always been a little, misnamed, sunbeam.
I would like to say well done to Ali for starting this thread and to GG for her comments which I totally agree with. I have also looked back at Ray's postings since he has been reinstated and can not see anything aggressive or which could be construed as bullying.

In my opinion this is an injustice!
Ray of Sunshine's postings on the DA/OCD issue have helped many. Equally, many have been worried and upset by his tone and the explicit details he gives. In my opinion, he has every right to be passionate about the subject - he has described how it has affected him personally - how could he not be? Given the recent compensation payout in France, how can this issue be considered a marginal one, confined only to those inclined by nature to "sail close to the wind"?
RofS is, perhaps suprisingly to some, sensitive. He will not intrude directly into peoples' lives unless they indicate that he would be welcomed.
IMO RofS's input, based on his own experience and extensive research resulting in knowledge that is valuable, not easy to come by and which he is willing to share, will be a loss to the PDUK forum
The "RofS" ban will no doubt be debated for some time. It will have to be drawn to a conclusion at some stage (Thread closed?) My own conclusion? A loss for PDUK forum members. But RofS is still in existence, still passionate and still willing to be of help where needed and requested - and not only about DA/OCD
I should, however be interested to know why he "had " to be banned
I have the greatest respect for the opinions in favour of ray, especially those of AB, but i believe ray to be a very intelligent person who manipulates others for his own ends.
I think he upset Wales.

Just short of his 13,000th post. I'd prepared the dry ingredients for my chocolate cake in readiness.

I can only guess but surmise that ray has been banned by a welsh mod with a pathological hatred of the number 13 or 13,000 and doesn't like chocolate cake.

How good am I?
i shouldnt speak ill of the de-posted.
i apologise.
yet again.
The member concerned was only banned after repeated warnings/ suspensions and promises from him that he would abide by the user guidelines and refrain from abusive and aggressive postings.

Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same, or similar charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction.

European Convention on Human Rights, which protects against double jeopardy. The optional Seventh Protocol to the Convention, Article Four, says:
No one shall be liable to be tried or punished again under the jurisdiction of the same State for an offence for which he or she has already been finally acquitted.

Can ROS enter a peremptory plea of autrefois acquit or autrefois convict?

I have looked through the forum postings as others have done, since ROS was re-instated on 3rd OCT and can find nothing abusive nor aggressive. So therefore he has NOT broken any of the guidelines.

Therefore as concerned posters of the forum we think we most definitely require an answer.
I'm s bit sad he's gone.
TIM,iam sorry to post yet agin on this subject but the question was ,WHY HAS HE BEEN BANNED,this actually has not been answered,unless im totally thick and missed something.ray has been suspended before many times,yes ok ,bad boy ray ,but he came back this last time cus u said he could and he made a promise he would not break a rule or he new he would be out ,and most prob new this would be for good. buthe has made no post that has been aggressive to no one,he has not bullied no one, unless agin ,members have missed something,but we have looked quite far back and still can not find nothing.so please yet agin ,WHY has he been banned,wot did he do or say to have this life ban .i will be so shocked if u reply and tell us it has to do with the past with him ,cus he was let back on ,ur choice,he made another promise,and so far has kept it.so to us members im sorry it looks like ur sayin he is a bad seed on ur forum and u refuse the likes of him and u wont him off it,im sorry for bein so harsh but unless u can correct it and give us all a answer WHY WE ARE ALL THINKIN THIS WAY ABOUT THE MODERSTORS,AND IM SORRY I FEEL THIS WAY. i thought this forum was to help people with pd and surport erm ,nowin wot das can do to u ,now in wot pd can do to u ,nowin wot lyinin ur bed day after day feelin totall lost on some days may feel like to u.i agree u would like new members to join and not see ,well aman voicin his opion about a drug which is very powerful,its like it is goin to be brushed under the carpet.unless it is voiced how can we get feelin beter from that nasty drug,we carnt.all ive seen over the last year is threads bein opened about das ,and opions bein voiced, strong voices and voices like me not understandin things.and here i am agin ,under a different thread this time,not undersandin .WHY HAVE YOU BANNED HIM.if some of ur members have complained about him,well i think you need to give him the chance you said you would give him 3 weeks agon when he was allowed back on ,to see if he could keep his promise.i dont think you relize the impact this has had on him ,and the impact its had on ur regualr members who keep your forum alive.
Well said Ali, you have hit the nail on the head. Why has RoS been banned for life?

