Funny hairdresser


Oh my dear funny girl
It’s a posh word for sneezing/ hay fever
I try to escape my Eton education but occasionally it overwhelms me LOL
Have a great day
Tommy X :pill::crab::ear:


Hello funny girl
A question for you
No details please (not required)
Are you getting the help and support/friendship you need from your new funny hairdresser thread?
I honestly hope so.
Your Scottish friend TOMMY :pill::crab::ear: XX P.S you do know that I will always do anything in my power to help if you are feeling down.


Bless your heart… So far it’s just you and me xxx


Oh well funny girl at least you’ve got the best one eh? HA HA.
It will pick up soon
Tommy X


Hello funny girl
In your capacity as a top hairdresser can you tell me if there is such a product for hair as just for jocks as I have been mentally scarred after someone said I was grey and then insinuated that I was ginger when I’m obviously strawberry blonde
I sincerely hope you can help as I have been so stressed out ever since that awful incident I believe I could be in consultation with my therapist for a very long time
Please don’t let that happen and recommend a product to prevent this impending doom
Hopefully Yours TOMMY :pill::crab::ear:


I can recommend a dark brown hair dye, that will solve your grey/ginger hair dilemma !!! Xxx


I’m well aware that you are a funny girl after all I gave you the name.
So in that case I hope no I’m sure brown was a joke.
Anyhoo I’m sticking to strawberry blonde after all it’s
served me well over the years and I unfortunately have to respectfully decline your advice in this case and just stay natural.
I do however have to admit it is now taking me longer to wash my face as there is now more of it .
So I think I’ll just gradually get it cut shorter .
I won’t lie life is not going to be the same without any beloved bouffant LOL.
Have a great week my.friend and stay well TOMMY!!! XXX​:pill::crab::ear:


Hey Angela
Where are you hiding?
Anyway just thought I’d let you know that you’re not forgotten.


Hello honey, still here, still have PD !!! Bleed you, how’s you ??? Xxx


Hey Angela
Good to hear from you
Still got PD then?
I thought you could get a cream for that.
But bleeding that’s different if I were you I’d be at A&E before the Christmas rush you might need a stitch .
As for me I’ve got another neurologist and don’t know what I’ve got again pd,FND,std,BBC or itv your guess is as good as theirs.

I’m still wearing the clown costume though big shoes , big nose the lot (honk honk)

Anyway nice to hear from you
don’t be a strangler

Tommy :pill::crab::ear: