Hi how are you today?

Hi Astoriasis, Gus and all who were originally on the still struggling forum. It has now been closed and so i thought we could maybe catch up on our news on this forum....hope you are all doing well and look forward to hearing from you

all best wishes

Dolly big grinkeep smiling

Hi Folks. It's good to catch up again with the forum news. Since diagnosis I have been doing ok despite some seriously dizzy days! I don't know if they are PD related but they have seen me take to my bed. I'd like to say a big 'THANKS' to my family and friends who have been SO supportive. I'm hoping to see the PD Nurse tomorrow and perhaps start on the dreaded medication after trying to manage without. I'll let you know how it goes.It's so lovely to see a bit of sunshine and it certainly brightens up ones moodrazz


Hi Dolly Maz Faith Titan and Gus and whoever

Well that was the least painful move I have ever had. Sorry to hear that you have not been too well Faith.  How did  you get on with the PD nurse. Hope you can find a solution to the giddiness because it is so incapacitating. 

Thanks Dolly maz for the lovely comments about my art.  Still hoping that someone can tell me how to get a picture on the posting.  It could be one of my birds, my flower or perhaps a picture of myself.  I think the latter could be interesting because when you send postings out and get acknowledgements you start to get pictures in your head of what they are really like. But I doubt if they are right.

As for my Mr P he is not too bad. Does anyone know the secret of keeping him at bay.  I think my husband is getting used to the clumsiness and the jumping out of the bed with muscle cramps. And as for the forgetting of words he is getting used to that and I am getting better if I forget a word of giving descriptions of what I am trying to say.  Is that making sense confusedHa ha

Sorry this is just a quickie but I smell the tea

Warm regards and hope that all is ok with you



Hi Faith, Astoriasis and everyone.....lovely to hear from you. I am sorry to hear about your dizziness Faith, that is such a rotten feeling. I had the same when i had an inner ear infection. The neck tightness and spasms with the PD make me feel light headed at times so i try the exercises given and when i can pin down Mr Dolly to give me a bit of a massage (or a rub) in his case it does help. If i won the lottery i think i would employ a nice muscular man in uniform to sort out my neck and shoulders.....what do you think? winkI am sure the nurse will give you some proper advice Faith. let us know how you get on.

Forgetting words gets embarrassing doesn't it? what was i saying?eye roll Mr Dolly is as bad though i tell him his is age!!ideai have notes written for everything, bits of paper everywhere then i can't find them!! 

I wish i could help Astoriasis re your pic on the forum, but maybe Ezinda could give you advice on how to do it....im afraid it is beyond me. So pleased you have had a good day and Mr P is behaving himself.....like you i think burying him and enjoying the lovely things we have around us and to look forward to is the secret. Today i bussed to my Mums to surprise her, took some bread pudding (her fav) and helped her have a bath ready for her wine and nibbles evening ahead. She had a serious stroke at 66 now 86 and enjoying life, and because she has the memory of a goldfish!! she doesn't worry about anything anymore because she would forget what she was worrying about!!!!! Enjoy your tea Astoriasis and good luck at the hospital tomorrow Faith

Keep smiling, best wishesbig grin

Dolly x

i keep trying to post but it disappears on me ! Think it is my stiff fingers to blame !

Has anyone given up smoking recently ? I am on day 19 (not that I am counting !) and struggling a bit ! Am i feeling more stiff because I am not smoking or because I am tense ??

j x

Hi astoriasis

Is it your avatar (your profile picture) that you're having problems with? That's the only picture that you can upload to the forum. You can't upload photos to the body of a post. 

If you are having problems with your avatar, do let me know and I'll see if I an help. 


HI Ezinda

Thanks for your post. What I want to do is to put a picture up like yourself and lots of others have done.  Is that what you call your avatar. The only avatar I know is the film which made me sick because it was in 3d. Please excuse my ignorance and would be grateful for the instructions of how to do it.



Hi Everyone, Thank you for your post and concern. The PD Nurse was really helpful and listened to my concerns. She gave me advice on starting medication and has suggested Rasagiline. Though I haven't started the medication yet it is there now ready for my doctor to prescribe.I've had two days of feeling less 'spaced out' so I'm feeling quite settled and so I can think much more clearly and will make a GP appointment. Have a lovely weekend everyone and keep smilingbig grin

Hi astoriasis,

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Hi Dolly, Faith and everyone

Thanks for your help Ezinda will have a bash and hopefully you will see something from me in the not too distant future.  Hope you are feeling better Faith.  Yes it is rotten.  And thanks to the person who gave me advice re medication which helped them for the tremors.  I have passed this information on to my friend. And have been trying to persuade her to come on the forum but perhaps the wobblies wont let her use the keyboard.

Am off tonight celebrating 46 years of marriage.  And to think his mum and dad thought it would not last.  The funny thing is how the romance started.  I was with my sister in a dance when a man and his friend came across and said could they put their drinks on our table. The worst chat up line I have ever heard.  And that was the start of it.  I suppose it wasnt helped by the fact that he asked me out the following night and I said I was going on nights.  I was but not till the night after instead I went with the current beau to a pub and who should walk in but.........oh dear. But what a hoot.smile I thought he would not turn up for the date we arranged the following week after the nights but he did.....and that was the start of a beautiful friendship and marriage. Have you any funny happenings??????

To follow perhaps the night I spent walking backwards and also my battle with the cat peewink

warm regards


Hi  Faith .......So good to hear that you are feeling much brighter  and that you have the meds at hand when you need them, your nurse sounds very helpful and that in itself makes you feel more relaxed doesn't it? So pleased for you, let us know how you get onrazzall good wishes to you.

Hiya Astoriasis....That is good news from Ezinda...you will have fun choosing a pic to upload now.

46 years ay? wow that is brilliant, i like the chat up line your Husband used....it certainly worked did'nt it? hope you have had a lovely evening together.

Yes i have had a few funny happenings over the years.....inc my first honeymoon night!! lets just say i couldn't face walking out of the hotel with him the next morningred face!!!!!

He eventually poodled off with my then best mate after 8 years married....that is another story! I then met Mr Dolly through his lovely Mum who just before she died at 63 told me i would settle down with her Son and have the baby i had tried for and wanted so much during my 1st marriage. As it turned out just after she passed away we starting dating, i got pregnant, and we were married all within a year!! and a day under a year that she died our wonderful Son was born. He is a special fella in every way and i feel so privileged to be his Mum (corny though it sounds) it is true. Mr Dolly and i have been married for 33 years though he doubles it every year because he says it feels like it!!!! so this year its 66.wink

I am intrigued with you walking backwards....was it into the cat pee????

Looking forward to hearing more....lol

Bestest wishes



Hi All.....hope you have enjoyed seeing that beautiful yellow thing in the sky todayrazzhasn't it been fab? It really does the mind and body good to feel warmth and brightness and more folk walking around with smiles on their faces.smile Unfortunately i had the sun in my eyes whilst walking along the sea front and was looking down........and clonk i head butted a lamposteye roll​Thankfully Mr Dolly caught me as i was falling backwards, but i wondered where i was for a few seconds......doesn't it shake you up? i was more concerned about the jolt to my neck but it seems to be in one piece!!!!though the egg will appear on the forehead by the morning i guess!!!! 

I love cats and i am sure if i had a past life then i must have been one, as i have had more lives than nine.....!!!!ideathankfully we don't know when we wake up in the mornings what the day is going to bring us. I guess the moral of the story is......LOOK where you are going and wear sunglasses cool

keep well and keep smiling big grin

luv Dolly xx

Hello Dolly, at least you can laugh about it, hope you don't get too big of an egg .

glad you keep smiling, I'm smiling with you.



