Hi there,

I joined this forum many years ago, but haven't been here for quite a while. I was diagnosed age 42 and am now 50. I take sinemet plus to control my pd symptoms which are mainly rigidity, slow movement, and seemingly loss of physical and mental dexterity. I also take sertraline for depression and HRT to control hot flushes. I work part time and have grown up children and grandchildren. I am currently struggling with a mixture of symptoms and side effects (it's hard to know which is which!), and am hoping to find a few answers here, as well as just generally meeting others with this frustrating condition!


Hi gazelle, I'm 51 and have 3 teenagers so that can be stressful enough. Trying to sort out which are PD symptoms, PD medication effects or menopausal symptoms can be a mine field. I don't know the answers. But maybe dealing with each symptom at a time might help. I'd deal with the depression first. Having suffered in my past I can't let myself go there as it clouds everything else. You've a busy life and maybe it's time to put you first. Maybe if you get help with that you might have the energy to deal with other symptoms. Its trial and error and sometimes it feels like you are alone. Sorry if that's not much help.

Hi DivineR, thanks for writing, it does help! I've been reading quite a few of the posts here trying to pick up any tips. I think you're right about the depression, it's horrible. 

Hi gazelle, 

I hope you can get some support or maybe a tweak on your meds. Don't suffer alone.