When I looked back through my diary etc., I first used the word “fidgety” to describe my movements about 4 months after I had been given antidepressants.
I have included some extracts from posts from this forum describing fidgetiness. Some people use the word dyskinesia but none use the term akathisia.

Akathisia and restless legs Perminder Sachdev Cambridge University Press, 1995
p.131 Fidgetiness is perhaps the most common sign, and the fidgetiness of akathisia is most commonly manifest as semipurposive or purposeless movements of legs, feet and toes

?/11/01 Domperidone Anti-emetic 1 tablet taken for migraine vomiting
2/02 onset abnormal involuntary movements – muscle spasms around eyes - blepharospasm
15/5/02 Sertraline 13 days, followed immediately by Amitriptyline 2 days only.
10/9/02 Try to do yoga too fidgety. … So impatient with kids at night
26/10/02 lost rag with boys. tense tense. torture watching tv/fidget fidget
1/12/02 my letter to doctor: Dealing with the children I get easily stressed. I am particularly tense in social situations, taking my sons to school has become an ordeal. I can’t relax in my yoga class, can’t get rid of the tension. Sitting in my writing group I try to hide my lower face and feel incredibly fidgety.
12/02 Sulpiride couple months
18/3/03 Dothiepin 2 weeks
1/403 fidgety… went up & down road on my bike. …what is happening to me paced up & down restless…
17/4/03 Benzhexol couple months
29/5/03 Dothiepin 18/6/03 tablets now 6mg 3 times a day. Don’t like the feelings I’m having – of what – panic. Often can’t sit still go up & down stairs fidgeting things – opening doors and windows. Don’t want to feel closed in just want some help
1/5/08 Neurologist report:she was extremely fidgety. She was restless in the chair, constantly leaning forwards and backwards, from side to side…fidgetiness of her legs…her fidgetiness (particularly the hand knocking and finger tapping) she told me it was partly volitional and she does it to reduce some other flinging arm movements.

Back to work and other stuff russ May '12 I am very tired and restless. I would also like to know - do all PD sufferers have problems sleeping and resting in a chair/sofa? My sleep is a complete disaster … and when sitting I fidget and am constantly moving - a real pain in the butt!!

Arsene Jul '13 After taking Stalevo for 6 weeks, I began to show signs of Dyskinesias. My left arm shook strongly and I was very fidgety and had general discomfort. I developed uncontrolled movement in my limbs which were worrying.

Medication before sleeping Girlred Nov '13 I take 4 tablets of Madopar a day, my last about 10.15pm just as im going to bed. Some nights i fall a sleep quite quickly, but of late i’m finding it more difficult. This is due to being unable to settle or get comfy. Its either fidgety arms and legs, or a sore shoulder, or just a really weird sensation that i just need to move.
blondie34 Apr '15 …sinemet plus, which really didn’t agree with me, my whole body was fidgety all the time, things would fly out of my hand and across the room, my feet constantly jiggled, consultant said I had been overdosing on the meds,

ShirleyAnne1 Jul '18 The inner tremor and feeling of anxiety can be unbearable. I take Madopar 100;25 four times a day and was using 5mg Neupro patches once daily. I had an unpleasant skin reaction so have been changed recently to 6mg Ropiniriol controlled release … The only downside is that at wearing off time I get uncontrollable jerks of the arms and legs, enhanced inner tremor. Does anyone experience a total restlessness? Unable to settle physically or mentally. Constantly finding jobs to do whether it be fence painting, clearing out cupboards, housework, putting things in order. In fact anything that stops me sitting down and relaxing. I’m always on edge and looking for the next task. I experience some fatigue but feel I should be absolutely exhausted.

The word akathisia is not used in the Parkinson’s sleep scale (below) allowing confusion between akathisia and restless leg.

Parkinson’s Sleep Scale (PDSS)
2. Do you have difficulty falling asleep each night?
4. Does restlessness in your legs or arms at night or in the evening disrupt your sleep?
5. Do you fidget in bed?