Help with house modifications

Hello everybody,

My husband has parkies and is 76. He can be great and he can be awful and when he is having a bad spell it’s very difficult to get him about the house. We have a stair lift and a few other helpful bits n bobs but when these spells hit him he cannot walk and loses balance and collapses so we need to be getting the wheelchair out.

We really need to think about how to make the house wheelchair accessible. Fortunately I think we have a few options but it’s an old house on different levels and we are concerned to make sure the changes we make, I.e ramps, are put in the right place. We had a referral to OT but they phoned yesterday and said they just deal with loo frames etc and Physiotherapy, they said contact social services.

Have any of you made wheelchair adaptations and who’s advice did you take for how/where to change your house?

Want to avoid costly mistakes of course!

Thank you for taking the time to read this x

Hello, Have a look at the following website:
They sell all kinds of portable ramps for accessing your home. We obtained a ramp with handrails to facilitate access to our home for my wife who is is disabled and uses a wheelchair. The ramp is very sturdy and left in situ permanently but can easily be removed and did not require any major modifications to our house. Gerrard

Gerrard thank you so much. I’ve just had a quick look and buying a portable ramp means it’s there for us when we need it without it being a permanent feature. It never occurred to me to look for a ramp supplier! Thanks again

Hi @Castle

Have been looking into the same. Tried for OT assessment but was told to go to social service, who sent a ( lengthy of course ) form to be completed for…OT assessment, which seems to be part of the Independent Living scheme. I don’t know if that is a national thing. We are in the Midlands. I suspect it will be a long wait to be seen/ assessed, and whether they will recommend anything other than what we already have ( seat raisers, commode etc) remains to be seen but like you I need some independent advice re what to get, rather than forking out on some expensive equipment sold by a company who assures me that it is exactly the thing that I need to solve all my problems.

Age UK produce a booklet ( at least in this area) with list of local trusted businesses so that is worth a look , to access advice without pressure ( hopefully)

Best wishes