Freedom of Speech

post deleted

Hi Merve,
I agree with post but why do you find need to post it so much,bit OTT almost looking for agro? Even I know cant duplicate post on more threads .I know frustrated but ....

take care Dot x

I have been following,many deleted posts cant work out why deleted.Some edited I never got to read so can't comment on them.wobbly and blueeyes posts last night can't work out why deleted,sorry missed your post.
Just wondering if all people with deleted posts have reasons now??

I know we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things but hate fellow members getting banned because of few mins frustration.

Take Care Dot x

Thanks Dot, you're right of course.
They NEVER give a reason, answer direct emails or respond on the forum.
All we ever did was question whether the cost of rebranding was money well spent, and point out that many of the skills they were paying through the nose for already existed out there in forum land.

well looking at this thread looks like I was talking to my self but I wasn't 3 or 4 posts by Merve were removed.
Not sure if people are aware that Merve posted the same post on most of the threads,I would say it was in a few moments of frustration.Alot of time had been spent on other threads and were getting deleted without any explanation!!

[post removed]

Tim cant reply on topic Why was Merve removed as you have closed it but just asking you refer to people using multiple ids, is this the reason for removal of a member? many thanks, Carol

Now see Merve is logged in so obviously been reinstated, welcome back

yeah carol i dunna get it either we dont have a proper answer ,and if we dunna get one how do we no how far to take our debates ,opions stuff like that with out getting bannd or warned ,we need answers,and ive seen merve logged in to ,so is he back?:smile:

Alij, he's gone now and so am I, bye

:smile:ok bye x

I am wondering if people are now getting emails explaining why their posts have been removed?

no blueees has been suspended as well,this is crazy wots goin on :disappointed:

sorry typing crap trying to do one handed ,ment to say blueeyes

is this forum for us poor blighters with PD or to keep the moderators in employment, surely the whole point of a forum is that we can talk about anything without predjudice. Yes we dont all agree with eahc other but thats life. We argue sometimes but that again is how life is and sometimes we are not particularly nice to each other but again life is like that.

I suppose this will be deleted and no one will see it, but then there probably wont be anyone keft ot read is cuz they will all have been banned.

Banned or suspended?

This definitely does not reflect well on the reputation of the PDS and does nothing to the morale of PWP. Am I going to be banned now or this post removed?

I totally agree Carol.They are doing themselves no favours with this. I'm waiting for them to ban me & feel really intimidated by the whole thing!

merve is life ban and blueeyes is suspended ,dont no how long for ,its all crazy:disappointed: