my name is paul and i live in mablethorpe - i would like to hear from anyone of working age and how do you cope 


Hi Paul

I am working age , although i don't work, quite a few of us are working age some work struggling along and some don't, fire away with questions

Hoping to carry on working for a long time yet (46)    .    I understand there is no 'typical' with PD and hard to make generalisations... but I'll ask anyway..     how long have people found they want to  / are able to work for ?

hi Paul, 

After diagnosis I carried on the same in work for about two years.  I then realised that my reactions were not fast enough to feel safe driving and I gave up .  My company were great and they allowed me to get taxis.  However after 4 years  I was conscious that I was so much slower, especially with my thought process and I felt I was not doing my best for the young people I was supporting, so i decided to retire.

I miss the social aspect of work but as I used to work long hours and weekends I am enjoying seeing more of my family and doing other things that having time allows me to do. 

I sometimes feel I gave up work too soon, but the truth is, I was finding it too difficult physically and mentally. I would advise you to think long and hard about when you want to leave and make sure that it is right for you.




I seem to remember reading the trend for ending work or modifying it was around 5 yrs , i found my self being in the position of being unable at work, it had become unviable for me or employer and then had to find out what the label for it was eventually parkinsons, looking back Physically & mentally there's no way I would be able too keep up with the demands of the work then or now.

i am working for myself at the moment

am opening my shop soon making things out of re- claimed wood - think it very hard to work with other people as they simply dont get this whole parkinsons situation  - so i am the boss now - will employ someone if at all possible

thanks Sea angler / Juju   .  Yes self employment sounds like a good option Post Office. Hope it goes well.

Aye. Aye po

i still work but it depends on. What type of work your expected to do , I work as a delivery driver on a 7.5 ton lorry but I have to do all kinds of manual work too like scaffolding  to driving mini digger tidy building sites ect but there is always lads on every site I go to and if I can't manage they always help me out we have 20 lads and they are all good to me if not for them am afraid it would be game over for me ,in saying that you will know yourself when to give up but I hope to last a while yet plus.my boss is really good that makes all the difference but I did 8 good years there before I got PD good luck to you you will know when to throw in the towel but don't be too hasty as your med will be off from time to time all the best for now. 


Hi Idj

  How odd when I told dvla about my parky the first thing they did was take my C1 driving licence away ? Left my bike licence though which is no good to me as I lack the balance to ride now, when asked when I enquirer about it am told that's standard practice, most bizarre , 


  Live well.  Cc

Hi there cc 

i feel that was a bit harsh to take licence away so quick , sounds like your docs put the nice in somewhere , driving is the thing I can do really well ,think you got a bad deal cc. Take care 


Open shop in 2 weeks

Good luck hope you do well  

  Live well.  Cc

My shop opened today - was a good day - previous tenants of shop left me a lot of records - I know exactly how I want shop to function - have taken a lot of interest in design shops over last two years - always ask the same question - I pick something up and say ' you make this out the back " ?
Ldj - you doing great
Have to be my own boss though as people without pd won't understand

Aye po not trying to be negative but I was self employed for 20 years and working for your self is not all it's cracked up to be good luck in all you do I admire you doing it all the best 


I am not self employed - I want to build up business and maybe employ someone down the line - I won't let rules get in way of what I am trying to do - the whole system must change to allow me to do this - my health comes before fitting in with anything

Good luck to you get on!


It helps if you have good people around you tho - would not have will to carry on without love -