Answers please moderators
Turnip says that he believes "ray to be a very intelligent person who manipulates others for his own ends."
Can he explain what ends these are?
I can only read into Ray's posts a desire to give information to sufferers that no-oone else will provide and offer advice and support as they thrash around trying to regain a sane life that has been destroyed .
Like others, I need an explanation of what new offence followed his return from suspension if I am to understand the decision of the forum managers.
We can only repeat that the decision to ban Ray of Sunshine was not taken lightly or without thought and that it wasn't solely based on the last post he wrote.

With a history of warnings, final warnings and bans, Ray of Sunshine's posts continued to have a tone which was not helpful in creating a welcoming and supportive community. With the evidence that we had available to us, we had no choice but to decide that his tone and behaviour would not change.

Whilst it is a loss for some of you and perhaps in some ways for the larger forum community, it does also mean that many other people will feel freer to post and share their feelings and opinions. We must bear in mind comments made to us by forum users and the desire for the forum to be a safe place for all. For example:

“I’m quite certain there must be many people who refrain from posting because of the often threatening and mocking tone of this forum.”

“All members should treat each other with respect, whether they gel or not. We all join these sites for advice and support, not to be treated in a rude and derogatory manner.”

“Dominant members whose attitude verges closely to bullying should have their activities closely curtailed!”

Although these comments are not always or just about Ray of Sunshine, we know he is one of the people who contributes to people feeling this way.

And please rest assured that Ray of Sunshine was told that we are still here as an organisation to support him through any of the services available. The ban is from the forum only and not the wider organisation.

Ezinda, Tim, Luis
we have respect for each others posts and views but you seem to forget what ray has done for this forum and the support and advice he has given and saved many from the suffering of da,s,
what about other forum members that have has a tone you dont like in their post ,have you banned them NO!
you talk about a new phase but at this rate the upset this has caused on the forum soon your new plan for the forum moving forward.will not have forum members if you ban people.
im very sorry ,but why did u allow ray to come back to the forum then after his last suspension then ,if u had no intention of lettin him try and keep his word.u mention all members should show respect and try and gel, wot about the modeators tryin to do that also then ,dont u think this is a type of bullyin in its own rite wot is happinin ,wot im gettin at ,is when ray was suspended ,ino for a fact he was sufferin with out bein able to post,he really missed the surport him self from the forum ,u may not see it that way ur self but a lot of members who no him ,do no how he felt.he counted down the days to be here agin with his friends,and when he finally got here ,he did as he was asked by u ,he kept out of mischief he did not put a step out of line.but now out of the blue ,3 weeks neally passed you suddendly decide to do this to him ,but for life instead.again i do not see any reason for it,u say ur selfs he had not posted rong .so wot did he do? NOTHING im sorry u may not see it the same way as alot of ur members but we dont see it your ways either. you have rules and conditons on the forum ,and yes ray had bin abad lad at times and broke them, but took the suspension.when i was at stratford last weekend ,people stood up there and voiced there voices in wot they belived in ,wot did i do ,isat there in the corner all shy,but as the weekend went on i began to get some confidence ,and it was you pduk that gave me that ,little ali with no confidence saw i could open up and speak up.and now i try to ,cus there is no justified reason for your decison ,my voice is not herd.and the reason for this is is cus this is your forum and you can do wot u like with it,okay i agree with that.but when you punish somebody for something for life,when he has not done nothing rong to be deserved to be treated like this,specially by a world wide forum who is ment to care and understand how our pd treats us and our minds .well im sorry its bullin ,and its harsh
I am afraid that this action by the moderators is in some way an attempt to stifle the debate about DAs and OCDs.
The debate clearly arouses passionate feelings...in those with lives devastated ,and those on DAs who find them helpful and find the information about the 1 in 4 suffering hell frightening..
Sometimes people get into heated argument trying to persuade others of the rightness of their view.It is unpleasant but not as unpleasant as suffering DAs or developing them through lack of insight into the problem.
But the evidence continues to grow. The courts are ruling in favour of the DA injured, yet the forum moderators seem to be trying to stop expresson of terrible experiences and information about the real picture.
This action appears to be an attempt to make forum users afraid to hold those who have been complicit in allowing this horror to account.
Will I be next if I continue to post the latest statistics, the latest court verdicts, to offer support and advice to those in pain, to argue with those regular posters who say that will power is all that is needed to overcome the devastating compulsions?
I have found great support and information on this forum.
Will the new forum offer the same?
It would appear that that is unlikely for me and others unless we take care not to cross an invisible line and displease the moderators.
You say not all the complaints were about Ray. Were any about him by name?
Can you tell us who the others are? Have they also been banned?
One user accuses Ray of having a hidden agenda.
Have you?