Have you waited a long time for a decision on PIP?

Have you applied for the disability benefit Personal Independence Payment and spent months waiting on a decision? If so, we want to hear from you!

We’re urgently looking for people to talk to journalists about their experiences. So, please get in touch with our media team on 020 7963 9311.

you need to talk to candy & shelly65

yes i could tell quite a story about PIP , claim started 6 months ago and i am still waiting eeki am going to ring and give them a story

nice one shelly65

well that's the phone call made

Thank you for getting in touch shelly65.

My hubby applied for pip  he has fybromyalgia I amthe parky person, he submited his claim in april last year and only recieved his first payment in january, and that was only after i rang them a couple of times  it seemed to take forever.

did he get his money backdated

I have my interview with the lady at the Daily Mirror tomorrow big grin

Who did the assessment Lilly , Capita or Atos ? , mine was done by Capita .

get stuck in girl shelly

I am going to  Gus



I have been waiting for an assessment for 4 months I believe I will be assessed by atos

I rang a welfare rights helpline number and was told some people have been waiting over 12 months

my response to that was so some  people will die while waiting for PIP.

Its an absolute disgrace in a country like the UK but in a drive to save money the government has targeted the wrong people

The other thing I would say is why would I personally need to be independently assessed as I have a condition PD thats going to get regretfully worse its not like I have caught a cold or am making out I have some mystery illness. I mean why don't they just write to my GP and the Walton centre they should be able to tell them all they need to know.

Why I will tell you why because by dragging you down the interview road if you don't give them all the information or make a mistake in what you say which can happen to anyone they wont allow your claim and theres another few bob saved

Thanks for reading and I do wish you all success...............Paul

hope it all works out,i know its to easy to get a sick note of your gp,but if they cant take the word of a neurologist its wrong.If they did it this way it would save whole lot of money.

Hi Paul

I do sympathise with you i originally started my pip claim in September 2013 , i only had my home assessment on 6th March 2014 , hopefully i am now in the final stages of the application my reports are apparently with the decision maker at DWP

I  had to get my MP involved and also given my story to the journalists  to get where i am today with my pip claim it has been a complete from the start .


Good luck with the claim Paul i  recommend talking to your MP .

I actually emailed my MP a week ago and was replied to by his Pa

sorry to hear about your problems can you let me have your NI nimber and date of birth

so I emailed back and have heard no more that sums the whole farce up

Thanks for your replys Gus and Shelly appreciated

Sorry you have had so many problems ,my mp has been very helpful writing to Jason Feeney at DWP  and getting on to Capita about my assessments .


I never emailed my MP  called him , maybe it is wort calling him and asking what he has done , maybe he has written to them and awaiting a reply ?

Thanks shelly I will do that make the call and  then follow up on this board.

Appreciate the advice thank you.....Paul

Your welcome Paul  or failing that attend one of your mp's surgery in your area not so easy to fob you off face to face as it is a email big grin

Hi Shelly and everyone


I did what Shelly said and went through my MP I have a pip assessment tomorrow thanks to you all for all your help I would advise anyone on this board with PD to use your MP they are your representative they are there to help you at the end of the day its a genuine claim for PIP its a regretful debilitating condition you have'nt caught a cold.

Bit nervous about the assessment Shelly what are they like hope they dont shout or try to over bear



Hi Stormforce

So glad things worked out and you have your assessment at last

They ask you about a typical day what problems  you have doing everyday things , if you have any aids or appliances that you use tell them about them and also if a aid or appliance would help you if you had one , you dont have to have them to score the points as long as they would help you , you score the points

Have posted a link to help you

Not overbearing at all my assessor was really nice , although they will make informal observations, ie my assessor noted i had severe tremors when passing him my medication and that i also spilt a drink over me due to tremors


All the best for tommorow Paul , you can do it , let us know how you get on

Shelly xx