Hot Flushes

Hello. I’m 52 and was diagnosed nearly 2.5 years ago. I am 2 years post menopause and my biggest problem during this was hot flushes. They went away for a while but seemed to come back again not long after I was diagnosed. My question is; do you think this is just my hormones still playing silly beggars with me, or are hot flushes a symptom?

Hi @Bexby,

We have had members in the past share their experiences with ‘hot flushes’ which is mostly attributed to the menopause, however, some have experienced as a result of their medication. I have listed a few threads below for your attention:

I’d also encourage you to consult with your GP about this as they may need to review your medication. In the meantime, do give our helpline a call for more support on this.

Best wishes,

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