Hello I am new

one man here ! morph

Hi Gus, are we a dying breed?

If so I am putting us forward for the endangered species protection society, before we are gone for ever.

I'd like to think I came on voluntarily. If sitting typing with one hand while my other arm is up my back......I volunteered. My wife is a 25 st Sumo wrestler in her spare time and her Mother sticks pins in my effigy if I step out of line. So consequently I have to behave.

Despite being vastly out numbered I have yet to encounter anyone who wants to shoot me.

In all seriousness I raise a glass to the ladies who have helped me and kept me from the clutches of the Insane Asylum.


its not that bad is it!

I'm not sure Gus, I need to do more research. If they can spend £60,000 on trying to find out why cornflakes go soggy (this actually happened some time ago) I am applying for a grant to delve further into the problem.

There is evidence to support the fact real men are dying out. Look at footballers. Those hair do's and the petulant posturing are a dead give away.

I think role reversal may also be setting in. You will have noted my comments on my wife above (God if she ever reads this sh*t I'm dead) well I looked at her the other day as she set off for the mine. There was a definite male swagger about the way she walked.

The question is.......if I'm right, what do we do? I think booking the next flight to Mars could be the answer. After all they do say Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

By the way my cooking is improving and I came second out of 50 in my dress making class.

Morph........may I arrive in heaven an hour before the Devil finds out I'm dead.





your right there topcat i think your wife would have you by short & curlys smile

I exist by the good grace of my wife. To cross her would be the end of life as we know it Gus.

too true,just let them think there the boss,works for me. saturn

In reading this post I came across this from Sarah 1.......Life goes on but in a different way.

I think this sums up the situation pretty well. My life was ready for a good overhaul and despite a few hiccups with confidence I left behind my ambitions to be an F1 driver for Ferrari and joined some diverse and achievable activities.

OK it's not as glamorous as F1, but I've made some good friends and found there is life after diagnosis.

One thing I joined was a computer club. On introduction I apologised for the shaking. The gentleman I now sit next to stood up and said clearly...........'.don't apologise for something which is not your fault'. I was put at ease and made extremely welcome.

BA on here says 'they take me as they find me or they can lump it'.......good attitude.

Good friends and decent people accept us for what we are. I am glad I joined this site and followed sensible advice. I was used to being independent pre diagnosis, I now realise it is time for a little help. Having helped people in the past, it's a case of what goes round comes round.

Quite a few of us do the Harlem Shuffle........it's called being cool. Moon walking is optional.

I stop frequently to rest. If I can't keep up I tell my wife to dump me in a quiet pub and collect me later.

For every obstacle I am finding a solution either by asking for advice, my own invention or practicality and necessity.

It's taking time......but that's one thing we have. One thing I am not doing is looking to far into the future. I know what it holds (if I live long enough) but tomorrow is more important.

Good luck, if you need a boost ask those on here who have a lot of experience. You will be amazed how good they are at helping with all manner of problems.





Oh dear Gus , i really do think you have that the wrong way round , it is indeed us ladies that let you men think you are the boss  big grin

whatever ! lol big grin

sound like my daughter !

big grinwe can't all be wrong lol


Don't mention daughters Gus. Mine is now 42 and according to her, she is the fountain of all knowledge. Strange how the tone of voice changes though when she requires funding.

I have a granddaughter of 13, she has not yet reached the age of 'she who must be obeyed.' She still sticks up for Granddad......the bribes help.

Between my wife, my daughter and eventually my granddaughter (the inevitable is sure to happen) I am completely out numbered, not to mention resigned to my fate. I think this is why men slink off to football matches, golf, fishing, pubs, monasteries (in severe cases) and gentleman's clubs (for the rich and famous, us common or garden oiks use the pub). Unfortunately it is our ultimate fate and can't be avoided.

