I fight back

I have started over a period of a year to change household cleaners, my food, and I am also taking vitamins with good results my dosage of drugs has not increased I have less symptoms join me
Sounds a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!! but good luck.

So you are going to sit and wait there is nothing you can do what will be will be there is no point we are all doomed who else feels like this or who wants to give it ago?
How old are you . Parkinsons has been around since before all the modern cleaners and ready meals . That's not a critiscm . If you are young enough and have the energy I would try anything within reason of course .

I dislike smoking but if I thought it would help my husband wouldn't think twice about it .
Hi Gordon

You may want to read this book if you think your diet is helping your PD

'Eat right 4 your type'

Good point Johnnie and the same thought came to mind for me when I read the OP.
I don't recall saying we are all doomed.!!!!far from it. I don't feel remotely doomed at the moment thank you.

If household cleaners and ready meals caused PD, everyone in the western world would have it and as far as I am aware that is not the case!!.

so 211 what are you doing about it? pesticides are always mentioned
aerosols nervous system damage .mouthwash central nervous system depression. ABC OF DISEASE tips for parkinsons cease eating junk foods sugar and artificial sweeteners immediately. omega 3 reducing symptoms Dr. Geoffrey Leader. Take vitamin c The Food Hospital.
how often do you up your meds? are your symptoms getting worse ? I am holding my own I am not doing anything that everyone else can do
Everyone's rate of progression is different.

I clean my house with household cleaners, treat my garden with pesticides, eat ready meals (occasionally)and always have sweeteners in my tea.

I have also been on the same dose of Requip (6mg)for ages.Can't remember how long.

Still work full time, still drive etc etc. My life is not taken up by worrying about pesticides, for sure, I have better things to concentrate on.

so your advice is forget about parkinsons funny I was getting bored with it I,ll go thanks
We all try to fight back with different methods daily . Yours is unusual but good as it empowers you .
I have still got it so I am back .I will start again what do we know ? we do not know a reason for it. we know we have stopped producing dopamine toxins have pasted our brain barrier. keeping away from more toxins don,t sound unusual. we may not be able to stop it(or the mysterious bus that lurks waiting to run us over when we have sorted everything else out) but we can take control of what we can fitness health state of mind
Hi all
I've never smoked,I don't drink,I eat fresh food and salads,drink filteed water,worked hard in a factory,I clean the floors and kitchen,bathrooms with steam and I've still got pd which has progressed quickly this last six months.
Just highlights my point John.

Everyone's rate of progression is different and how you clean your house has precious little to do with it!!.

I do hope things settle down soon for you, must be scary when things are progressing too fast!!

we are back to doing nothing
there is a reason your getting worse I don't know it but you are the best person to find out start asking questions to yourself what is in the factory? how safe are the things you think are safe. read up on it go on the net see your consultant there may not be anything you can do but what is wrong with finding out
Dear Gordon - can you start writing about lots of other subjects as i find your views very interesting & refreshing . I like your stile Gordon
Gordon , "Gordon" Gordon"
Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordon. You are getting
a cult following hear !