Funny hairdresser


I am in very hot and sunny Somerset. I would love to think I can cheer you up, I do have my gloomy moments tho.
Let’s all try to cheer each other up. I stalk you as well as Keith now …hope I dont sound too weird ***
Sue. X


YES PLEASE… I’ve never been stalked before sounds great TOMMY X :pill:


Hello sweet pea , how was the fresh sour cream !!! Fresh or sour !!! How can things be gloomy on such a glorious day ??? Just off to hospital to meet fellow parkies… .xxx


Shake it shake it shake it like a Polaroid picture good luck TOMMY X X :pill::crab:


Shaking it boss shaking it!


Polaroid !!! How old are you again ??? Xxx


I’m 21 with a 38year old son and a granddaughter of 14 and a grandson of 10 unbelievable eh?


How can you be 21 with a 38 year old son ??? Xxx


It’s all to do with the space time continuum
You know!


I was thinking of getting in touch with Stewie Griffin and using his time machine and going to the future
Getting the cure for PD and cancer
Bringing it back and sorting us all out
Are you up for that or do you think it’s too dangerous to mess around with space and time also is Stewie real?


Hi Tommy hows you today? X


I’ve slept most of the day away today
What a carer eh?
I just didn’t have any get up and go and an aching jaw and cramps didn’t help . Listen to me moanin.
I hope you are well and in the pink
Tommy X


Careful you don’t cause a rip in the space time continuum , last thing we need is a paradox shifting paradime with far reaching consequences !!! Xxx


I’m afraid you’ve lost me at care
(Can you speak a little slower please)


Hi Angela you take care in this heat please plenty to drink and I mean water .
There’s lots of parkies on the forum
struggling with it and blood pressure and so on!!!
Tommy X :pill::crab::ear:


Morning sweet pea , don’t worry, I’m keeping well hydrated and I hope you are too ??? Xxx


Yes I am thank you
I hope your workplace is nice and cool
Tommy X


I work down a side street , so we don’t get the sun till later in the afternoon so shop is nice and cool !!! Xxx


That’s good
I’m currently having severe sinutations very annoying and noisy
Tommy X :pill::crab::ear:


What are sinutatios ??? Xxx