Dolly, your comment on your husband's 66 years of marriage versus your 33 reminded me of a friend of mine.  At a wedding anniversary party he tried the old joke that he'd been happily married 30 years, and 30 out of 40 wasn't bad.  But his wife then replied, "Not bad at all -- it's more than I've had!"  The value of the last laugh . . .

Hi Dolly and all

Hope all is well with you sorry to hear about your confrontation with terra firma.  Know the feeling.  Yesterday whilst playing with my sons dog with a soft ball I too had a similar experience.  Didnt know the earth was so near.  I lay there for a few minutes checking things but found myself laughing at myself and the mutt who seemed to be saying what are you doing there.  I could have told you four legs are better than two. And then he started barking and my husband came in and said what do you think you are doing on the floor - as if .  Ah well.  He means well and we have all said odd things at times.  I think I am an expert at that. Apart from a sore knee, all is well apart from the pride and lack of football skills but the dog doesnt mind.  But will I learn, No and yes its still good to have fun and keep young in mind and spirit.

Sorry Dolly havent explained about the cats wee but will do. Hope you are feeling better.

Hi Astoriasis, J and Bambi.....Hope you are all keeping as well as poss and have enjoyed your weekend. Thank you for your concern over my "EGG" which strangely never did appear or even a bruise butt i am sure that lampost now has a slight lilt to it...though it could just be my awful !eyesight!!!!eye rolli really should get back to the optician....and fast! 

Did you have a lovely anniversary Astoriasis and didn't you also have a Birthday in March? hope it was fun razz

We haven't done much dancing recently as Mr Dolly has twisted his knee and has just found out that he has the start of Arthritis!!!! its very similar to Manflu...bless him he can't handle it and is shuffling around.....i am beginning to wonder which one of us has the Parky!! He is normally a very fit 72 year old and i do believe he is shock now he has joined the real world of aches and pains.mr green

I look forward to hearing about your cat Astoriasis....my poor old Tom is eating loads and drinking lots and getting a bony old chap, he is such a dear old puss and i can see where this is heading, but for now he seems happy and loves a fuss and being brushed and cuddled.

My bestest wishes to you all

Dolly x


Hi Dolly and all.

Felt I must get to grips with the mystery of the cat pee.  Weeelll when I was courting, thats a word you dont hear these days I thought I would enhance my chances with my future husband, who I hadnt long met with the alluring perfume that my cousin wore BLUE TRAIN. It smelt great but six shillings was a lot to save up on a student midwifes wages but I did it and bought this tiny bottle of magic.  I lathered it on and met him, then after awhile he said to me, Can you smell that funny smell.  But of course I didnt catch on  and shortly afterwards went  to the ladies and applied more and sat down smiling, leaning forward to pick up my drink  showing  my cleavage, when he said You know what that smell of cat pee is even stronger. It twigged and I was horrified.  Then when he took me home I resisted the kiss and his advances, not wanting to be caught out.  I dont know he said.  Last week you were walking to the   toilet backwards and this week, your avoiding me. well what could I say. I couldnt tell him I had put on my first and only ash blonde rinse to get the copper colour out of my hair only to be told by a colleague that the back of my hair was PURPLE and I didnt have the time or opportunity to do anything about it.But it didnt seem to be put him off only slightly amused and kept coming back for more. So sorry Dolly, no cats but I have a love of dogs.

Yes it was my birthday too and had a great time

Hope all is well with everyone



Hi Astoriasis......wow that is funny! but i am sure it wasn't at the time. Ive not heard of that perfume and yes 6 shillings took some saving up. One of the things i first noticed before being diagnosed with Parky was my sense of smell changed, i actually returned 3 different bottles of scent to the manufacturers telling them that they must have changed the ingredients! they were all ones i had used for years, they just smelt awful.....since being on the neds it has improved a little. Your Husband persevered despite the wee wee aroma didnt he.....thats lovesmile

