Hi everyone just introducing myself.

I’ve been trying to read through this forum and I’m finding it quite hard,first of all how to put my name in a post so you no who I am.I’m sure things will click in my head soon or later.I might sound a bit of a dodo, but I ashore you I’m really chatty.Had Parkinson’s twenty years now,I was told when I was in early thirties. I used to be able to talk about it but it got to much for me,I had a terrible breakdown and had to leave,some people can be very nasty to others,it hurts so bad,in the end I was placed in mental health all because of the breakdown.Im fine now thank goodness,apart from the pd of course.Im coming out of my bungalow now just to the shops near by and drs surgery,I’m so happy I’ve got an electric scooter,there marvellous.Anyway I would love to chat and make some friends,learn things too. X.

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Hi Alison. Jill it seems like not so long ago I was like you trying to find my way around the forum you will soon get the hang of it there is always someone who knows how to help you or at the very least someone who can just be there to chat to welcome to the forum

hi there,forum does take work.! just joined,where do you write posts?..iam from w. country ,68 yrs, diagnosed recently , 8 month wait for consultation!

Hi hughb1,

Welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum.
You have successfully managed to write your posts and we’re sure you’ll be able to share your experiences and get some responses from other members soon.
We also have a newly diagnosed section with lots of information, support and tips on how to cope with your diagnosis here.
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