Hello all

:laughing: hello i am sharon and i live with my husband fred in france - we moved here in aug 2008 and i was dx in jan 2010 - although there is still a bit of a question mark over wherther i have PSP as none of the meds seem to improve me at all !!

Hello Shasha welcome to the forum and to England. I hope that now you are here you will find lots of help and friendship.

Radz xx

Its good you joined the forum. I am 62 and I also moved to France in 2008. Are your symptoms mild?

Shasha, sorry I got that the wrong way around......I hope you enjoy living in France. We have a couple of members who live in France and I bet they will be chatting to you in no time.....

Radz xx:flushed:

Hi Shasha welcome to the forum you will meet lots of great people here
Im Adrian was dx 2010 aged 47
It seemed to take forever before my meds worked Just hang in there :wink:
All the best Adrian

hiya shasha welcome to puk forum,im ali and been dx for 11 years im 42 years old:smile:your very lucky to live in france ,wot a beautiful country it is:smile:the forum is full of good surport and many freinds to join up with,hope to see you around x:smile:

Hi Sharon, welcome. I'm Ray, 61, dx 11 years ago.
Whereabouts in France?

I live in France too, for half the year anyway...in the Languedoc.

Welcome to the forum

Hi My name is Simon, I am 50 years old and I was diagnosed just over a year ago. Still trying to make sense of having Parkinson's in my life. I have a tremor in my left arm and my left leg is stiffening up...walking is becoming more difficult. I find the hardest aspect is the mental side where it is on my mind for a lot of the time. I Have also found the importance of staying positive and doing stuff with friends and family...have taken up the ukulele as a result...driving everybody nuts, but I love it and my arm doesn't shake when I play!

Hi both and welcome me 4yrs dx yep wrapping your head round it takes time advice would be stay happy as much as you can enjoy and love! Simon my tremor stops when I play pool weird huh!

Hello Simon
Im left sided too I was dx 2010 age 47 It takes time to get your head round pd not that I have yet
Like you my friends and family are my driving force I have never been able to play a note but just prior to my dx
I was given a Banjo which at the time felt like a real kick in the xxxx I just feel live for today Im training and going skiing
next month Im going on a bit now so you just keep positive and playing your Uke:grin:
All the best Adrian

Agree with Adrian goals keeping as supple as you can I swim DA's seem to stoke creativity as well taken to writing big time! But alas no musical talent. Enjoy your uke!! and Adrian thanks for supporting the boys keep you up dated!


Hi All,

My partner was Diagnosed 2yrs ago with PD  A few weeks ago (after I raised many concerns on his falls plus no seen improvement of the sinemet), he was given an MRI scan.We were told its looking like a Parkinson plus PSP!  No information and they would see us in six months?

Not sure what he's got anymore.......no nurse to  ask either. 



Hiya,I'm Ali j just need to say HIsmile


Hi,hellooooo anyone around,I'm Ali,lol I bet you guessed.i was told I had Parkinson's when I was just 31,nightmare.now I'm 48,big difference eh? I'm just plodding around with it, like a bin on my head full of rubbish.scramble,mushed up inside head of mine.see you around???


Aye aye Ali j 

empty it out on me as I will turn your rubbish into production any time okay my friend on you go !! 



Hi Ali j

Agreed, It's not easy having PD and I'm only a newcommer, Diagnosed last year and still   finding it difficult to get my head around it all.. I know I look the same (mostly) but inside I feel very different and all I can do is accept the change - that's the difficult bit.


Aye daffy 

you will be just fine , it's a hard lump to swallow tto start with  but you.are the boss as to how you get on with it all . It is life changing for us all but it is life I personally just try and stay happy and not listen to too much bull about it all . Only you really know how you feel and you go with what feels right . One bit of advice try to stay active without overdoing it good luck to you 



Hi Ian

Thanks. I'm sure you're right. I find the most difficult bit accepting my limitations and working round them. But the trick does seem to be doing as much as you reasonably can and not beating yourself up about what you can't do. Easier said than done when you've always been stubborn as a mule like me!


Aye aye daffy

am just the same as the worst boss we can have is ourselves ! But we're all adjusting I think , but not sure we will ever really get it right as we are all stubborn good to hear from you tooraloo for just now