Your hair disaster brought back many memories for me as you know ive been in hairdressing for 46 years and have had and seen some awful things, but ive never seen anyone walking backwards with purple hair lolred face​I have also been all colours and styles over the years, from my Beatles cut when i was 11 (loved that) to a Black beehive, bright red and styled like Sharon Osbourne, to Mr Dollys favourite a long curly perm in the late 80s, i can remember the lotion dripping down my arms and it took hours, he wasn't keen when i had it cut short and asked over and over if i would grow it back long and curly!! i said i would ...when he grew his  long and curlyeekknowing there not a hope of that as he only has 2 hairs and a root!! My daughter in law is also a Hairdresser and a few years ago gave me blonde highlights and now i have an ash blonde graduated bob. A change is as good as a rest they say. Maybe one day i might go au naturel but not ready for that just yet.eye roll i remember as an apprentice being in awe of a client who used to come in on a Friday, she was glamorous and beautifully dressed and as i hung up her chiffon scarf i got a whiff of this fab perfume.....i plucked up the courage to ask her what it was and she told me Estee Lauders Youth Dew. I thought to myself that one of these days i will have a bottle of that, again it was out of my price range but my ex Husband bought my first bottle and i wore it on my wedding day. 

Pleased you enjoyed your Birthday......did you go out and celebrate?

keep smiling lol


Hi Dolly and all. 

Thanks for the lovely cheery post.  I look forward to hearing about your latest adventure or amusing event.  I dont know about you but sometimes finding the right word seems to evade me. But  suppose that is not abnormal.  Perhaps it makes me a more interesting person or perhaps slightly batty; who cares so long as the ones who love us understand.

Yes did celebrate my birthday by going away on a trip to Dorsetshire which was different and interesting. And am now back at home awaiting the arrival of the yellow thing in the sky which has the magical influence on our bodies of rejuvenating them.  What would we do without it.

Your Mr Dolly sounds fun.  I have a man with a scouse sense of humour, different to mine, fast and witty and who always has the ability to make me smile too.

You sound as if you have had an interesting career in hairdressing.  I bet you could tell a tale or two of the clients you have had come into contact with your sharp scissors; enough to write a book. Anyone famous??? Just kiddingsmile

I too had lots of experiences in my job and have often been tempted to write a book but as yet have been a great procastinater but cant wait too long because the shakes now are lasting longer and more intense

warm regards 




HI ASTORIASIS AND ALL.................Lovely to hear you enjoyed your birthday and your trip to Dorset, hope the weather was good too............it has been wonderful the last few days ...cor it makes you feel so much brighter doesn't it? coolToday i went line dancing whilst Mr Dolly had to  attend a funeral in Kent, i would have gone with him but i had an appointment with the Neurologist also and didn't dare cancel as it could have been months before getting another one.!!! Thankfully she was very pleased with me and i don't need the meds altered and will not need to go back for 6 months (hopefully). This evening my Son and his lady love came for a  curry which was smashing, she went upstairs to the loo and to save water!!! didn't pull the chain after, i followed her after and in my haste heard a splash and my mobile had slipped from my pocket into the pan!!!!mr greeni fished it out and what made me do it i dont know but i ran it under the tap!!! it is a real antique but i love it,,,,,it just does texting and calls....trouble is now it doesn't ring anymore ha ha....so i won't know if anyone is trying to get through. (what a wally)

Oh yes i could tell you a few stories from the Hairdressing days.....they reckon people tell their hairdressers more than the  vicar!!! i have so much info and whos been with who!! that  i must keep to myself but yes i could fill a book as well i think.

One of the funny things that happened was as an apprentice at college we were meant to practice on false hair and not each other when using the curling irons as they were called and were not electric so the heat was not controlled...they were put into a heater and then you tested them on paper to see if it scorched. Well i was young and silly and decided to put it straight onto my pals hair and of course there was suddenly this horrible smell of burning, lets just say that she was left with 2 hairs and a root on the top!!! my teacher went potty.

I am sure you could write a book with some funny stories......even if they weren't amusing at the tume.

Hope you have a lovely Easter and the sun keeps shining for us all

warm wishes