We have women in the military, but they don't put us in the front lines. They don't know if we can fight, if we can kill. I think we can. All the general has to do is walk over to the women and say, 'You see the enemy over there? They say you look fat in those uniforms.'.......Elayne Boosler

I see her point entirely.

as you are im surrounded by females i just nod my head ! they like it that way.

I have developed a survival plan which might help Gus......not a lot though I fear.

Never give your wife advice, only give consumables, if it can't be eaten (chocolate) or worn (jewelry/dresses) you're on a looser....... the only exception being flowers, which may arouse the suspicion that you have done something wrong if it's not an anniversary, so timing is important in this instance.

Advice can start arguments and as we well know, anything said by us after she has had the final word in an argument, is the start of a new argument. It is easier to knit fog than win arguments.

Always accept the wife's advice however, This is more sacred than the tablets of stone given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

The do's and don'ts are met with severe retribution when ignored. If you have genuinely forgotten something apply the above.......flowers are acceptable in these circumstances because you have transgressed in the most heinous manner. The wife's word is law. Actually it's above and beyond the law, because the penalties are more severe.

Remember women are meant to be loved not understood. If by some quirk of fate you start to understand them, seek medical advice immediately.

Should a situation arise where 'she who must be obeyed' starts to shout at you, remain silent, she might think you're listening.

As you mentioned Gus unequivocal compliance is probably our best bet. That is unless we have ambitions to sing with the Canterbury Cathedral boys choir.

Personally I have always maintained that I fear no man and three women.....The Mother In Law, who I'm pretty damn sure has the ability to turn me into a frog should I cross her......The Wife who I know could turn me into a choir boy with the swiftness of one cut......and my now mature Daughter who has spotted the weakness of the male as she has matured.

As Fed has accurately forecast........we're all doooooooomed Captain Mainwaring.


very good advice how do you write such long blogs,my hands give up on me & my neck begins to ache sorry there so short! morph

As the gentleman who spoke up for me when I joined the computer club said........'don't apologise for something that is not your fault'. The mere fact you reply Gus is more than enough. Just do what you can, when you can and if you can't, don't worry.

I find doing this better than counting flowers on the wallpaper. I hope it keeps what's left of my brain active.

My worst shake is in my left leg and fortunately I don't use my toes to type. My left arm trembles and jerks involuntarily. I forget words, I have problems walking any distance, my arms and shoulders ache permanently. My back is damaged through heavy engineering. If I was a horse they'd have shot me by now. My giggle button (or fu fu valve as it is commonly known) is still in good working order though.

I am pretty good at filling in blanks and typos so don't worry if things come out back to front etc. Just post 'em and I'll make out what I can.

My aches are numerous so I tend to use the lap top my wife bought me so I am more comfortable in my recliner. If I have to sit at my desktop it is not for long periods.

My use to the human race is mostly in my past. J however pointed out she likes to read my nonsense and BA loves to chew my ears off, as and when she can. I am cheered up by this.

Sheffy and Dolly reply and so does U'sy (Angel4U) now and again.

Sheryll makes me think with her choice of Avatar and Fed, Eck and others have reduced me to rubble laughing........so life has it's ups as well as it's downs. As they say when one door closes another one opens.

Morph........Our duty is to be useful, not according to our desires, but according to our powers.
Henri Frederic Amiel


the weather so nice today,but i gonna have to stay indoors most of it as the fa cups on,then england v wales 6 nations always the same when raining nothing on.up to bristol frenchay hospital tuesday to have my two year dbs check up ,what a trek 3hrs on a old freezing train at  6.40am oh well us robots must get are batterys checked,just thinking this blog is getting long ! morph

Good luck with the check up Gus

Hi Gus

The thing that bothers me with our train journeys is getting a seat. This is a real problem in summer.

Depending on check up times we sometimes have to travel on a single DMU, which would not be out of place in the York railway museum.

Northern Rail run this ramshackle service ( we also get First Direct which are OK) it's more like Northern Junk.

I laid track for British Rail way back when. People thought the service was bad then. Since it went private it has deteriorated to a level way below that.