Faling over

Hi Friends
Recently I keep falling and have had a fewbad falls. I feel wobbly when walking. I do use my stick all the time when going outside.A day does not go past that I have not fallen that is also happening in the house. I would like to hear from anyone who has experienced similar. A big thanks if you have read this x x x Babs

hi babswood i too am falling i,ve had 2 blocks of physio for balance only slight improvement now looking into gentle yoga for beginers will keep you posted physio may work for you worth trying

THanks for taking the time to read my post. I have had PD for nearly 5 years and the falliñg has only happened recently.
Thanks for your advice x x x

Hi babswood, some days this happens to me Barbara, but mostly outside when I feel vulnerable. Don’t know if it’s anything to do with meds or if it’s certain times of day, when you are about due for meds or not long after you have taken them, see if you can work out a pattern when feel at your worst. Luckily my falls have been when I’m in the garden so no broken bones, so take care because you have enough problems with your back.

Sheila xx

Hi Sheila thanks I will do that x x x

Hi babswood,
I definitely think it’s the meds and tiredness that bring on balance issues. As Petec says yoga really helps with balance and everything else related to pd. ive been doing it for a few years and now more than ever find it essential.

Thanks Divine for your reply x

I had my Datscan today and will receive the results tomorrow. I’m feeling some anxiety because of the symptoms I exhibit; falls, memory loss, and tremors. I’m trying to be positive and upbeat but these symptoms has been going on for a while. I had one fall that landed me seeing an orthopedic Dr., I fall several times a week and my tremors are uncontrollable. Thanks for reading my paragraph. MT

Hi Babswood.
I have been diagnosed for nearly 6 years and have had pd for at least a year before diagnosis,and have recently had a few falls mainly backwards,I am certainly staggering a lot and often end up running backwards.I have spoken to the consultant yesterday and have to increase the selegeline so hoping it helps. Cheers Anne

Hi @babswood,

In light of the information that you’ve shared, I would encourage you to contact your GP as soon as possible so they can look into this. You can also speak with a Parkinson’s nurse via our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and they can arrange this for you.

Best regards,

Hi babs , i have had a few close calls , get a bit wobberly, but as yet no serious falls , i walk slower now , my wife now to slow down her pace when we walk , sometimes it looks like ive had a few gold shots, , i refuse to use a stick just yet, but there may come a time that i have no choice,
My biggest problems are stairs , my fear is falling arse over tit down my stairs and breaking my damn neck
Stay safe

Thanks so much for your replies much appreciated I am seeing the Dr this monday

itsmylife - I had an extra stair rail put in through the occupational therapist, and it’s been a godsend for going up and also down the stairs. I must admit we have to come to terms at some time or other and admit to ourselves we need extra help (including walking sticks!) for our own safety. I have had PD for eight years, never thought I would see myself using a stick, but recent ‘off balance’ episodes brought me to my senses, especially in crowds. I have heard of so many people with parkinsons falling and breaking their hips, which has caused considerable amount of inconvenience, along with lots of pain.

Just thought I’d give you a bit of food for thought - Sheila

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Hi Sheila I have had extra handrails put in a few years ago. I alßo have a walking stick and a wheelchair.

Hi babswood = heard anymore news about your op , any closer to having it done? Mind you with the weather and bad roads, cos it’s quite bad up your neck of the woods isn’t it? bet you wouldn’t want to be stuck in hospital and your visitors not being able to get through to see you!

Good that you have all those extra bits fitted, and use walking sticks and a wheelchair you definitely need them - Take care Sheila

Hi sheila,
Just like all women you are right, yes im agreeing with you lol
Maybe im just stubbon or stupid ( at the moment they mean the same )
Im not ashamed to be seen using a stick but i feel if i can get away without it just for a little while longer i can keep abit more of myself, ( maybe its a man thing )
Untill March of 2017 ive been the healthiest man on earth, the only time i went to hospital was to visit others , In March i had a minor heart attack , got over that and back to work as normal then in November 2017 i started showing signs of early onset of PD and three doctors ive seen all agree my doctor sent me for tests and scans for PD
Dont get me wrong , im not depressed , suicidal or even angry, , its just till then ive controlled 99% of my life but now im not (sort of)
Im always offered a seat on a train or bus lol
Ad its onset , it may take many yrs before it gets worse, im aware of what can and may happen and aLthough im not overly happy about it ITS MY LIFE NOW
THANK YOU for your kind words and sorry if ive rambled on and i havent sent you to sleep
I promise next time i will be more humourous (spelling isnt my strong suit)

Take care
Gid bless

Hi Sheila.My op is due end April as I am now on urgent list
We have been snowed in since wed and now due to a burst pipe no one in our town has had water for the last 24 hrs.They are saying 48 hours to fix.
Happy Days.
Hope you ok. Tee Hee does not appear to be on the forum anymore. Not the same eh. X x x

Hi there you seem to have been through the mill.
I know it’s hard but as I say to myself everyday this is life and have to go on.Enjoy life as it is
I know this is not easy.
Take Care and come on and have a blether. It does make you feel better x x x

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Hi Babs, Thanks for the invitation and i accept
On the whole I am better than i sound, 95% of the time im very upbeat , It could be worse , others have been through the mill a lot worse than me so i apologise if i have mislead you . I really am in a good head place i will feel even better when meds are given but im still having tests and my symptons have to be unmasked, im still at early stage so im not overly concerned , the friends that have not walked away think it strange that im not miserable but never knowing what i have abd now its never mentioned and treat me exactly the same, they know me well enough to know if i need help i will ask and i know it will be there no questions asked, it hasnt stopoed me doing things , difficult things just take that little bit longer ,
But honestly , I am very good and i look forward to a blast of laughs with others wether they have PD or not
Its people like yourselfs who help with just a kind word
Take care and god bless

Hi itsmylife - yep you are so right, we all have to be in control of our lives, especially when PD comes along. Keep as mobile as you can, that’s what I do, because I don’t want to give in to the PD too soon so I get involved in as exercise class, we all take it in our stride and live our lives as we chose to.

Take care - Sheila